Monday, March 31, 2008

Night of the Twister

This past weekend, John traveled to Alabama for a good ol' fashioned family road trip to his cousin's wedding. I stayed here to hold down the fort and, you know, work. Someone around here has to bring in the big bucks.

Anyway, I figured I would have the house to myself and have a weekend full of awesome sleep with a big bed all to myself. Surprisingly, I didn't sleep very well. I don't sleep well on business trips, but I figured it was because I was away from home and in a hotel.

So, I didn't sleep very well and was looking forward to John getting home for a good night's rest.


Got to bed around 11:00, woke abruptly at 1:30 am to the sound of hail on the window. Not long after that, it was the horrifying sounds of howling winds. We were watching our trusty meteorologist and then we got the call. Thank goodness Nathan called to tell us to "Switch to Gary, there's a tornado"!

Sure enough, while switching to Gary on channel 9, the howling winds and hail and rain stopped. Eerie silence outside our window. In Oklahoma, that's a VERY BAD SIGN. 2 pairs of tennis shoes, 1 cat carrier, a few pillows and closed closet door later we were hunkered down and ready to fight the storm.

Ended up it missed us. By LESS THAN A MILE. The tornado went right over us and hit LESS THAN A MILE from our house. Isn't that crazy?

So much for a good night's sleep...

It's not even April, and severe weather season has begun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Sugar Added John

I have to brag on John here for a minute. Remember how I told you he gave up sweets as his New Year's resolution? We agreed he'd give up all sweets, except sweetener in his coffee or other beverages, jams/syrups/condiments, and natural sweets like fruits.

Well, he still hasn't had chocolate or cake or cookies or anything since January 1st!! Can you believe it? Almost 4 months now...I'm really proud of him.

It helps him to stay strong when he has nights at Weigh Watchers like he did last night: he lost 3.2 pounds last week for a total weight loss of just over 20 pounds since January 1st.

He looks so good! And feels good, too. Anyway...I'm proud of him. Especially since I know I could never do it...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture Day!!

In case you couldn't tell, I downloaded photos off the camera for the first time in a while. Here are some random photos to share with you, from March Madness parties to meals we've eaten and consumed in the Anderson hosuehold, to the star of our household--Faith.

Early Loot

Growing up, my grandparents and aunt would come to our house twice a year: Christmas and Spring Break. Since my sister's birthday is in March and mine is in April, they would use Spring Break as an excuse to come see us and give us all our presents. For me it was like having 2 birthdays each year!
The past couple of years, there have been illnesses and falls and just plain busy schedules that have kept them from making it over Spring Break. We missed them a lot this year, because we thought they were going to make it up until the very last minute. But my mom went to visit them for a few days and brought our presents home so we didn't miss out.
My aunt does such a great job of picking stuff out. These are pictures of my "early loot" and the perfect dress I received from the White House/Black Market store which has become one of my favorite places to shop with my aunt. Perfect timing for Hawaii and Alaska! Seriously, it's the perfect dress.
Oh, and a pic of Julia blowing out her candles since, after all, it is HER birthday!


You may remember our family dog, Simba, died in December. We got him when he was just a puppy and I was in 8th grade. He was such a good friend and one of those dogs you'll never forget.

My mom has been so sad since he died, and finally felt ready to search for a new dog. She loved Simba's demeanor and his personality, so she decided to look for another Scottish Terrier mix.

She came across one on OK Save a Dog that looked just right. So several weeks ago, Mom, Julia, Bill and I loaded up and headed to Prague, OK to see her in person.

She came home with us that afternoon.

She was very timid and shy at first, but she's perked up quite a bit. She doesn't bark very much, she's very sweet, and loves to give kisses. She looks a lot like Simba, but is a little chunkier than he was!

Mom named her Nala, after Simba's best friend in "The Lion King". And she got her the week before Halle Berry's baby was even born, so I promise she didn't steal the name from her.
Anyway, we're glad to have a new dog in the family!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Fellow Bloggers

Couple of blogging links and plugs. You may have noticed a few additions to my links section. Or maybe you didn't, which is why I'm calling them out here!

My sister is back in action, blogging at Anthropology by Julia.

Nathan has started his own blog at Nateorology, it's all about weather. And who doesn't love weather? Everyone should visit and leave comments to pressure him into blogging more often. It's not like he's busy or anything...

From my other blog, I have a link to A Heart for Adoption and I'm just excited because they brought their little boy home last week! No, I don't know them. But I've followed their story and it's fun to see it all work out.

It's official, I can take Boz Blog out of my Bloglines and publicly link them because I know they read my blog! I've been reading them since they started, by the way. There's a treehouse project they've been working on that makes me want to play in their backyard!

If you'd like me to add you to my links, just let me know!

It's Madness

I'll be honest and tell you that when it comes to the argument about having a playoff in college football versus the current BCS formula, I'm not exactly a fan of the playoff idea. I know, you probably want to revoke my card-carrying membership of the College Football Fan Club. But I'm not convinced. Probably because the current system has served my beloved Sooners well over the last few years, allowing them 4 appearances in BCS games and 4 consecutive embarrassing losses. But hey, at least we got there!

Boomer Sooner!

So, anyway, I'm not convinced a playoff is the answer. Until this time of year during March Madness when I think sports cannot get any better than this! I love it, rooting for teams you've never heard of. Every second counts. Even the little guy can get to the top. Plus there are the parties. And we've already had a lot of parties to celebrate March Madness. Easter? Who needs Easter, we have basketball!!

Anyway, I love it and I wish football had something like this. The current bowl season is not nearly as exciting. No one cares unless it's the national championship or if your own team is playing.

All this talk about basketball makes me sooooooo ready for football season. Especially since I'm in last place in our friendly bracket competition.

And yet, I still have 7 of my Elite 8 teams still in the mix. Stupid Duke.


I hate March Madness.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celebrating Easter with iTunes

This was on my e-mail today from iTunes:

Songs for Easter
With one of the most sacred Christian celebrations coming up this weekend, there's no better time to add to your music collection some fresh songs of praise and worship. Our hand-picked 45-song mix includes something for everyone, from Dove Award-winning singles to gospel classics to CCM rock tracks.

That's right, folks. There really is no better way to celebrate Christ's resurrection than a $45 "mix-tape" of worship songs.

Now, I love iTunes and my iPod like no other. In fact I just bought several songs the other day to add to my "Christian music" playlist. But let's be honest--we really need a WWJD bracelet and a couple Jesus action figures thrown in this deal. Otherwise, it's just a rip-off.


This is an actual meal prepared and consumed in the Anderson household.
I'll give you a few minutes to pick yourself up off the floor before I tell you there have been TWO times in the last month where zucchini was prepared and consumed in our household. And yellow squash.
We are growing up!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

I watched the movie Gone Baby Gone last night because, really, who doesn't love an Affleck? And Casey Affleck was in the Ocean's movies and that right there makes him awesome. Although, add Ben Affleck to another thing on my list that I don't "get". As in, I don't "get" why people think he's hot. Funny, yes. Hot....not so much.

Anyway, Gone Baby Gone was one of those movies about "what's popular is not always right, what's right is not always popular" and I really just hate that. By the end of the movie my stomach was aching because it did not have a Hollywood ending. It didn't work out the way that it should have. And while it was intense and awesome getting to the end, it did not end the way I wanted.

Moral of the story: the law is not really the same thing as justice. And I'm really more of a justice kind of girl.

Watch it, but be prepared for an ending that will make you angry, a neighborhood full of people that will make you sick, and a Bostonian overuse of the f-word.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter Peep Show

I couldn't not post this....hilarious!! You'll never look at your Peeps the same again!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Shorts and Suits

You will all be glad to know the Search for Shorts 2008 has commenced, and I happily have 4 perfect pairs in my closet. Though I'm thinking of taking one of them back. Thanks Old Navy!

Quite possibly the Search for Bathing Suit 2008 may commence this evening. I tried on about a hundred and after I swallowed the vomit that arose in my throat after each viewing in the mirror, I found one I felt comfortable in.

It's a tank top (straight tank top with spaghetti straps that covers my belly AND my sistahs aren't hanging out for all the world to see) and the bottoms are a pair of shorts (not bathing suit boyshorts but actual shorts) with the bottom built right in. So I wouldn't even have to wear shorts over them because they ARE shorts. And I won't have to buy a bottom piece because it's built right in! It's really a genius creation in my book.

Say what you will...Melissa says I'm a "waste of a body" to be all covered up like that, but the fact remains between all the meds I was on last year, and the fact my fertility doc told me to gain a little weight, and my constant craving for cheeseburgers and chocolate cake, I have put on an official 15 pounds since last April. I'm incredibly uncomfortable in my clothes and with the way I look, and I plan to do something about it eventually. But the important thing is to find a bathing suit I am comfortable in. Because the last thing I want to do is be adjusting my top while snorkeling.

As long as my sizes are still at Kohl's when I go back tonight, I will be done with my bathing suit search. I decided to only buy one because they are SO expensive, and I don't want to pay for an extra suit that will only be worn a few times. Plus, Dad has a washer and dryer if I need it while I'm out there.

I seriously cannot wait until we go. I want to get away and soak up some sun and see the ocean and be active. Now that I've found the bathing suit, I'm so much more excited about going!

Dreaming of Hawaii right now on this really dark and dismal day...


Friday, March 14, 2008

Naming Rights

Two posts in one afternoon, I know. But I thought this was funny and I don't want to forget to do it. Thanks, Emily, for passing along.

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME (first pet/current car): Mischief Altima

2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME (fave ice cream flavor/ favorite type of shoe): Chocolate Thong (it sounded better than cookies and cream flip flop)

3. YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN NAME (favorite color/favorite animal): Red Cat

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME (middle name/city where you were born): Rhea Edmond

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first 3 letters of your last name/ first 2 of your first name): Andje (that sounds good!)

6. SUPERHERO NAME (2nd favorite color/ favorite drink): Pink Tea

7. NASCAR NAME (the first names of your grandfathers): Lowell Paul

8. STRIPPER NAME ( the name of your favorite perfume,cologne or scent/favorite candy): Rose Kisses

9. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME (your 5th grade teacher’s last name/ a major city that starts with the same letter): Collier Colombus

10. SPY NAME: (your favorite season/favorite holiday): Winter Christmas

11. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit/ article of clothing you’re wearing right now): Strawberry Jacket

12. HIPPIE NAME: (What you ate for breakfast/your favorite tree): Pop Tart Maple



People like lists. Apparently random lists on your blog get lots of reads. So, in an effort to celebrate Friday I'm posting several lists. Enjoy...maybe post your own!

Things I like to eat ketchup on:
--grilled cheese sandwiches
--hot dogs
--scrambled eggs

My favorite cookies:
--City Bites chocolate chip
--City Bites peanut butter swirl
--Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip
--Oreo's soaked in milk (or soaked in chocolate from a chocolate fountain)
--Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing from the deli in my office building

Things that taste better soggy:
--Rice Krispies
--Cinnamon Toast Crunch
--French fries
--strawberries after they're soaked in sugar and become soup-like

Reality shows I'd like to be on (even though I don't "get" reality shows):
--House Hunters
--The Hills
--The Real World (still can't believe I'm too old)
--What Not to Wear (free $5,000 bucks!)
--Gene Simmons Family Jewels (that guy is funny)

Favorite Starbucks drinks:
--nonfat, no whip mocha
--full fat, with whip hot chocolate
--double chocolate chip blended creme
--chai tea latte
--iced passion tea

Favorite phrases:
--whatever or whatev
--any combination of awesome, sweet, so cool, rockin'
--don't hate
--shut your mouth

Ridiculous things I believe:
--I hate everything in my closet
--Splenda will kill you (it's like drinking cholrine)
--If there are babies on your plane it won't crash
--someone could put cameras in my house and a live feed on the internet of my every move
--Kansas has a grudge against me (the state, not the band)

Things I miss:
--seeing my grandparents (they're not far away, I just miss them)
--my dog, Simba
--OU winning a BCS game
--skipping class for a Classic 50's Happy Hour run
--the ability to stay up late

Favorite things of the past week:
--Lunch with Emily
--Visit with the Parker's
--Coffee with Shanna and Aubrey
--Dinner with Liz and Brooke
--Barnes and Noble with John

My plans for the weekend:
--watch Lost
--play outside
--shop with Melissa for shorts and bathing suit for Hawaii (she'll be brutally honest with me, and I won't feel stupid showing her the suits I try on. It's refreshing to stand in front of someone and have them say "your cellulite is bad, your skin is pasty, your gut is out of control....try this one.)
--go to church (hey, maybe even Sunday promises!)


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Relationships can be a real pain in the butt. Literally.

Well, I'm jumping on board the bandwagon and talking about Eliot Spitzer. Actually, mostly his wife. Who, unlike some people, I really admire.

Remember when I talked about how much I loved politics in college? Well, I did and I used to understand it and follow it a lot more than I do now. I hate to admit it, but I didn't know who Eliot Spitzer was until two days ago. I'll go ahead and 'fess up that the only governor's I know off the top of my head are Oklahoma's and California's.

Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is that I'm not going to sit here and judge Mr. Spitzer because I don't know anything about him. Not to mention, there has not been anything released at this point with specific, concrete details.

But I watched him give his public statements the last few days, and found myself admiring his wife, Silda, as she stood behind him.

There has been a lot of public scrutiny about her decision to stand next to him publicly. How can she do it? Why would she do it? And a lot of people saying "I'd never do it".

But I think everyone needs to take a step back and think about what it takes to live a public life. The life as a high-powered, fast-moving career politician is much, much harder than any of us could imagine. You can say it's a choice and it is. But it's so much more complicated than that.

There is a lot of speculation that many marriages are "power marriages". Partnerships entered into with the sole reason being getting to the top. I don't doubt it. Power can be intoxicating. These marriages are often entered into based on respect, maybe even a little love. Ultimately though, they have a shared goal of power. It's the perfect set-up for infidelity, which can even be considered a "normal" part of marriage.

Obviously I don't know the Spitzers. Whether or not they are in a "power marriage" we can't know. But I admire Silda for standing up next to her husband as he revealed these devastating things.

What would we think if she hadn't been there? We'd all be speculating, wondering what she's doing. Is she too devastated to show her face?

I can't say that I would be that strong. That I would stand in front of millions of people as my husband said he acted inappropriately. Knowing he had PAID for SEX. Paid good money for sex. Knowing I had three daughters at home who would deal with this shame for the rest of their lives. And knowing that a man I'd given years of my life, given up a successful career for, shared my secrets and my body and my future with was standing there watching his life go down in ruins.

At the same time, I think there is this idea out there that marriage is "through good times and bad" only when it's not SO bad. These are bad times, and Silda has every right to walk away from her husband to salvage what's left of her dignity and her children's future. No one would blame her. But it takes a MUCH stronger person to do what she did. I ADMIRE her for not walking away when the going got tough. She's incredibly strong for standing up, showing her face, and telling the world that this won't break her. That her family is her top priority.

I remember feeling the same way when Dina McGreevey stood with her husband, former New Jersey governor, when he announced he was gay and had been having an affair with his male aide. Thinking "how can she stand there as her world is falling around her"?

It's easy for all of us to say "I wouldn't put up with a spouse who did that, I'd be gone in 1.8 seconds". But we're not the ones who's families are falling apart. It's much more complicated than we can imagine and I hope none of you have to deal with that, ever. Imagine being Silda Spitzer and having to watch your family fall apart and your husband shame himself in front of millions of people. Imagine having to explain to your children in the YouTube generation what happened.

I don't know...I don't imagine she'll stay with him and I hope she doesn't. Not only did he commit a crime, but he broke up a family. And I think consequences are in order in mass. However, my respect for her is tremendous. You don't vow your life to someone and give life to others with that someone and then not fight for it. You don't just stop loving someone when they hurt you. I mean, I realize it's a BIG hurt....but that doesn't mean she'll ever stop loving him

I hope the rest of their battle is very private.

In other news, Kansas wins the prize for best bizarre story of the day. Thanks to my mother-in-law for sending me "Woman Sits on Boyfriend's Toilet for 2 Years".

How did it start? Was it an argument about putting the toilet seat down? Was she making a point, being spiteful?

The best part is that her boyfriend brought her food and water for two years as she sat on the toilet. 2 years later, when her skin began to grow into the toilet seat, he finally figured something was wrong and called the authorities. And when they found her...her sweat pants were still on her mid-thigh.

My question: was there a TV in there? What did she do for two years on the toilet? Did she at least have a People magazine subscription?

My mind is abuzz with curiosity!


Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Adoptive" Family

I don't know if this is just a CofC thing, or if many different church congregations do this. But when I was in college, the church I attended had a college "adoptive family" program. They matched college students with families in the congregation to help the students have someone to connect with (especially if they were far from home), a place to do laundry, people to cook dinner for them, families to connect with. I know many benefited from such an experience.

But I don't know anyone who had such an awesome experience as I did.

When I was in my junior year I was "matched" with the Parker family. I remember that first Sunday we met, they took me to Golden Corral for lunch after church. I met Tony and Robin, and tried to keep track of the names of their four kids: Nick, Kate, Josie, and Carlie.

I figured it would be just an every-now-and-then kind of thing, lunch on designated days and a few notes of encouragement. Boy, was I wrong.

I wish everyone had the chance to know the entire family, and if she met you, Robin would make sure you did. She called and invited me to their house not long after that first lunch. I drove the short drive to Noble, Oklahoma and pulled onto the Parker "compound". Little did I know I would soon consider this my own home-away-from-home.

When I met the Parker's, I was dating someone else at the time. He did not click with the family, but they liked me anyway and kept inviting me out. I went to the kids' birthday parties and fourth of July parties and just lazy Sunday afternoons. Before long, Mr. Wrong was out and John was back in my life (this time for good).

John was EXACTLY their kind of people. You all know him...he's charismatic and funny and uninhibited. He's easily amazed and entertained by simple things. The fact that Tony had hundreds of acres and hundreds of guns to use fascinated John like a little kid in a candy shop. Tony and Nick would take John out on the land and taught him how to shoot lots of things. They also had four-wheelers and a boat and chainsaws. While I was still in college they acquired a firetruck and fixed up old trucks. We had bonfires, John turned their front yard into a driving range and showed Nick how to hit golf balls. You can imagine...John lived a dream every time he was out there. Visiting was not a two-hour trip. It was an all-day, well-into-the-night kind of ordeal.

I was equally as blessed to spend time with Robin and the girls. Although Josie was often off with the boys, I came to know and love these ladies with all my heart. I'm telling you, they were as close to family as my own. Kate and I spent time shopping and talking, Carlie was my "bestest friend in the whole world", I shared with Josie the best ways to tease John. Robin cooked for us (and tried to teach me how), she laughed with us, told us stories of their early marriage, and treated us like part of their family. I admire Robin as a friend and mentor and will always be thankful for her influence in my life, and our marriage.

Each of the kids were involved in our wedding, and that really became one of the last times we spent together. Not long after we married, we decided to go to church closer to our new home in Edmond. As you can imagine, our life got busy, the Parker's began experiencing the teenage years and the hectic lives of four growing kids. Tony joined the city council, bought a second business, and Robin began changing the face of Noble. We lost touch except for Christmas cards. Not intentionally...just "got busy".

Last week I went looking for a compact purse to take to the Michael Buble concert. I found one in the closet and went to switch out the contents. Inside the purse I found a notecard from each member of the Parker family. They'd given me the purse for my birthday one year, and each wrote their favorite memory on the notecards inside.

My favorite was one from Nick, where he told me his favorite memory with me was when we watched "Undercover Brother". I wanted to curl up and die right there thinking I'd subjected CHILDREN to that movie at one time! But it also made me pick up the phone the next day and call Robin.

We finally touched base yesterday morning, and before we knew it John and I were once again on the road to Noble. I swear to you, even after three years away it was like we'd never left. No awkward conversation, no "getting to know you". It was like we'd been there the day before.

10 minutes into arriving, John was holding a baby alligator and listening to Nick talk about how he was learning to hunt with a Redtailed Hawk. While Robin, Carlie and I prepared to go to Kate's soccer game (I know, eating the very words I posted yesterday morning), Nick and John headed out on the four-wheelers to go hunting. John shot things and felt very cool. We missed Josie who was out with friends, but by the end of the night Carlie was holding my hand and telling me I was her bestest friend in the world. Tony came home and caught up with John. We all ate dinner together at the house, looked at vacation pics, then John and I finally headed home after 11.

I am so, so thankful for this amazing family and our relationship with them. They were a blessing to us for so long, and we've vowed not to let it go that long before we head that way again. They're going to come visit us one day, as well, and play a little Rock Band and Wii. It's not shooting off the 50-caliber rifles or riding four-wheelers or roasting hot dogs...but I guess we'll get by!

I hope you guys had a great experience with a college adopted family. I know it's another relationship from Norman that will last us a lifetime!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Things I don't "get"

Emily, this one is for you.

Things I don't "get":

1) People who run: I don't "get" people who run for fun. The only situations in which I would "run" is if I were escaping an attacker, or the Girl Scouts were packing up their cookie sales in front of Wal-Mart and I needed more Thin Mints. That's it. Running is not fun, people. Quit pretending.

2) Soccer: I don't get soccer. Oh, I mean, I get the game. You run back and forth across the field and the goalies pick clovers until the ball comes to them. What I don't get is people who enjoy it so much they want their kids to play. And then they let their kids play and get stuck spending 5 days a week at practice and all day Saturday starting at 6 a.m. I don't "get" that. And don't tell me "you'll put your kids in soccer, it's an Edmond thing to do". Because I won', basketball, gymnastics, lacrosse, even baseball. But mark my words: no soccer.

3) People who enjoy exercise in general: I am obviously not a fit person, but from time to time I will do a walking program or join a gym or try some pilates. I've considered joining a local class-only gym and taking some pole dancing classes. So, hey, I know there are times out there that people like to feel fit. Like 6 weeks before they go to Hawaii. However, how in the H people enjoy exercise is beyond me. People, it's not fun. Really, it's not. And for those of you who enjoy spin class or step class? May God have mercy on your soul for participating in what can only be described as pure, satanic torture.

4) Reality TV: You could argue and say I partake in reality TV, like The Hills and Laguna Beach and The Real World (old seasons, I can't watch the newer stuff anymore). But let's be honest...that's not reality. And, ok, I'll give you Jon and Kate but it's like watching a freakshow you can't take your eyes off of (I love you, Jon and Kate!). But other than that, I don't get reality TV. I don't get Dancing with the Stars, and I really don't get Big Brother. Or Survivor. I can honestly say I've never watched Survivor. I don't get it.

Fine--I'll give you ANTM marathons, but it's more about the marathon format than it is the actual show. Give me anything in marathon form and I'll watch it, really.

5) Golf: I do not understand what in the world is great about golf, what it interesting or relaxing. John often comes home more stressed after playing than he was before he left, griping about a bad hole or poor putting. I can't think of anything more boring than golf.

6) Oh WAIT! Yes, I can! NASCAR. What is the appeal of NASCAR? They are cars that drive in a circle for HOURS. That's it, y'all...driving in a circle. And considering a large number of their fans are the type of people who decorate their wedding with beer can centerpieces...well, I don't get that type either.

7) Skinny jeans on guys: I'll say it again. Because I'm seeing it more and more, and I do NOT "get" why guys would want to wear skinny jeans.

8) Fruity desserts: Why would you spend $5 at a restaurant for an apple crisp or berry parfait, when you could spend that $5 on the double fudge cake. Or a big ol' brownie? I like fruit as much as the next person, but DESSERT = chocolate. It's as simple an equation as that.

9) Jessica Alba: I think I've made my feelings quite clear on this subject. I don't get the appeal. She is in EVERY. SINGLE. ISSUE. of my People magazine. Every one. She's famous for being pregnant, I guess. But I don't get it.

10) Tanning: probably because I, well, don't. Tan that is. I don't tan (literally, my skin doesn't tan). Therefore, I don't "get" tanning. Especially those who tan in the middle of winter. It's been snowing and 24-degrees for 3 weeks and Suzy Tansalot is walking around Target looking like she got lost at sea for 3 months with no sunscreen. I don't get why you'd want to be tan in the winter. I guess I can understand summertime....but I also am looking forward to having no wrinkles or skin cancer later in life. Being pale HAS to pay off sometime.

And that's all I have for you today, though my list goes on. Please understand any views reflected in this post are my own. It does not mean I don't like you for partaking in something I don't "get" just letting you know my own thoughts. Please don't take offense, as I probably would enjoy your reasoning for "getting" it. That is my disclaimer. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Michael Buble

The concert was amazing last night! A great Christmas present, indeed. Michael was so funny and engaging...just as much fun to listen to him talk and banter with the audience and his band as it was to hear him sing. If you get a chance to see him, he's worth every penny. Pretty sure we sang YMCA and heard a strange story about a band member that left a "lucrative career in soft porn". Guess you had to be there. Thanks, Julia not only for taking me to the concert but for introducing me to Michael Buble in the first place!

Can you tell we're related?

Yes, apparently Michael is a Sooner fan!

Close up...

Another close-up

Michael "playing" the trombone while the trombone player "sings".


Monday, March 03, 2008

Will Ferrell, muscle relaxers, and J-Lo's babies

It is so much better to go into a movie with low expectations. John and I have been anticipating the release of Semi-Pro for a long time, but we were disappointed to find out it had such bad reviews.

Which turned out to be great for us. We decided to catch a matinee (less money spent if it was that bad and fewer texting teenagers). I should have known better because I had to go home before doing anything else to clean up all the mascara that had run due to tears of laughter.

It doesn't take much to entertain us, really. Ok, well it doesn't take much for John. And we really, really love Will Ferrell. We might be the only people in the world who love Blades of Glory. Anyway, despite an overuse of the f-word, it was HILARIOUS. You have to go into a Will Ferrell movie prepared to laugh at the giant mess he is. Think SNL...he is all about SNL.

His character in Semi-Pro reminds me a lot of his character in Talladegah Nights. Very "all-about-me, I'm so sexy". Which makes it funny because he's so not sexy! Get it?

My all-time favorite Will Ferrell movie? Old School. Which is in my Top Ten movies of all time.

John's favorite Will Ferrell movie? A Night at the Roxbury. See, I told you it doesn't take much to entertain him.

John is currently laid up in the recliner, high on sugar-free popsicles, darvocet and muscle relaxers. I'd like to tell you he threw his back out while working in the garage and building things out of wood. But he didn't. No, he came out of that with only a splinter.

No, John threw his back out at Starbucks. I guess it happens're so overwhelmed with how awesome the coffee is, you just go crazy! No, really, I think he sat wrong or twisted wrong. Needless to say, it means time off work for a few days.

Funny how I think my back is hurting now....hhhhmmmm....

About the only things I've had a chance to catch up on these days are the latest episode of Lost (best. show. ever.) and J-Lo's baby names. Emily and I had been trying to guess for a long time what we thought the names would be. We assumed something Spanish, seeing as how J-Lo and Marc Anthony are, like, the most Spanish people in America.

We decided they names would be something like Marco and Lola. Which (Emily, I know I've overused this line a lot) I think would be perfect because then they could play "Marco Lola" in the pool as they got older. Imagine my dismay when they're named Max and fun pool games there. Which is unfortunate, since they'll have about 100 pools of their own to play in.

I think that's about all I know. I'm committed to better blogging with my new look. But nothing tomorrow because I'll be at the Michael Buble concert!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another New Look!!

THANKS Shauna!! How cute is my new blog? And over at Here's to Hope is another new awesome design, too. Totally worth the very low price I paid. She just met me, and was able to nail my personality and preferences.

She works so fast and is so nice...if you're in the neighborhood for a new look on your blog, consider investing in Shauna. Check out her site for a taste of her work. Awesome!!!