Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a few pics

Here are a few pics my dad has captured from Sunday's adventures. By the way, we're staying at his home in Kailua, where he's living for an undetermined amount of time while on contract with his job. It's about 5 minute walk from the beach...fabulous.
I've been EXHAUSTED in the evenings, downloading pics to the computer off the camera doesn't appeal to me, let alone blogging anything. You know those people who go on vacation and end up going on adventures and hiking and working out until their muscles are sore and you think "they're crazy, just lay on the beach already and relax".
Well, welcome to Crazyland. Really, no rest at all. Yesterday I climbed up and down the side of a cliff. A CLIFF. UP A CLIFF.

Combine that with snorkeling and other hikes, beach hopping and "Lost" sightings...well, it's been nuts. My fellow "Lost" lovers I discovered the motherload yesterday. Let's just say I could have knocked on Sawyer's door I was so close. Unfortunately, no one was home...

John golfed today and we have about 100 pics of that. Which was great, but it required me wearing make-up and something other than my swimsuit which I haven't done for 2 days. I'm loving this! We're on our way out the door to find Dog the Bounty Hunter and dinner in Honolulu. I've had to promise John at least half a day laying on Kailua Beach before we leave, though all I really want to do is keep snorkeling.
Already dreading the day we have to go home...

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