Monday, April 25, 2005

We have neighbors coming! And a sidewalk...check out that fabulous front porch, too! Posted by Hello

We have insulation which can only mean one come real walls!! Posted by Hello

This is my sister, Julia, and I at the Arts Festival this weekend! Posted by Hello

Feeling Lost...

Oh my gosh.

My computer crashed this morning. My work computer. I know for some it doesn't seem like a big deal, but everything is on that computer. I mean, I know I've backed most documents up on a server, and my palm has all my contact info and calendar in it...but my E-MAILS!!!! I am literally lost without my Outlook. I sat at work for many hours today staring at a wall and bugging my coworkers because I had nothing to do without e-mail. I feel completely helpless, and it makes me realize I am much too dependent on my computer! I am truly an example of the new generation when I cannot work without my Outlook calendar, task list and inbox.

Therefore, it may be a while before I can post pictures. Or I might try to do it from home...we'll see.

Anyway, the weekend was an easy weekend. John did manual labor on Saturday, helping Matt and Robin put up a new fence. We're hoping that Matt returns the favor in a few months when it's our turn for a fence! I spent the day was nice not to have anything planned.

Sunday I went to the Arts Festival with friends Melissa and Cameron and my sister. What a fun day--I have a sunburn as proof of the great weather!

House is looking good...insulation is in! New things are happening every day. Please pray that things continue to go well as we get closer to "signing our life away"!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Looking Up

Well, this weekend proved to be much better than last week! John and I had a GREAT time at the Redhawks game on Saturday. They went in to 11 innings! (I was almost asleep by the end. Not because I was bored but because it was after my bedtime!) But it was literally a perfect night weather-wise. The hot dogs were good, the fireworks were raving drunk people spilling beer on us as they do at most of the sporting events we attend!

Saturday we grilled out burgers and hot dogs for the first time this season. And I got a WONDERFUL surprise. My dear, dear friend from college, Mario Tobias, stopped by my house to wish me Happy Birthday! He currently lives in Manhattan, KS as a campus ministry intern with K-State University. He was at a wedding for the weekend, headed home and remembered my birthday. I was so glad to see him, even if it was only a couple of hours. He is doing great, applying for campus ministry jobs. Thanks, Mario, for making my Saturday!

Can you believe that the Red-White game at OU on Saturday had 45,000 people there, not counting the number of people who watched it on TV from their own homes? I am a Sooner fan and all (and a crazy one at that), but seriously people--it's a scrimmage. I am amazed. Or maybe I'm just still a little bitter and disillusioned with my Sooner boys after the last two National Championship games. Whatever the case, 45,000 people at a football scrimmage is extreme! I saw a note yesterday that there is only 137 days until college football starts. My heart is a little lighter knowing that it's getting so close. Boomer Sooner.

Sunday was a feeding frenzy for Jessica's birthday! We ate at my all-time favorite spot, TGI Friday's with bits and pieces of the family. Then that night, John invited some of our Norman friends up for PF Chang's!! Yummy Mongolian Beef....and I got free cheesecake with a candle in it.

We got the official word yesterday--we're closing on the house June 17th (two months exactly) at 4:00 p.m.!!! It's getting so close...I think I'll start packing up our current house this weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Yeah! We have a driveway and a sidewalk! We're looking about "a week ahead of schedule". Looking like mid-June now! Posted by Hello

Thank Goodness it's Friday!!

The House is coming along splendidly. John met with the builder again this week, and he walked him through all that is going on. We have air conditioning pipes up, electric has been run, we have a driveway,'s going so fast! We even have the beginnings of an actual next door neighbor...their foundation is laid, so it will be nice to watch that process as well.

It's been a loooong week. John and I have been very stressed about things this week, so we're taking the night off and heading to the Redhawks Home Opener this week. Hot dogs and baseball and will be so nice! And the weather is perfect...maybe our week is looking up.

John's dad, Arni, has been in the hospital all week with chest pains. He actually had his 22-year-old pacemaker replaced yesterday, and is about 110% better. So we are quite relieved to hear that! My birthday is Sunday, so John has a couple of things up his sleeve getting ready for that. I'm so excited about my present from him....he bought me the sleigh bed I've been wanting for 3 years! I can't wait to see how it will look in our new house.

I'll update more next week. Sorry it's been so I said, it's been a very loooong week! Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 08, 2005

We even have doors and windows now too!! I'm ready to move in now! Posted by Hello

Check it out!!! We have a house! I can't believe it went up so fast. One day it was a foundation, two days later we have a roof and everything. We took a tour last's awesome! Posted by Hello

Here is our Master is HUGE!!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Max likes to help John play X-Box too. I guess somehow, sleeping on your belly in front of the TV helps John with his X-Box skills. This is where Max is anytime NCAA 2005 is on! He's not fat--just big-boned! Posted by Hello

Here is Max--I haven't sent out pictures of him! Sunday night is his favorite time. He likes to help me change the bedsheets and do laundry. Loves jumping in the dryer and laundry basket, and likes to get under the sheets when I fluff them! Sunday night is a fun time for us together! Posted by Hello

Bed Bath and Beyond John's comprehension

Ok, so John and I have been having some serious arguments lately. And I'm sure the many women who read this can relate (I know he has a lot of gal pals at work who agree with me!). I'm trying to be patient.

John and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago. There, I presented many shower curtains that I liked for the new house. He then told me which ones he liked, and we agreed. Then, I found out that the shower curtain had matching towels, soap dishes, rugs, etc. I was so excited--we could get it all taken care of rather than trying to color match everything at various stores. So I told John all about it. And he didn't quite seem to understand why we would need new towels, since we have about 10 towels already.

I patiently (of course) explained to him that our current towels do not match the shower curtain we'd picked out together (that had already been bought). Well, he just told me that he was putting his foot down--we were NOT getting new towels when we already had perfectly good towels to use. I again, patiently, told him that the towels I would purchase were not for use--they were for decoration (duh!). He told me no--he was putting his foot down, we were not getting new towels for decoration.

So, I promptly stepped over his foot, and bought new towels. Along with washcloths, hand towels, soap dish--the works! Well, he really did not like anything that I bought. So I drug him to BB&B and made him spend 2 hours picking out shower curtains and color-matching accessories that he did like. But by the time I got home, I realized I really didn't like what we'd picked out. was so much fun!

So, I returned everything AGAIN and bought the bathroom stuff at Target (that John and seen the entire set for and liked). The best part--I was able to get enough stuff for BOTH new bathrooms and it cost WAY less than BB&B for one bathroom!

Also--they're framing our house!!! We are about to have a structure!!

See! I told you I was cute and crafty. They would have been so cute to wear with all my red clothes...RIP cute flip flops. Posted by Hello

My Creative Weekend

Well, I was crafty for TWO whole days! Despite my true belief that I am not creative or crafty or handy, I was all three on both Friday night and Saturday! It's quite a feat, actually, and I'm happy to share! Friday night I went to a "flip-flop" gathering with some girlfriends. I had two cheap pairs of flip flops that I worked quite a long time to spruce up and add character. To one, I put red ribbon and bright red giant flowers on them! On the other pair, I added sparkly silver sequins. I was so proud, and many of the girls copied the flower idea and I was so excited to wear them the next day. I'll post pictures for your viewing pleasure.

The flower, ribbon and sequins promptly fell off both pairs before I could even wear them to work.

With a little more reliability, I went to a beadery on Saturday and made a necklace and a bracelet with sparkly beads. Although the jewelry turned out quite nice, I am well aware that I don't have the patience to do that. It was overwhelming--thousands of tiny little beads to choose from and no creative inspiration. It was literally painful to pick out each little bead and then arrange a pattern then string it and so on....

Creative? For a while. Will I do it again soon? Let's see...I don't tend to follow through on these things! My college scrapbook is still not done, not to mention I have boxes of vacation photos from to years of marriage not even seeing the light of day. I doubt I'll take up beading!

Friday, April 01, 2005

Here's John standing on the foundation (trying not to be blowm over by the 100-mile hour wind we had yesterday!). Notice all the wood to the side--framing will start VERY soon! Posted by Hello