Monday, August 30, 2010

A healthier ME

I won't spend much time on this, I promise not to bore you. But I joined Weight Watchers this weekend (paid a month in advance and everything) and I am EXCITED!! The main reason? The Weigh Watcher iPhone app. Holy Cow, it's awesome. Recipes, easy points tracker, motivational tools....I'm addicted.

I'm also truly ready to make a change. I spent the month of August refraining from eating sweets (except for when I visited my great-grandparents because bonding over dessert is their thing, and who am I to say no to that?! I hadn't seen them in several years). And it showed me the willpower I am capable of possessing. I haven't seen a lot of change in the way my clothes fit or the my body (which means I'm not as addicted to sweets as I thought) but I do feel good about just saying no.

I have never even imagined the weight I'm at now. I keep thinking I don't look as big as pictures of me suggest I am. But I'm ready to fit into my clothes and feel good about it, I'm ready to exercise, and I'm ready to not be controlled by food.

Wish me luck. I really am serious about it this time, I have an exercise plan in place as well. I WANT to be successful and I have several friends in this with me so that helps. I'll be posting occasionally, but it's taking over my extra brainpower right now so I had to get it out there.

A healthier ME is coming!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Work-Life Balance?

I've been on 5 business trips since mid-July, with three major ones to come before October. The next three are big ones: to Cabo San Lucas, Panama City Beach, and Lake Tahoe. Excited to travel places I've never been...but it's never easy. And I'm already really tired and worn out.

I don't talk a lot about work here. I'm open with my identity, so I am careful about saying good or bad things about work. I work in public relations, I imagine most of you know the client I represent at my agency. But still I don't say much because I never know.

I LOVE my job and especially recently it's been a welcome challenge. Lots of responsibility and leadership has been awarded to me over the last several years and lately it seems to have exploded. It's interesting because after Colt was born I felt distant and unmotivated to work. Days were long and I struggled with finally having my son and not being able to be at home with him. I realize now a lot of that came from being pregnant, too. It did a number on my body!

Anyway, strangely enough since I came back to work from Owen's birth I've been full of energy and excitement. I've had multiple people comment on my energy and say how impressed they were. I miss my children terribly during the day AND especially when I travel, but I'm sure thankful for a job that challenges me, excites me, invests in me, is flexible with me.

What I've found is that, for the most part, the energy I get at work translates to energy with my kids. And it means I rarely want to have girls nights or date nights or weekends away if it means being away from those boys. I cherish every.single.second. So for right now, things are good. No, they are great. And I love my work, I love my relationships at home, I love the chaos. I'm happy.

I've pondered something for several months now, a little tiff I got in with a friend on Facebook. A tiff I, admittedly, invited myself into. I'm so glad now that I didn't write about it immediately, when my emotions were raw and my tempers were flaring. I've had a lot of time to consider her words and luckily I feel exactly the same as I did when they were fresh: but I'm much calmer and have found so much peace since then.

I long-ago promised myself I would not engage in Mommy-war style dialogue. I find it doesn't help anyone, and what I did was take a statement too personally and stepped right into the war I swore I would void. So I accept responsibility for the hurtful opinion she expressed. And I've learned my lesson: just like politics, stay away from mommy-war issues (even if they are mean and hurtful to me personally) especially on Facebook. It's a forum to report lunches or ask for prayers or share pictures of the kids. It's not place for bickering.

I am still FB friends with this person, no reason not to be. To not be would mean I found her words so painful or truthful that I couldn't face her; to not be would mean I didn't respect her and all she's done for me; to not be meant that it bothered me. And while I disagree with what she said, it does not bother me. I'm confident in myself, my relationships, my choices, and I'm confident my life is God-driven and he is answering prayer.

So...there it is. I am "one of those people" who loves her job, loves her husband, loves her kids, loves her family, and loves her friends. So it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, I Love my life.

And I realized, through all that pain an anger I was experiencing, that I don't need to be a perfect mom. I just need to be Colt and Owen's perfect mom. Their opinion is all that matters to me!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Three new posts below!!


Well, despite these boys being together all the time, we don't get a lot of pictures of the two of them and when we do, they're not the best. Curse of a busy toddler, I suppose!

Colt is a-ma-zing with Owen. When Owen cries, he's right there to find his paci or give him a toy. He got new toys this weekend with Grandma, came home, and immediately took them to show Owen. He wakes up in the morning asking for him, and gives him goodnight kisses every night as he heads to bed.

Owen, for his part, is really starting to notice Colt and watch him. He laughs when he laughs or squeals or sings. Colt is such a show-off, I think Owen will be happy to let him steal the spotlight but he will be his favorite performer.

This whole brother thing has gone so much better than I ever expected. I was scared, worried, anxious of having two so close together and CONFESSION: I now wouldn't have it any other way. It is a BLAST!


What can I say about my littlest man? He is JOYFUL! So full of light and joy. Very laid-back. Definitely going to let his older brother hog the spotlight. He is mellow and snuggly. He just loves to make eye-contact and laugh. Likes being sung to, his Aunt Renee babysat him the other day and sang him to sleep.

He's quite a little eater. Slurping down baby food like it's going out of style. His favorite is carrots, which is funny since that's the ONLY kind Colt NEVER liked. He is going to figure out that crawling thing in no time, he's a master of rolling and sitting up. He blows raspberries all the time, especially when he gets excited right after eating. He has outgrown the swing, about to outgrow the Bumbo and the carseat. He's a GIANT.

I don't know how I ever lived life without him. When I'm away from him, I literally crave his chubby cheeks to bury my face in and give kisses. He's our happy, mellow, cuddly youngest baby!


I have vowed never to go two months without downloading pictures again! So much has happened. Colt is big on saying "cheese" now. He's missing one of his bottom front eye teeth, and I LOVE the little gap he has in his smile! There is a tiny glimmer of a tooth, it just hasn't made it's way in yet.

I have a few pics from DC on here. He was SUCH a great traveler and I loved every minute of traveling with him. No complaints here!

Below you'll see reading with friends, first time at a McD's PlayPlace, goofing around at home and building blocks with Dad.

This boy is SUCH a trip! We love his personality and the words that are flowing out of his mouth right now, his love of books and "Phinneas and Ferb", his hugs and kisses, his absolute adoration of his brother and sharing his toys and taking care of him...and even the every-so-often signs of sibling rivalry. He's just a joy every second!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Life is Happening

Life is happening. I can't stop it, it just happens and moves so quickly.

Rolling over both ways
Getting very good at sitting up
Laughing like there's not tomorrow
Eating baby food
Teething (stink)
Growing out of clothes before the chance to wear them - safely in 9-12 month clothing now!
Sleeping in his crib, not his bouncy seat...'tis blissful
Drifting off at night around the same time as Colt
Outgrown his swing and CAR SEAT but we still keep trying
The most joyful, easy-going baby I've ever been around

Talking up a storm
Learned "mine" and "no" in the same weekend
Can work an iPhone on his own
Has an iPhone (now an iPod) because we're SUCKERS
Picky about his cartoons
Back into singing all the time (love. it. Especially "Let's Go Fly a Kite")
Took his first plane ride last week
Loves reading Goodnight Moon
Saw the White House
Gives hugs without abandon

These boys light up my world. I've been so emotional lately for some reason, because I LOVE the ages they are right now. It is the most fun I've ever had, the most peaceful I've ever felt, and the love in my live threatens to overwhelm me.

I take time every day to reflect on these blessings. I wish I could capture every moment in a video or a photo. But instead, I just bask in the moment. Soak it in, knowing one day those memories will flood back into my mind and they will be all mine.

I have pictures from Colt's Big Trip with Mommy. I shall post soon, I promise. It was WONDERFUL to get him all to myself for a few days, he was more perfect than you'd probably believe.

More to come. I've been reminded by several people lately that I haven't been good at blogging. I will be. More on that to come.