Saturday, July 23, 2005

Off for a week

Well, we're about to leave for family vacation for a week. So, no updates coming for a while!

House is great. We're great....nothing too new. Hopefully by the time we come back, a cold front will come through! It's ridiculous out there!

Have a great week and I'll update when we get back (or John might update once he gets home on Wednesday now that he has the password!).

Plus, we'll have our new digital camera by then, so I can post pictures....finally you can see the finished product of our house!


Thursday, July 21, 2005

he he he...I got the password!

Well, Since Jessica is in Tulsa, I figured that I would get on the blog and post something! The house is coming along quite nicely. Last weekend Matt and I finally put sod in the backyard. We started around 7:30 in the morning, and were finished sodding my backyard, and half of his in a little less than 2 hours (but we were paying for it the next 2 days). Jessica's garden is flourishing, and is still attracting lots of baby frog's...we have no idea where they are coming from.

Monday evening we began on the garage. I missed the last bulk trash day, so we have tons of big cardboard boxes in the garage taking up all the space. We managed to make a space big enough for Jessica's car to fit in, and put a lot of stuff in the attic. The office is still "in the making", and SBC dish still sucks! Cox said our neighborhood should be cable ready in another week...we'll see!

This weekend and next week, we are out of town! It will be nice for a little vacation! We will be in Branson, Missouri. Yes...we are going to be chillin' with all the old people! 80% of the weekend and week will be Jessica, Debbie and Linda shopping. 15% will be entertainment, and the other 5% will be driving time! The girls are going to Branson on Sunday, and staying there until Wed. (I think...I'm on a need to know basis, and half the time, I don't need to know), so that will leave me in Springfield Sunday and Monday. Lowell (grandpa) and I will be frog gigging Monday night, and then I will drive up to Branson on Tuesday to meet the chicks.

Julia and I will be coming back on Wed. night so I can be at work Thursday and Friday, and Jessica and her mom will be coming back on Sat. Well, i'm going to get back to work. It has been fun wasting 20 minutes on here! We will see ya'll when we get back!

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Big D

That's where I've been for a few days. Our whole office trekked down to Dallas early yesterday morning for a "team-building" experience for a few days. Out cohorts in New Mexico came over, and we met up with our the Dallas account team as well. It was a REALLY fun day yesterday! Despite the frustration, long hours, and pressure there is working in the advertising industry, you sure meet A LOT of cool people.

Yesterday after morning meetings (more like debriefings) we went to this place called Dueling Chefs for lunch. We split into two teams, worked with two different chefs and made our own gourmet meal. Complete with salad, appetizer, main course, the best mashed potatoes I've ever had (low-fat, of course!) and amazing creme brulee (yes! I used the blowtorch), we had an incredible meal, and actually got to know each other a lot better. We laughed a lot.

Then last night we hung out at the Dallas office for the evening, which is our company's headquarters. We had food catered in and just chatted the night away. It's an advertising agency, so there are lots of cool things there. The owner of our company stopped by (remind me to tell you about him sometime....let's just say he wears all white and has a looooong gray ponytail. Very advertising agency-esque). The Dallas office also has pool tables, ping pong tables, slot machine, and an oxygen bar....our little office in OKC pales in comparison!

Today we're headed back to the Dallas office, but it's for a day of meetings. Hopefully everyone will be pretty awake and there will be lots of laughs today too.

At home we've been waiting for 3 days for our backyard sod to be delivered. John planned to get most of it done Wednesday night, and it still had not arrived yesterday. Needless to say, he's a little frustrated! It's neat to see how the house continues to come together little by little.

Congrats to Preston and Sara Watterson and welcome Baby Chase! Check out Watterson Website in our links section and see their beautiful baby!

Looks like a new digital camera is in the works...I'll post updated pictures as soon as I can!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Update the Blog!

Apparently, I'm getting lots of requests to update!

I will try to get the camera up and going soon. What a bummer to not be able to show you all pictures of the house put together! I'll figure something out. Speaking of the house, it's GREAT! Everything is pretty much done, and I've even started on the office. It's glorious in it's redness...

Also, thanks to the wonderful green thumbs, Nikki Robnett and Mary Ferguson, the house has curb appeal! Last Thursday, these two awesome chicks worked with me to plant and make beautiful the flower beds out front. I even have a hydrangea, which is my new favorite plant, but it's not blooming yet. A couple of Crepe Myrtles, some pretty flowers (don't know the scientific name....I'll call them pretty flowers) and some nice bushes too. Plus, this coming weekend John will be sodding the backyard, so we're just regular HGTV stars over here in Edmond! Really--thanks to Nikki and Mary. Come back soon to help me learn more!

Not much else going on. We went swimming last night with the nephews. Easton is right at home in the water....I think he's a better swimmer than I am! And Mason has been in swimming lessons and he can go all the way under and kicks his feet really well. He'll be in the deep end in no time!

I'll try to update more this week. I'm in Dallas three days and Tulsa one day, so we'll try to get something in. We don't have internet yet at the house, and we still can't change the channel in the living room. of these days! In the meantime--DVR is great!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

One Crazy Week

Well, I know it's been a long time since my last post. And, boy, do I have a lot of updating to do!

As you know, we shut our internet off at our house last Friday (June 24th), so it's been hard to do any updating! But, we got moved in that night, and finished cleaning out the old house on Sunday. The new house came together so easily. Of course, I still have many small projects on the brain, but all-in-all, it feels like home! Even Max is getting used to it. I don't know if he's just worn out with all the moving, or if all the windows make him happy but he is a much nicer cat lately...he even lets visitors pet him, which is strange all around!

Last Monday morning I awoke very early for my flight to Las Vegas for work. Now, I'm sure you're thinking like John was "Vegas for work? That's a rough life". But, honestly, I was in conferences the whole time. We went out on Monday night with many fellow coworkers from across the country, but that was about it. Even then, we got to the restaurant too late and had to settle for another place to eat! Just remember...Vegas is Vegas, but is it really Vegas like you want it when you're with your boss the whole time?

However, I did have the most amazing hotel room ever. We stayed at the brand new Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, and it was amazing. I do have pictures of the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall view of the strip from my room, the plasma screen TV in both the room and the bathroom, and the GIANT tub I soaked in while feeling very rich. I will post soon. If you can afford it, I highly reccommend the Wynn for your Vegas stay.

Also, my digital camera broke while I was in Vegas, so that was a bummer. And, we had bad weather the entire way home, so I thought I was dying on the plane....

BUT, I did have the rest of the week off to set up the house! I got so much done, thanks to my sister's help and Melissa's help. Also, I decided to do it--I painted the OU office. Just two walls red, but I really like it and can't wait to get a desk in there and really put that room together. We also painted some bookshelves and a TV stand, and WE are THROUGH with just looked to fun and easy on Trading Spaces!

And my last update has to do with my ongoing battle with technology. We went with SBC/Yahoo!/Dish Network instead of Cox b/c Cox was being incredibly unreasonable (expecting us to live without phone, internet, CABLE for 2 months!). This was a mistake. Let's just say Dish Network came out, installed our dish, and we now have to walk into the master bedroom to change the channel in the living room. Not kidding. When we called to request they come help straighten it out, they wanted to charge us $99. So, despite my overwhelming initial joy at being free of the evil Cox Communications, we are going back with them. We're, of course, keeping the satellite until then, but then we are going back. Sigh...there has to be something better out there, and I will find it!

That's the short and sweet for now. Back to my 161 e-mails from last week I'm trying to wade through at work!