Thursday, June 29, 2006

Quick Recap

Well, for a brief moment in time I am sitting at my desk. I've been away from the office since last Monday. I had over 200 e-mails come in while I was gone. You can imagine my stress level as I tried to answer them all today! I finally just decided it's going to take a while and I gave myself a few days to accomplish that. To top it off, I'll be in Dallas all day tomorrow so, alas, no time to answer any more e-mails until Monday! :)

I had a great vacation! I took pictures with my regular, fabulous 35-mm camera instead of digital, so it will be a few days until I have those on CD's to post pictures of. But I'll get there. Guess I should start from the beginning...some awesome things have happened!

I will share more when I am allowed to (still hush-hush at this point) but I have been given an awesome opportunity with my job. I wasn't even expecting it, but it's big. And with that comes a lot of awesome benefits as far as experience, responsibilities, exposure, and even salary. I can't wait to tell more....for now just know that I'm pretty excited about my job, and thankful for all the frustrations I've put up with at work because it's paid off big time!

I am just a regional jet setter lately. Last week I went to Dallas, Austin, Springfield and St. Louis! I don't know how I kept track of where all I was, but it was fun. I spent Friday through yesterday (Wednesday) with my mom, aunt and sister on vacation. Part of the time we visited with my grandparents in Springfield, then we headed up to St. Louis for a few days. In addition to the ample amounts of shopping we did (haven't checked my account for how much damage I really did...good thing I haven't taken Financial Peace University yet!!!!), we experienced a lot of St. Louis culture.

In St Louis, they have this beautiful park in the middle of the city that has a science center, art museum, planetarium, and a giant amitheatre they call "The Muny". We have seen several shows at the Muny over the years, and they are fantastic. This year we saw "Aida", which is a beautiful musical by Elton John and Tim Rice. And the weather was perfect--jacket weather on a June evening, can you believe it?!

We also got to visit the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. They are having a special exhbit there of Chihuly pieces. If you've seen the huge yellow glass chandelier/art sculpture at the Oklahoma City Art Museum--that is by Chihuly. There were these beautiful brightly-colored glass sculptures all over the gardens, and it was so much fun to visit.

And, of course, we went to a Cardinals game. First one I've been to in person where the Cardinals lost. It was neat to go this year, because it is the inaugural season in their new Busch Stadium. It's an awesome stadium, and I'm still a Cardinals fan even though that was their 8th loss in a row!

Like I said, we did a lot of shopping, and a lot of eating. It was nice to get away with the family (though I really missed John!) and to forget about the real world for a while. I'll post pictures soon!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Love of My Late Night TV Life

I love Stephen Colbert. It's true. If you don't know who he is, check out Comedy Central (ch. 56 in OKC) on weeknights at 10:30 p.m. for his TV show, "The Colbert Report". You must appreciate satire, appreciate sarcasm, and appreciate politics to really understand it. Sometimes I have to ask, "is he really conservative, right-winged, or is he making fun of them?"

The answer is--both. Just as John Stewart does as a left-wing, liberal in "The Daily Show" right before Colbert at 10:00 p.m. I love that show, too.

Stephen Colbert recently gave the commencement speech at Knox College. My favorite quote from the speech:

"I have two last pieces of advice. First, being pre-approved for a credit card does not mean you have to apply for it. And lastly, the best career advice I can give you is to get your own TV show. It pays well, the hours are good, and you are famous. And eventually some very nice people will give you a doctorate in fine arts for doing jack squat."

If you'd like to read the whole speech (which might not make a lot of sense unless you've seen Stephen, know his voice, and his mannerisms), check it out at:

And P.S.--I don't know how they do it, but the staff over at "The Daily Show" find the absolute funniest clips of President Bush. I'm not saying I agree with the way they spin them, but it's laugh-out-loud funny most of the time!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

If you can't stand the heat...

I had such a fun day yesterday. We went to Tulsa to assist with a client manager rally. The client was providing the afternoon snack (go figure!) for all 500 managers, and we ended up getting to help prepare the food! We went to pick it up for delivery, the store was running behind, so we stepped in and helped prepare.

Now, I know this doesn't make a lot of sense to people. But I love it when we get to work in the kitchen. I'm sure if I had to do it everyday I would get tired of it, just like with any job. But it is a lot of fun to be back there preparing the food. There are so many things going on, and everything is so fast paced. This was only the fourth time I've actually prepared food, and every time I love it! I've made burritos, quarter-pounders, fries, and double cheeseburgers. Actually, I'm really terrible at the fry station. It's very hot and you have to be very's a good training ground for eye-hand coordination!

I guess I should have prefaced all of this with reminding people about what I do. I work for an advertising agency, and we handle a major restaurant franchise in Oklahoma. So, I'm working daily with around 175 restaurants. Getting into the store, meeting the managers, learning how all the items are prepared--it's so fun. After all, I wouldn't have a job if this restaurant didn't sell hamburgers, so it's a good thing for me to learn about! Back to basics, I guess.

Is anyone else having issues with allergies and sinuses? I've had a HORRIBLE sinus headache for the last two days. I felt terrible last night.

I have a new gym buddy. Robin has been taking several classes with me, and meeting me to work out for a few weeks now. I tortured her with the Circuit class, and she has now repaid the favor. We have been taking spinning (cycling) classes. OMG--I feel like my legs are on fire. I don't know how those people do it. They stand, climb, simulate jumps, and they don't stop pedaling for 45 minutes straight! Seriously, what is wrong with them?

We're going again tonight....we'll see how long I last. My record is 20 minutes!

This Saturday, I got sucked into having a Pampered Chef party at my house. Although, I did pick some fun, tasty and easy items that she's going to make so at least the food will be good! If you'd like to come, it's Saturday at 3:00. Kids welcome because there will be ice cream!

It may be a while between posts for the next few weeks. Starting tomorrow, I'm pretty much out of the office until July 3rd. Lots of exciting things--vacation to St. Louis, business trips to Dallas (twice) and Austin, and then a little thing in the middle of that called our anniversary! I'll blog more about that as it gets closer. Have a great week.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jason Knapp, DDS

We went to Norman this weekend to see our friend, Jason, graduate from dental school. Jason and Kristen are great friends, but more importantly he has been John's dentist for the past year. John's kind of been his guinea pig and he's done a lot of things to make John's smile perfect. And now, all that work is legitimate! He's Dr. Knapp now. And if I could spell all the awards he received this weekend, I would list them. He received 8 awards for his awesome work. There were only about 35 people in his class, so those awards were big deals! Anyway, we are proud of him and happy for Kristen to have her husband back.

Congratulations, Jason!


Isn't it beautiful! I can't believe I kept a plant alive for a whole year!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Redhawks Game

We haven't posted a picture on this blog in a long time. This is not exactly the picture I'd hoped for! I look very white....I am very white, but I look even paler in this picture. Argh! Plus, my arm looks a little squishy--I'm much buffer than I look. Especially since I joined the gym.

Anyway--John and I went to a Redhawks game last night. It was packed--about 12,000 people. And not kidding, we knew almost everyone in the park. Everytime we turned around we ran into people we knew! Then, Easton and Mason and I went to the park at the stadium and they taught me how to throw a baseball. Ok, it was a soft-sided extra large ball, but I did put a glove on for the first time. They had fun watching me try to catch the ball with the glove....

It's been a crazy week. We helped my friend Melissa move most of this week. I introduced Robin to the gym--and about got us both killed in one of the classes on Tuesday! This weekend we have a graduation to attend, then I don't plan on doing much of anything else.