Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day One, 4/12

Well, I'm finally home from my cross-country travels, and now have a nice connection to work with to post. Little by little I'm updating, by day, our amazing vacation!

Don't feel obligated to read it all. Like I said, it's more for my memory later! And helps me recover from "vacation depression".
Day 1, Saturday 4/12

We arrived in Honolulu on time and without incident on Saturday. Dad picked us up at the airport with the traditional Hawaiian lei’s, starting the experience off right! We were tired from the long flight (6 ½ hours from Phoenix) but happy to be there. I couldn’t wait to get to the apartment and switch my jeans for shorts.

But first—we had to stop and get food. We were STARVING! Dad took us to a local franchise called Teddy’s Big Burgers and it more than hit the spot. We were thinking about Teddy’s burgers and fries for the rest of the week.

On the drive from the airport to Dad’s home (and Teddy’s) in Kailua, we marveled at how green everything was, and the incredible fluted cliffs along the drive. We knew we were in for a great week.

After lunch we picked up snorkeling gear for the week. I even got a wetsuit, as the water would prove cold during long stints. A quick change of clothes, we were ready to hit the beach. We headed to the closest beach, Kailua Beach, which quickly became a scenic favorite. We walked in the ocean on the powder-soft white sand and realized we could get used to this view!

Afterwards we drove over to Pali Point overlook. It was beautiful, but incredibly windy. I wasn’t prepared in my bathing suit shorts, t-shirt and flip flops! All the pictures from this stop include blowing hair and frozen faces….literally!

We finished the long, exhausting day with a trip to Wal-Mart for reef shoes, which would come to be the best investment we made all week. We crashed and burned after forcing ourselves to stay up until 8:30 (1:30a OK time).

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