Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day Six, 4/17

Happy Birthday to me! As you know from earlier posts, this was the absolute perfect day. Start to finish, everything I could hope for.

John and I started the day very early to catch the sunrise from Kailua Beach. We have, um, lots of pictures of this sunrise from a light pink sky to full on orange sunrise. It was beautiful. A birthday card taped to the front door greeted us on the way out, as everyone else in the house stayed asleep!

He then treated me to a local favorite for breakfast: M.cDon.ald’s Spam, eggs, and rice platter. I made it through one slice of Spam before the smell got to me….hey, when in Rome, right?

After that, we headed back up to the North Shore. After some research on the “Lost” sites from earlier in the week, John had a feeling we were missing something big. As you now know, we discovered the “Lost” Survivor’s camp on Papa’iloa Beach! Not only that, but there was no fence up and we were the only people besides a lonely security guard on the beach that morning. He happily let us play around on the set, looking in tents, taking pictures, etc. I was so excited, I may have called a million people to brag.

After trying to go back and watch some filming, we discovered we would be in camera shots and it would be several hours before we could get close. We didn’t have time to stick around (though we caught a scene being filmed from a distance) because we had dinner plans!

Read about it here, here, and here.

Back to Honolulu for the “Dog the Bouty Hunter” Gift Shop. Purchased a few t-shirts, met an interesting clerk and headed home.

After showering and putting on something other than a bathing suit and t-shirt we headed with Dad and DeAnna to Waikiki Beach to a restaurant called the Shorebird. It was awesome, open to the beach with ocean breezes coming through and live Hawaiian music being played. The coolest thing was that once you ordered your meat, they brought it to you raw and sent you over to a huge open grill where you seasoned and grilled it yourself. Luckily, I have a master griller around here…

I had delicious steak and shrimp, a tasty drink called a Lava Flow, and even tried Halpeiwa—a coconut pudding off the endless salad bar. At the end, the Hawaiian musician suddenly started singing Happy Birthday to me with the entire restaurant, and they brought me a brownie sundae to die for.

John and I rushed out to catcht the sunset on Waikiki. Lots of clouds, but still beautiful. After a stroll on the beach, we walked the Waikiki shopping drag. Picked up a t-shirt at the International Marketplace, took our picture in front of the Duke statue (where there was a live webcam and we called my sister so she could see us waving).

Finally turned in after a perfect night.

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