Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Other things I can do to pass the time

As you know from the previous post, I'm trying to find things to fill up my week and keep it from dragging by before vacation.

I'm having absolutely no trouble doing that and, in fact, I'm now freaking out a little about how fast time is going by.

For starters, a great way to pass time in the evening is to have yet another severe storm hit your house. For example, after staying out past your bedtime on Monday night to watch Kansas (as predicted) kick Memphis' butt, you could drive right into a severe storm. In fact, you could pull out of the driveway and immediately be pelted with quarter-sized hail on your lovely one-year-old vehicle. Then as you keep driving to outrun the hail core (very scientific meteorology term there) you could actually start driving into golf-ball sized hail! Nothing passes the time like dent inspection after arriving home.

You could also go to dinner with friends and stay in one booth talking for over 3 hours.

You could do actual work while at the office. Many of you out there don't know what it's like do that (ahem, husband), but trust me actual work takes up time. (YES, I'm blogging at work, but I've been working on this thing off-and-on since yesterday)

You could read scholarship applications for a local non-profit organization, and realize what an underachiever you were in high school.

You could chat up your favorite local chief meteorologist (who's initials are RM, and he's not on ch. 9 or ch. 4) and ask him to please stop sending severe weather to your house. Then he could tell you no such luck, we might get more hail tonight. But you'll probably want to hug him anyway because he's so nice and we always have great chats. We're tight, real BFF's.

You could tote baggage around for your favorite clown. If you know me, you know what that means.

You could buy gifts for baby showers that are happening while you're gone.

You could research "Lost" filming locales, directions on how to get there, and film schedules to realize they will STILL BE FILMING when you are in town!!! Then develop ways to successfully stalk Matthew Fox.

You could research ways to torture your DVR and teach it a lesson for conveniently forgetting to record not one, but TWO new episodes of "The Hills".

You could ask a friend for her take on immunizing children and the risk of autism (really, I don't need any more opinions on it, so please restrain yourself. I'm just saying asking a knowledgeable friend about it will help pass a lot of time).

You could read Natecasts every 3 hours.

You could download commercial songs to your iPod.

You could measure how long your leg hairs are getting before you actually have to shave for the beach.

You could get fingerprinted.

All of things are acceptable activities that will help you pass the time before you leave for vacation. Who knows what will happen the next TWO days before we leave!

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