Monday, April 14, 2008

Lists by Liz - Day 1 of Guest Blogging

So, Emily had the great idea of guest blogging on Jessica's blog for her while she and John were on vacation in Hawaii. How this ended up with ME! being a guest blogger, I will never know. I just recall a phone conversation similar to this:

Jess: Hey! Emily is going to be a guest blogger for me while we're in Hawaii.

Liz: HaHa! That's too funny.

Jess: Yeah, so you're gonna do it too.

Liz: What?!! Ummm...Jess? I don't even write on my own blog!

Jess: Exactly! So that will give you plenty of time to blog on mine.

Liz: (sigh)

So not to be outdone, I begrudgingly agreed that I would do a post titled Lists by Liz. And although I'm only assigned to post something on Wednesday of this week, I thought that ListS by Liz would only make since if there was more than one. Plus, it's already way more fun and easy to post on Jessica's blog than my own. So here goes. I'll start with an easy idea I copied from someone else:

Top 10 Things I Don't Get:

1. Why people would ever use a crock pot without one of these.

2. Why Pottery Barn cannot send out a new catalog with NEW items actually in it.

3. Why Diet Dr. Pepper doesn't taste more like regular Dr. Pepper like the commercials claim.

4. Why nobody has forced me to watch House before. (I was supposed to be helping Jessica pack for her trip, but instead laod on her bed while she packed herself and then left right after the episode was over.)

5. Why Jessica, the traveling guru, does not have a suitcase larger than the biggest purse she owns.

6. Amy Winehouse. (at all.)

7. Why I cannot find a decent tube of lip gloss for under $15.

8. The girl at Subway on Sunday afternoon in the teeny-tiny black dress, no hose, and 4-inch black heels. I mean, I know LifeChurch is mainstream and all, but c'mon.

9. Why that dang Energizer Bunny can keep going... and going... and going... but the batteries for my ipod transmitter only last for one evening.

10. Why Stephen Colbert will not answer my request to send a swab of his cheek on a q-tip so that I may use it to clone a little Stevie of my very own.

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