Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Big D

Greetings from the Melrose Hotel in Dallas. I'm finally settled in for the night after a looooooong day of meetings. There were only 4 breaks from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. BUT--lots of food. And even chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. That's all I really need to deal with any situation.

I'm here for my first "AOC" meeting. They bring in several people from all the offices across the country for days and days of nonstop meetings. But, it's been fun because everyone is awesome and we never get to see each other. I've met SO many people I've only e-mailed and had phone conversations with for the past 4 years.

Which brings me to a whole other topic. Sunday was my official 4-year anniversary at work. I can't believe it's been 4 years. Hey--only one more year until I get my 5-year paperweight. Score!

Anyway, most people stayed behind at the office for the evening....plenty of snack food and alcohol to go around so you can imagine how happy everyone was. That's the ad business! But tomorrow our meetings go from 8 a.m. to MIDNIGHT so I figured I needed my rest. Plus, I have presentations to give tomorrow, and I need to study up. I'm tired already.

Remember, I turn into a pumpkin after 10:00...

Anyway, my brain is all meeting-ed out, so I will hopefully have more interesting things to say later. 'Night!

Monday, May 28, 2007


I'm not sure I'll be able to attend my high school reunion in 2 years. I'm already nervous thinking about it. And this weekend was like a flashforward in how I'll feel leading up to the reunion.

Saturday night was the wedding of a friend of mine from youth group. We'd grown up together since we were 5 years old. His dad was the preacher at my church until after I graduated high school, and even performed our wedding 4 years ago. I should not have been nervous, but alas I was. I knew there would be a lot of people I haven't seen in 8 years.

For some reason I get crazy thinking about this. I wake up thinking "I NEED this to be a good hair day....please, bangs, work with me)". I spend hours picking out my "hottest outfit" which never quite works out like I want it to....I'm always missing the accessories needed to set it off. I practice my "elevator speech" about my career and my marriage and all the things I've accomplished since my awkward high school days.

Then I get there, and I am totally comfortable and have no reason to worry. I think about how much I've changed since high school, and I realize that everyone else has changed, too. No one is the same person they were back then....and we're all glad to see each other, catch up with each other, see where we've ended up.

I ended up with a great hair day, a really hot outfit (thanks to the Banana Republic outlet last weekend) , and a confidence I didn't have back in high school. It was a great evening, because even if I didn't have those things it would have been ok. Everyone was great, it was a beautiful wedding, a perfect evening.

Did I mention I looked pretty good?

In other news, I was so happy to attend the graduation reception of my friend and former roommate, Laura Haws. Excuse me, I meant DR. Laura Haws. She graduated from medical school on Saturday, and will be starting her residency at OU Med Center this summer. I LOVE that I surround myself with such smart friends.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

There's No Place like Kansas....thank goodness

I never know where my job is going to take me next. And today it took me to Deliverance. Otherwise known as 30 miles north of Coffeyville, KS. We went to see a remodeled restaurant there, then the franchise owner took me and the girls to see his new log cabin. He and his wife gave us the grand, muddy tour of their very cool house in the middle of nowhere. Then, we headed over to the barn, where I almost ran over their free-roaming horse and dodged turkeys, guineas, and ducks. Couple of cows and lots of dogs, too....there's a reason I live in the city. Sigh....despite what I say, I would never have made it in FFA.

I hate Kansas for several reasons. In 2002, before we were even married, we went to New York City to visit some friends. We were broke, and the cheapest flights out there were on an airline called Airtran. But Airtran only flies out of Wichita or DFW Airport, and we all know how crazy DFW can be. So we decided to fly out of Wichita.

We arrived in Wichita with no trouble, headed off the NYC and spent 4 glorious, cheap days in the Big Apple. We, of course, hit several delays on the way home and ended up arriving in Wichita around 1:00 a.m. Sigh...we still had a 2 1/2 hour drive.

When we arrived at our car, we realized we'd left an unopened can of Coke in the car. In the middle of the summer. In the heat. It exploded all over the car, leaving a syrupy residue across the windshield. My genius really shines in the middle of the night after hours in the air, and I got the great idea to use the Ponds face wipes to clean off the windshield. So, we added a nice layer of soapy residue to the syrupy mess.

Again, it's the middle of a very humid night. And we're trying to find a gas station so we can wipe down the windshield but there are NO gas stations by the stupid Wichita airport. Finally, we see a Wal-Mart Supercenter in the distance. We exit our slow, dangerous highway escapade and head to the store. But we couldn't see the dark median through the soapy mess and BAM! John hits the median going about 40 mph. Our tire bursts and strips there on the spot....about 300 feet from Wal-Mart.

We run inside Wal-Mart to buy a tire and get on our way. Only they won't sell one to us until the auto shop opens the next morning. So we have to stay in the seediest, grossest, nastiest motel I've ever seen. Remember....we were broke BEFORE the NYC vacation. You can only imagine how little we had at that point. We rented a room at the Knight's Inn for $19.95. I made John promise not to turn the lights on. I didn't want to see where we were staying. I didn't even turn the lights on in the bathroom, it was that gross.

Finally the next morning we got up, got our tire, and headed back to OKC. And my hatred for all things Kansas began.

It was reiterated a few years later. Remember this little adventure?

Today, I was caked in mud, but that was about the only thing that went wrong. I guess I have to start my reintroduction to Kansas in small steps.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Your Introspective Reflection of the Day, sponsored by...

I've been fascinated with the musical "Rent" for a while. The music is absolutely beautiful, and gives me chills whenever I hear it.

There is one song in particular called "No Day But Today". For some reason, it's been getting to me lately. I think it's the idea that we are not promised anything, not even the day. I don't think we get that, and I don't think we're supposed to get that. Can you imagine if we obsessed over the end every minute of every day? We're not meant to understand that every day, every second we get is a blessing. We're not promised the future--and, yet, we plan for it anyway.

I posted the lyrics below to this song, but it's power cannot be conveyed in just words. You should take the time to listen to the music, listen to the artist's sing it. It's powerful stuff.

There is no future, there is no past
Thank God this moment’s not the last

There’s only us
There’s only this
Forget regrets
Or life is yours to miss

No other road,
No other way,
No day but today

There’s only us,
Only tonight,
We must let go,
To know what’s right

No other course,
No other way,
No day but today

I can’t control my destiny
I trust my soul,
My only goal is just to be

There’s only now
There’s only here
Give in to love
Or live in fear

No other path
No other way
No day but today

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blind to the Mice

Well, one of the reasons we loved this house (besides the fact that it was in the neighborhood we wanted and they were ready to move out in three weeks) was because of the yard. It was the largest backyard we'd seen out of all the houses in this neighborhood, and it backed up to this beautiful open field that was practically assured of no development. John could hit golf balls out there like a driving range, and we wouldn't have neighbors staring at us as we grilled our steaks.

What I didn't think about was the little creatures that might live in that field. The little creatures that might want to share our house....more than just crickets and the occasional spider. And indeed, last night we caught our first mouse. We don't even have mouse traps set, it was in a glue trap we had set for ants and such in the garage. Ew, ew, ew....

Now I keep thinking I am seeing things scurrying across the room. My mind is playing tricks on me. The exterminator can't get out here soon enough!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This weekend was so wonderful. I have to say I was a little nervous because it was supposed to be 6 girls per hotel room. Can you imagine 6 girls and one shower? One sink? Early mornings? That was seriously the only thing that almost kept me from wanting to go. But I packed a hat, knowing I might have to wear it if I was asked to be the one to shower the night before.

But no worries! It ended up 4 girls per room, and the girls in my room took just as long getting ready as I did! So no worries about looking vain. Other than that, I knew it was going to be a good time. And I was not disappointed. Even though much of the weekend was filled with lots of boobs and breast milk chatter, it made me laugh and I even learned a little bit.

Liz....we may need to rethink our ban against breastfeeding. I have lots of info for you now.

This weekend was exactly what I needed. There's really no way to describe how much fun I had, or how much I loved gabbing with the girls. I can't really describe how fast hours in the car can go when you're surrounded by 5 friends, all with dynamic personalities and the ability to tell a great story. I'm not even sure I can understand how easy the weekend was, how there was never one awkward moment or silence. And, of course, it wouldn't be a girls weekend without lots of love and support, concern and reminds me that I'm never alone.

Anyway--thanks girls! And I know you're reading, as blogs were a main topic of conversation over the weekend. Emily and I apparently share the same fear of alienating our vast male audience (and it's pretty vast) by talking about such things as girly parts....but no more! Emily, I'm watching your blog. Once you make your post we discussed over the weekend, I'll be opening up here as well. Waiting for your keyword...hey, I've never said the word "boobs" on this site before so I'm moving in a new direction already.

In the meantime....enjoy the pictures!

Girls Only Weekend 2007

I only took 5 pictures the whole weekend, and they all involved one of the many stops for food. Yesterday we went to lunch at Chipotle and caught this picture. But the sunlight was very bright and the color didn't turn out great. But here we all are.

The other photos are from La Madeleine on Saturday night. We went to another restaurant for dinner that didn't have a wide range of dessert options. Hello! We were on a GIRLS trip for the weekend...dessert is a requirement. So we had coffee and heavenly desserts at La Madeleine to end a long, exhausting day of shopping!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Julia's Italy Trip

You'll notice a new link toward the right side of the page called "Julia's Italy Trip". This is where my adventurous 21-year-old sister, Julia, will be posting her thoughts on the dusty, sweaty, 3-week archaeological dig she's about to leave for. She leaves tonight for Dallas to catch an early flight that will eventually land her in Orvieto, Italy. There she will be digging up something. I'm sure it will one day be in a museum. Anyway, my dad and I basically begged her to start a blog so we could follow along. But she'll be spending HOURS each day in the hot sun and dirt, so she might be too tired to write. But hopefully she'll keep us entertained.

By the way....she knows no one going on the trip. She's just going for the sheer experience. I could never do that. She'll either come back convinced archaeology is the right thing for her, or convinced it's better left to someone else. We shall see! Good luck, Julia!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You know you're church of Christ when...

It takes a short drive and a good cup of coffee for me to escape my often daunting present life (work being the daunting part) and breathe a little bit of a more relaxed time in my life. I forget how much I love going back to Norman, how much I love the girls at the Alameda church there. How much I love spending time with Pam. I think I've talked about Pam on this site before...our lives are so different from when we used to skip class, drive to Classic 50s for Happy Hour, and plan our trips to New York. But not so different that we can't laugh just like we used to. Gosh, sometimes I just miss being in Norman.

Every so often I go down to Norman for "Coffee Talk", which is what the girls at Alameda do every Monday night, every other month. They get together at 8:00 after their kids are in bed and just chat for hours. I started going as an excuse to catch up with Pam (because we just don't make the time to get together otherwise) and it's turned into developing some really fun friendships. Getting to know a lot of people....they are such a fun group. So open and comfortable with each other. If anyone needs a good church home in Norman--give it a try because they are amazing.

It always makes me wonder what life would have been like had John and I kept going to Alameda, even after we moved to Edmond. We did that for a while. It made for an early Sunday morning! We ended up leaving for what I still believe was a very good reason that had nothing to do with distance or alarm clocks, and unfortunately we haven't wanted to face that reason and step foot back in the building since we left. I was very disappointed in the way our relationship with that church ended, but like he usually does, God made up for it by taking us in a wonderful direction. He had other relationships, other ideas for us. And while I desperately miss so many of the people at Alameda, I have found solace in the amazing group we've spent the last 3 1/2 years with.

This weekend I'm headed to Dallas with a group of girls from our current church. We're all going sans husband and kids....just kicking back with the girls and shopping til we drop. I'm so excited because I get such a kick out of every one of them. They gave me hope that we could be involved in a church again. Gave me hope that we could have that kind of support and love and fun we had in Norman.

Our relationship with that group still has so much growing to do, and I let work get in the way so often of diving right in. It's also been a long road of recovery and healing for things that happened before we met any of them, and I hate that for so long I kept my distance because of that. But I hope they all know how much they mean to us, and how grateful we are for their friendship.

So, needless to say I feel like I have two very different, distinct families. I'm so glad, so relieved that I can go to Norman now and feel relaxed and relieved. Who knows....we may even get the guts one day to try another Sunday service there. In the meantime, it sure is nice to have the group in Edmond. I can't wait for this weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2007

What are you looking for in Canton? How about a mullet?

Oh, like you even had to ask. Check, check, and check. Mullets everywhere. This was by far my favorite.

What are you looking for in Canton? How about Starbucks coffee?

Check! Even in the most dire situations, somehow Starbucks manages to come through...

What are you looking for in Canton? How about a puppy?

Oh, sure! Thousands of them...every breed you could ever imagine. Seriously. They were everywhere. These accommodations were really upscale. Most of the puppies were jammed 10 to a cage, on top of each other, on the ground. It was pretty pathetic. But...lots of puppies if you're looking for one.
Though please adopt from your local animal shelter and save a life.
Your PSA for a day.

What are you looking for in Canton? How about some Cinnamon Roasted Nuts?

Check...they're everywhere!

What are you looking for in Canton? How about a designer bathroom stalls?

Check out the stalls in this bathroom? They were in a concrete building, looked like a rest stop on the side of the road in Kansas or something, but! Some of them even had chandeliers!

What are you looking for in Canton? How about a statue of a little boy about to relieve himself?

Check! Just one of the disturbing figurines we found in Canton. Most of them were at the same booth...

What are you looking for in Canton? How about a chicken?

Check...lots of chickens. Lots of goats too. And ducks. And sugar gliders. And horses and ponies.

What are you looking for in Canton? How about a motorized cart?

Check...lots of motorized carts

What I Learned in Canton

  1. Khaki capris and a pink t-shirt really is overdressed.
  2. Apparently there is good money in dog clothes, because every other booth had doggies dresses, tutu's and more.
  3. On that note, the number one accessory in Canton: dogs. More specifically, puppies.
  4. There is not a lot of direction for where to go, and how Canton is divided up--there are several sections.
  5. If the only thing you see around you is puppies, chickens, goats, bunnies, and ducks....don't worry. Canton doesn't suck, you're just in "Dogtown".
  6. It gets better, just ask someone where to find the booths without dogs.
  7. The "shuttle" from Dogtown parking lot to the Canton Marketplace runs every 20 minutes....or whenever the driver feels like coming to pick you up.
  8. You will not get through it all in one day...don't even try.
  9. There is more than one Fried Pie stop, so don't feel like you have to buy one right away
    Chocolate fried pie is the best
  10. If you're looking at making a coffee table book on mullets....this would be a good place to start gathering subjects.
  11. Maybe you're overwhelmed, tired, stressed from your experience? Don't worry....they have Starbucks Coffee next to the Indian Tacos.
  12. If you're in the market for giant 5-pointed stars (much like you see on the highways in Texas) you're in luck--there were about 113,452 available to choose from!
  13. Strollers or push carts are recommended to haul around your loot (remember the shuttle only runs every 20-ish time to go to the car and back!)
  14. You can rent motorized scooters for $7 an hour--and they even come with a little shade to keep the sun off.
  15. Cowhides everywhere.
  16. The vendors, for the most part, the nicest people you will ever meet. Except in Dogtown where they're missing teeth and wearing Bart Simpson t-shirts. They dress up for the occasion of selling 52 puppies out of one cage.
  17. Don't go to Dogtown if you have a soft heart and don't like seeing animals suffering.
  18. Some people buy live chickens in Dogtown--and not as a pet. It made me sad to watch them be rolled away to their death.
  19. Yes, I had a chicken sandwich for dinner....but I am pretty sure Chili's doesn't buy their chickens from Dogtown, and I didn't have to see Clucky before I ate him.
  20. Wear sunblock. While most things are inside un-air-conditioned buildings, you'll be amazed at how much time you spend outside, especially in Dogtown.
  21. We are for sure living in the Bible Belt.
  22. God+scriptures+painted wood = BIG MONEY and wall decorations all around
  23. There is no dignity in Canton--those people are on a MISSION, they will not be stopped!
  24. Bring the Purell. You'll want to bathe yourself in it by the time you leave.
  25. It's really fun, very interesting, and when I go back I'll have a better idea of what I will be looking for!

Friday, May 11, 2007

All in a day's work

Sometimes my job can be very difficult. We are put in several difficult situations, and sometimes it can be hard to handle.

Take, for example, two weeks ago when the Blue Bell Ice Cream man came to our office for a client meeting to have us taste test new products and make milkshakes of new flavors. Let me tell you...that was a difficult day at work. It was stressful trying to decide how much more ice cream I could eat before exploding.

Today was another difficult day, once again the culprit being ice cream. Our client has come out with two new desserts: brownie bits and green M&M's in vanilla ice cream, and mint and chocolate shake. Since they are our client, it's really our job to taste test and make sure everything tastes OK and the service is right. It's such an obligation, but once again I bust my butt to do the best at my job. So I tried them.

In other news, I broke down and bought a CHI last night. I'd had enough of this humidity and the toll it was taking on my hair. I had not one but TWO meetings with clients I'd never met this week and both times I was humiliated that I had a gigantic frizzball on top of my head. It was embarrassing, and I felt completely unprofessional. A big part of oozing confidence is feeling comfortable in your own skin. When all you can think about is your hair it's hard to make a great impression.

So, I bought a CHI, and a new hair dryer (with ions! and ceramic technology!), and finally new shampoo and detangler spray specifically designed for heat-treated hair. Already I can tell a difference, and while I can't promise it will be perfect it will be much better.

Now the only thing I have to worry about is getting the whole breakout thing under control. I'm 26 going on 14 and can't seem to get it all figured out. One of these days I'll walk into a room and not even think about how I look.

Plus....I have great Calvin Klein black heels that make me feel tall and important. How can I go wrong?

The whole airline debacle took it's toll on me. Last night, I was in bed around 7:00 and asleep by about 8:15. Actually, before that. I fell asleep before "The Office" was over. That show is hilarious. I had much better dreams than when I watch "CSI" before falling asleep.

It didn't help that by the time I got home and in bed on Wednesday night, it was 2 a.m. Then I got up and headed to Stillwater to help with Special Olympics for the day. I can't's so much fun. But I was worn out after serving lunch to over 6,000 athletes and coaches!

Well, that's it for now. I have a post I'm working on about all the things I learned in Canton. Will post soon!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Travel Woes

Well, as I anticpated this trip has not gotten any better. Flight out of Norfolk was delayed an hour. My next flight was originally scheduled out of Dallas at 10:05 p.m. It's now 10:45 and I'm still here in Dallas. Possible departure time is now midnight. We'll see....I'd rather get there at 3 in the morning than have to wait for a flight out tomorrow....

I did find a friend, though. A work colleague happens to be on the same flight I am. Funny...he's headed to Special Olympics tomorrow in Stillwater, just like me! I'm trying to get back in time for that, because it's one of my favorite events all year to witness.

Flying sucks.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jet Lag

I'll post about Canton soon....but right now I need to vent. This has been a day from hell!

First of all, I have been on 5 planes, 3 airlines, and in 5 cities in the last 36 hours. I am tired. I am irritable. I was hungry but some nice room service has helped with that.

Yesterday was actually without incident to Dallas and back. A slight delay in the evening because of weather, but all together not a bad experience. Southwest Airlines rocks, and I've said that for a long time. No...the cattle call seating is not fun. But when you're traveling by yourself on business, it's not a big deal where you sit. And I like having the option of picking my seat mates.

Today has been a completely different story. Grab a snack, a refreshing beverage, and settle in....this is a long one.

Started this morning after another long night of little sleep due to rain, thunder, lightning, and fear the electricity would go out and I'd sleep late and miss the flight. Then, it was pouring down rain so I begged John to take me to the airport because I just KNEW garage parking would be full and I'd have to park and shuttle in. Good thing because the garage was, in fact, full.

I forgot to mention that yesterday at the airport, it took me almost one hour to get through security. I've never seen it like that at OKC. So I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to check my bag and get through security. I arrived around 7:40 a.m. My flight was delayed until 10:40. That's 3 hours I spent waiting in the OKC airport. Not a good way to start the day.

I had a connecting flight in Chicago. Everything was going smoothly, and the first thing I saw when I got off the plane at O'Hare was Starbucks! I figured everything was good to go...I was wrong. I forgot I was on American Airlines.

I stood in line waiting to board the plane when I heard my name being called. Turns out they were bumping me from my flight. Why? Because most of the plane was military and their luggage was too heavy. They bumped the last five people who had booked the flight. Isn't that crazy? I wasn't mad at the military people....but I was not happy that American didn't do something like bump the luggage!

To top it off, they bumped 5 of us and then proceeded to hand out 2 standby tickets! That was it....I was tired. I got nasty. "You're bumping me, but you can hand out standby tickets? My flight has been booked for weeks!" The ticket girl gave me a horrible look, and said "they're military, and we make special exceptions for military. They have to get to Norfolk on time, you do not".

I guess my irritability was not appreciated because they allowed one of the five of us back on the plane. And the guy at the counter said "Jessica Anderson is the next on the list". The lady flipped out and said "No, no" and proceeded to give an explanation in Spanish. They called the next guy and he got to fly on that flight.

They booked me on a new route to Norfolk....through Philadelphia. And they gave me 15 minutes to make it to the other side of the airport (reminder: this is O'Hare we're talking about). I'm running, I'm running, my bag getting heavier by the minute.

I make it to Philly with a few minutes to spare. But I had to switch airlines to US Airways...which meant another new terminal...another race across the airport. Philadelphia seemed like the largest airport I've ever seen.

I FINALLY arrive in Norfolk, tired and ready to collapse. I was assured by the un-friendly folks in Chicago that my luggage would be locked up in the American Airlines baggage claim at Norfolk. So, I headed that way.

At this point I am about to lose it. I walk from the farthest terminal in Norfolk to baggage claim (waaaaay on the other side). The baggage center is locked, no one there. The sign on the door said "if no one is here, please go to the ticketing counter". So....I walk all the way back to the ticket counter. No short trek, I assure you. Guess what? No one is there! My tears are brimming and I see a security guard. I breathlessly explain my plight.

"Oh, no, ma'am. Finding someone in ticketing at this hour is next to impossible. Your best bet is to wait until the next American flight gets in at 9:20 and find an employee then".

It was 7:10.

So the tears begin to flow. And he offers another suggestion to have someone paged. I trek back to the baggage claim area and have someone with American Airlines baggage paged. I start running back to their claim area because it was on the opposite side from the information center where paging is done. I get there, no one is there. I knock on the door and some woman says "are you the one looking for a baggage representative? He was just here, asked around and left". In the FIVE minutes between the information center and the baggage claim office he'd been there and left.

What was I to do, but go BACK to the information center and have him paged again. I told the guy to wait 2 minutes then call him...give me time to get back there.

FINALLY....he's there! Yeah! Here's my claim ticket, you guys have my bag!!

"No ma'am, these three bags here are all I have."

Me: "No, no, no. See, YOUR airline bumped me and assured me that their mistake would not affect my'd have it"

Mean, Ugly Man: "How did you even get to Norfolk?"

Me: "As I said, your airline bumped me. In order to get here tonight I had to transfer to US Airways in Philadelphia."

Mean, Ugly Man: "In that case, it's not our responsibility. It's US Airways."

Me: "No, I assure you...I was bumped five minutes before takeoff. My luggage arrived on an American flight."

Mean, Ugly Man: "I'm sure it did, however you did not. Therefore, it's not our responsibility."

Then he proceeded to throw my claim check at me and walked out the door. I'm bawling now, can't help it. Big, gulping sobs. I begin searching for the US Airways baggage claim, which oddly enough was down by the information center I've been running back and forth to.

My bag was there. Not locked up, as I'd been was sitting out in the hallway. But at this point I just want to go to the hotel. Well, turns out the people that were supposed to pick me up were at dinner with the client, would I mind taking a cab?

I arrive at the hotel, and guess what? I'm one of the last to check in on a night when there is no vacancy. Luckily I had a reservation but the only room left on reservation lists? It's a smoking room. So tomorrow, I will smell like smoke all day, I'm sure. At least I won't smell like airport.

It's not any better yet, especially since I still have two American Airlines flights tomorrow, my connecting being in DFW and you know how that can be. We'll see if I make it home at my scheduled 11 pm arrival time.

So...don't fly American if you can avoid it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I have an addiction. It's called TV. And it could be chocolate, too.

It's officially a mom and daughter weekend. We are now, finally, in McKinney. We're staying at her old college roommate's house. Isn't that cool that they are still friends? Laura--make sure and bring Riley to my house in 25 years!

We're headed into Canton tomorrow. I brought my camera and hopefully I'll remember to take some pics and document the experience. I realize some of you aren't sure what Canton is....neither do I! I just know it's supposed to be mind-boggling. Maybe I'll find a great flea-market find I can't live without.

Now, I have to take a few minutes and talk TV. I've tried to stay away from the subject for a while, as I didn't want to turn into a TV blogger (thought I'm considering it).

Gilmore Girls
I may be the last person on the planet watching this show....but I LOVE it. And they just announced it's not coming back next season and that makes me pretty sad. I began watching this in the dorms at OU, and really related with the whole mother-daughter relationship. I am so sad to see it go. But Rory is graduating and getting proposed to, so it should be good.

Is this not the best show on TV? Seriously? It gets better and better every week (with the whole Paolo and Nikki episode aside....thought the whole burying alive thing was pretty cool). I got chills this past week as all the conspiracy theories out there about the show began to come to fruition. Purgatory, anyone? It's looking like it....

Grey's Anatomy
It was only the worst show I've seen in a while. I spent all week building up to a TWO-HOUR episode. I thought "two hours of Burke and Christina, Meredith and McDreamy, George and Izzy? What could be better?". Too bad it wasn't about them! What a sham. I knew they were going to introduce Addison's new show, but I didn't know it was going to take the full two hours. Now I'm pretty sure I won't like the spin-off, even though Taye Diggs (Yum!) is in it, simply because I wasn't prepared to like it this week. Quite a disappointment. Or maybe I was just disappointed because it was yet another social engagement centered around TV that John refused to attend. We've got to get him caught up on Lost, and Grey's.

Brothers and Sisters
I have to admit it....I'm a Calista Flockhart fan. I am. I LOVED "Ally McBeal" and I've liked her ever since. And of course, Sally Field is always delightful. This show is great. All the characters seem real and genuine, and the chemistry on that show is awesome. It helps that brat-packer Rob Lowe is on there, too! It's on Sundays, so check it out if you need a new show to get into!

If Dr. Foreman leaves the show, I'm not sure it can go on. Each person at that show is so integral to making it the perfect mix of sarcasm and medical drama. If it came down to a choice between Grey's and House for my medical drama of choice....I'm not so sure I would choose Grey's. House is that good.

Ok....I'll stop boring you for now. I just had to get all that off my chest! I could seriously talk "Lost" every single day, it's so involving.

I'm off to bed now. Have to get my rest for the bargain-hunting escapade. Also, my boss is in of course everything is blowing up in offices around the country! So, I will have to be working some this weekend as well. Thank goodness for wireless!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Working from Home

I could never work from home. Of course, I know my "work from home" experiences have been because I'm sick (like today) or there's 3 feet of ice on the streets. But still...I need an office to report to. Otherwise, the whole house feels like workspace and it's hard to relax. And the lighting is all wrong and I get a headache.

Of course, I love having the option to work from home. And it's even better now because we have wireless! It allows me to work at home, but it also makes it hard to just take a sick day. Because I can rest-up and try to feel better but my e-mail keeps dinging at me. Plus, we're now looking for new employees in several different offices so interviews and resume reviews will consume me for the next several weeks. So far I have been able to fight off the Blackberry, but as my job continues to change it may be inevitable.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that my curtains were featured on an episode of "House" last week. Kelly had brought it to my attention, so I was watching for it. It's nice to know I was ahead of the curve...perhaps they saw the curtains on my blog, noticed they were from IKEA and liked the look? Just let me think that...

I'm hoping I feel better by Friday. My mom and I are headed to Canton this weekend. I'm so pumped because I've heard so much about it. Can't wait to be overwhelmed with all the flea-market, crafty finds. We come back on Sunday and on Monday I'm back in Dallas for the day. Then Tuesday, I head to Norfolk, Virginia. It would really suck to be sick and stuck in an airport.

I would like to congratulate Jeff and Shannon on the birth of their baby girl. After all this time she still wants the baby's name to be a surprise, so I won't ruin it here. But it's pretty cute!

I would also like to congratulate JC and Courtney, because I hear they are going to welcome a DVR into their home. Courtney, you're going to love it!