Wednesday, April 02, 2008

NKOTB Reunion??

My DVR is set to record the Today Show this Friday. Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, Jordan, and Joey are back, y'all.

I hope Donnie sings Cover Girl to some little girl in the audience.

You can also check out classic NKOTB music videos for some real nostalgia.


Elizabeth said...

Now THAT's the Right Stuff! Oh Oh Oh-o-oh...

Julia said...

Ah, fond memories of that fateful concert...and your pretty little late '80s/early '90s outfit at said concert!

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Jordan's creepy? Have you ever seen him on those dumb reality shows and VH1 countdowns talking about how "fine" girls like the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan are? I cried through your concert at the tender age of five, sir. I doubt these girl who are slightly younger than me would've faired much better. Ew. He's dirty.

Emily said...

I totally posted the same thing...I didn't even know you had talked about it too. Ha!
They better freakin come to the Ford Center.

not so zen momma said...

I heart Jordan, Julia. I even bought his solo CD in the early 2000s to support him! said...

It's Official! NKOTB is BACK! It's a Fact!
I always was in love with New Kids On The Block!
You can listen to their new song 'Click Click Click' at
They still sound great! I Hope their new CD sounds just as good.