Friday, April 04, 2008


Couple of nights ago I casually mentioned to John my car was due for an oil change. Conversation happened as follows:

Me: "Hey, by the way, I noticed my car is due for an oil change."

John: "Oh, ok. When is it due?"

Me: "Oh....well...around 2,000 miles ago. Or February 25th, whatever sounds better."

John: launching into a really long yelling session about how we have nice things and how we have to take care of our nice things and how irresponsible it is to let your car go that long without an oil change....all while dropping crumbs all over the floor and putting his dirty shoes on the couch.

Needless to say, yesterday I did the responsible thing and got my oil changed. And a car wash, and they vaccummed it for me. AND gave me a free strawberry air freshener!

If you need an oil change, please go to Fast Lane (the one on Penn across from the mall is my favorite now). They are SO nice and helpful and friendly. I spent a while chatting with the owner of the place, who thanked me over and over for my business and was very nice. So go to Fast Lane and your husband can stop yelling at you!

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Elizabeth said...

You'll also be able to smell the strawberry air freshner while you're not even in the car. AND on your hair after riding in it.

Apparently, they don't skimp on the customer service or their faux-strawberries.