Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Your Password Out to Friends While in Hawaii

This post is brought to you by four friends drunken with power of a blog password, obligation to come up with a noteworthy guest post, and the letter Q.

Let's Get Taxed: In the spirit of tax day each one of the panel members (Brooke, Liz, Derek & Nate) will say what they would like to do with their economic stimulus money, instead of what they will actually do: pay off debt.

  • Brooke: OU Sooner Football Season Tickets
  • Liz: An unlimited amount of WeightWatcher points
  • Derek: Ultimate outdoor grilling station
  • Nate: Barenaked Ladies Cruise

Beach Scandals: The panel is unanimous in our belief that John got his golf score of 77 confused with number of times he got leid. We're still waiting for an explanation from Jessica, who reportedly got leid 78 times.

Sooner Spirit: Okay, so we're jealous. But the panel has come up with three reasons why Oklahoma is way better than Hawaii.

  • #1: In Oklahoma you don't have to shave your legs to wear a bathing suit.
  • #2: Eischen's. Right here. Right now. (Ok, so we are too lazy to drive there on a Tuesday)
  • #3: Because your friends are not in Hawaii, duh.

Because We Can: In light of Emily's BOOBIES proclamation, Nate says, POOP, FART, SEX. Liz and I think that you should all go green with these.

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Melanie said...

Lunapads huh? I have never heard of such a thing, and actually had never really cared to. GAG! I learned something new today though.