Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Easter!

Well, they've done quite a bit more on the house, as you can see from the pictures! JC and Courtney told us that once they get started, it goes really fast. They were right--let's hope they stay on this timeline. ;)

Had a pretty mellow weekend. I was off work on Friday, which was wonderful. One of my dearest friends from college, Pam Robeson, just had her second baby that I hadn't seen yet! So I made the trip to Blanchard, USA to visit Pam, big brother Luke, and new baby Payt (dad Todd was at work). It was so good to see her and the new baby, and I got lots of kisses blown to me from Luke as I left. I designated Friday as Norman friend-catch-up day. I went shopping with friend Tara (who I hadn't seen in forever) and caught up with old roommate and med-school-sufferer Laura. She went to Mexico for Spring Break, so it was good to talk to her. Makes me miss living in Norman...but not enough to move back for sure!

Saturday I made John go to Garden Ridge. Of course I didn't buy a thing b/c John is so awful to shop with. He doesn't understand home decor and making a house a home. He'd be happy with an empty house and a mattress as long as he had X-Box and Golf Clubs!

Sunday we enjoyed a festive Easter lunch at Shorty Small's. Great choice--no one was there. Guess ribs and burgers aren't traditional Easter food! The important thing was getting out of there in time to get Easton and Mason to the church for the Egg Hunt! Then, that night we got to watch the LTC kids perform, including Easton's small chorus. He did a GREAT job on his solo. It takes a lot of courage to sing by yourself at 9 years old in front of a whole church. His uncle even gets a little nervous reading scripture or praying in front of the church, so I think singing is a great accomplishment. ;)

I'll check back soon. Also, if you get a chance hit the "Gayle Gang" link under our links section, and catch up on Robin and Renee's fun trip to New York. Quite entertaining. I need a vacation...

John's making himself at home in his beloved 2-car garage already! Posted by Hello

We have pipes and wires and other things I don't know about! Concrete we come! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A new update

They have done so much work on the house this week! John drove by yesterday and said pipes and wires are coming out of the stem every which way. I promise to get out there and get new pictures up soon, because our builder told us his framing guys will frame the whole house in two days! Call me a nerd, but I want to catch every step for our digital scrapbook. Who am I kidding? Our kids will never care--but maybe when I'm old and gray I'll look back and get excited about it all over again!

This week has been so busy. My grandparents and aunt came into town on Saturday, and left yesterday. I spent a lot of time with them, shopping and eating and just enjoying their company. They also celebrated my birthday a little early--I got new curtains and bathroom stuff for the house, plus some money for other items too. I have a huge pile in the living room of things to put up at the new house--I hope it keeps getting bigger!

It's also been a crazy week at work for me, with lots of meetings. Monday night for work I had to go to a livestock auction and help "buy" a cow for the client! It was a lot of job is never boring. One day I'm bidding on giant steers, the next I'm at the state capitol meeting with legislators.

John had a last-minute term paper crisis this week, but of course got through it with flying colors. He wrote a 10-page paper in about 5 hours Tuesday night, so graduation crisis over for the moment! He's getting so close to being done.

We had a great time last Saturday, having Guys and Girls nights with our friends from the Young Marrieds class. I think John played some poker, and I mostly sat around and talked like girls always do. It was a lot of fun, and a nice break from work-school-sleep grind.

I'm off work tomorrow for Good Friday. Hope you all have a great Easter!

Here is the "New Homes" sign that's in front of our house. They already have our new address listed! Posted by Hello

Here is a picture from last Saturday, when they set the stem. I'll update soon with more progress, I just haven't made it out there this week! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Imagine That

Well, imagine that--they didn't get started on the house! I can feel you're shocked and in awe...I'm not! They didn't get it together on Monday, and Monday night it began to pour for 2 days. So, once again we're in limbo and not sure when anything will happen!

That's pretty much been our life...waiting. Work is very crazy for me right now. I know it sounds very funny, but sometimes I lay in bed at night wondering how on earth I'll get everything done at work. God must have little elves come into my office at night and do some of it, because somehow it always gets done! I keep saying "After this date, it will get better" and the date keeps moving farther and farther away! Now I think after June things will slow down. We'll see.

My grandparents and aunt are coming in town this weekend! I'm so excited. John and I are such family-people, and we love being with our extended family (yes it's true--we both get along with our inlaws quite well!). My family is coming to celebrate my sister's 19th birthday on Sunday, as well as my birthday about a month early. So, it will be a fun weekend of shopping and yummy baked goods, I can feel it! John and I are SO blessed to come from such great people!

Well, back to work! Only 58 days until John graduates!

Monday, March 14, 2005

And so it begins!

Good News! Barring any thunderstorms, they are beginning our house today! We'll see--at this point I'm a little hesitent to believe until I see! So, after work today we'll drive by and see what's going on. There is a sign out front confirming the lot is sold and there were quite a few boards out there as well. I'm so excited. We met with the builder on Friday, and I really feel like the house is in great hands with him. Anytime you meet someone who loves his job as much as Shane obviously does, it makes you feel better about trusting him with your home!

Anyway, if all goes as planned, we begin this weekend and if we don't have a really rainy spring, we're looking at mid-June for closing! I can't believe it! I'm driving John crazy with buying things for the house already--we'll be in debt before the mortgage papers are signed, I can feel it! ;)

Had a great weekend. Julia and I went to see Josh Groban in concert last night--how AMAZING! Not only does he have a great voice that just haunts you, but he puts on a great show full of rich music. I could have stayed and listened to him all night long! For those of you who don't know he is, you should check him out online. His music is wonderful.

Well, I'll let you know if the house actually begins today! Let's pray that it happens just like it's supposed to!