Friday, April 27, 2007

Online Shopping

I have to say...I'm not an online shopper. Not yet anyway, but I feel it coming because tonight I've discovered so many great online shopping sites!

I've said it before, but we'll get it out there again: I am NOT a shoe person. In fact, I have the same pair of brown sandals that I did 5 years ago, only they are scuffed up and old.

So, I visited Zappos. I'd heard about it on Susan's blog and Robin's blog. And why is it that the ONE pair of shoes I want to buy are these GORGEOUS Isaac Mizrahi's for a grand total of $298.50?

Why do the shoes gods hate me?

I'm not promising this is the end of my blogging I discover more things, I may have to let you all know.

Look at my new bag!

Thanks to Liz (blog coming soon!) I have a new favorite website. It's called Etsy. And I immediately fell in love with this bag and bought it.
I guess it's what you'd call a handmade/craft website. Creative, talented people sell their very cute items on this website....there's 1675 pages of handbags/purses along. This might become a problem!

Um, YUM...I NEED this!

I think most of you know my passion for all things cake. I love cake, especially chocolate with chocolate icing (because I love

The only thing better than cake is mini-cakes. Cupcakes, if you will.

Please visit the Sprinkles website, go to the locations page and vote for Oklahoma City to be their next location.

It's in the best interest of my health.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Missed Opportunities

It's that time of year where I get to trek downtown and pretend I'm a Future Farmer of America for a night among 10,000 kids in blue jackets. And then I leave teary-eyed and inspired and wishing I was back in high school so I could have the opportunity to join this group and be an FFA alumni forever. I want to be part of their group.

I'm not kidding....if you ever get the chance to visit the State FFA Convention, do it. They are an unbelievable group of kids that put on an unbelievable show. And last night, the President of the FFA came flying into the crowd on a rocket pack. No wires, just a rocket pack that flew him across the Cox Convention Center. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

So, now I have to wait another year to be among those whom (who?) I truly believe are "my people". They could have been my people. You know, if I'd grown up in a rural community on a farm instead of in stupid Edmond in a stupid middle class neighborhood without any stupid land to raise cattle. My parents thought they were working hard to provide me every opportunity for the future, but obviously they missed an area because I should have been exposed to farming. If I'd known how fun it would be, I would have joined FFA. Instead, I was stuck singing and dancing with life-size dolls in show choir while wearing a very unflattering white sequined dress, suntan pantyhose, and flesh-colored shoes. Gotta love that memory!

Sigh....I'm just kidding. Not really that bitter. But in all seriousness, they are really cool kids that are so smart and polite and hard-working. And despite their overwhelming preference for the education at Oklahoma State, I still like them. See....this is the fun part of my job!

In other non-farming news my book clubs (yes, more than one) should hold me accountable this month--there is NO excuse for me not to read both books. Yesterday I spent about $2,000 on plane tickets for the FOUR trips I have to make for work between now and the end of May. That's 8 days I will be spending in an airport, 5 nights in a hotel, and more flights than I can count due to all the connections (why OKC doesn't have a direct flight to Norfolk, Virginia or Charleston, West Virginia I'll never understand). There is no excuse....I should be able to read both books plus all my People magazines.

That's really all I have for now. Just when I thought things would slow down after yesterday, then I become a traveler again. Funny....I was just thinking the other day about how I haven't been anywhere lately. My friends in security at Will Rogers Airport are probably missing me!

Sidenote: my husband thinks I'm a dork for wishing I'd been in FFA, but I think he's a dork because he spent money to buy "Soul Plane" on DVD. So there.

Additional sidenote: I hope my friends don't stop hanging out with us because we're such dorks.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Birthday Money Paying Off

Yesterday was like an early Christmas for me. When I got home from work, I rifled through the mail, as I usually do. What a great day—the mailman must love me. Not only did my first official issue of “People” magazine arrive, but the Crate and Barel catalog was there, too!!!!

Then, John and I went to Lowe’s to look for grills and we found a really nice one that my birthday gift cards will cover quite nicely.

Then, we took a trip to Target. I’ve been on the lookout for picture frames for a while. Not just any picture frames—shadowbox frames to hold magazines. You see, I’ve been saving all the Sports Illustrated magazines with Oklahoma on the cover since our dance back into glory in 2000. 7 years I’ve toted those things around, looking for the perfect (affordable) frames to display those happy, happy times in my life. Dorm to apartment to house to house to house—Quentin Griffin, Tommie Harris, Josh Heupel and crew have survived the move and remained in perfect condition.

Target loved me this weekend, too. Because I found the absolute perfect frames, with crimson matting included. And the best part—they were on clearance! We also finally got a frame for the aerial view poster of Owen Field. Our office is looking better and better. John did a great job of putting them on the wall. Enjoy the photos.

After trips to THREE Targets to get all the frames I needed, we headed over to Brooke and Derek’s. And I got to hold baby Van most of the evening. Like I said—it was an early Christmas for me yesterday!

Also, thanks to my dad for his trip to IKEA in Minnesota—we now have dining room curtains. All we need now is a table to sit at…

Friday, April 20, 2007

When Parents Become Human

So, like any American that is overwhelmed and emotionally drained from the 24-hour news coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy, I was relieved to hear some new news. Something that takes the edge off the massacre, something other than psychopaths and Supreme Court rulings on abortion that Anderson Cooper can cover. I mean, this is groundbreaking, important information. Did you all catch it?

Of course, I'm talking about Alec Baldwin's voicemail message to his daughter.

Yes, I'm a celebrity stalker. I think I've admitted that several times on this site. I buy US Weekly. And the best birthday present I got this year was a FULL year's subscription to "People" from my aunt Linda. That's one magazine every single week for 52 glorious weeks. Every week, people. Weekly. There will not be a Shiloh Jolie-Pitt photo that I will miss for 52 weeks.

So, of course my interest peaked while watching Anderson Cooper last night (the Va Tech thing has consumed me. I've even given up Stephen Colbert this week in favor of falling into the constant media coverage trap). And in between discussing the shooter's background, and the background of the people he killed, Anderson took the time to talk about an enraged father's voicemail to his daughter.

Now, I have listened to the message (I guarantee you have, too). And I will admit it's sad, it's disturbing, there's no excuse for talking to your daughter that way. But I also know that all the celebrity news magazines say Alec and Kim Basinger have a bit of a strained relationship. Basically, I think they are both crazy and their poor daughter is in the middle of two people trying to prove a point and get revenge.

However...I'm inclined to think that Alec is a human. That he is a parent. That he was frustrated. That he was upset. Not making excuses....but that guy has fought for his daughter for a long time. And I imagine he was not getting upset at her, but really getting angry at her mother. I don't know...I just doubt he berates her like that very often. And I doubt he thought his crazy ex-wife would leak it to the public. Because if it wasn't for people like me, there would be no one to "leak" it to. I'm inclined to think this was a very personal issue...and not anybody else's business.

So I'll continue to provide my perspective.

I don't know, it just seems very sad to me. It seems sad that her mother doesn't encourage a relationship with the girl's father. How many girls are out there who don't even have that option? And it's sad that her father can get so upset and say such hurtful things. That all his hard work to fight for her is probably blown over a moment of frustration. Because he wanted to talk to her. He's probably said much worse before, and surely he's said much worse about her mother. But again, I don't imagine he thought his rant would end up in my e-mail inbox.

I just think it's terribly sad when parents split up. I think it's terribly sad when they can't get along, when they say hateful things about each other. When they fight over the children, for the children and leave a mess of resentment in the dusty memories. I think it's terribly sad that this little girl has to bear the burden of her parent's anger. And I think it's sad that she will probably never be able to see past all the garbage, and see that it's all happening because they love her.

My parents split up when I was 13. And I am so grateful that I never had to deal with hearing either of them say hateful things about each other. Sure, there was a lot of pain and a lot of hurt and a lot of anger involved. On everyone's part. And that's the way it should be--divorce should never be easy or pain-free. Especially when there are kids involved. It's a life-changing experience, it should be taken very seriously. But I can't imagine my mom or dad saying anything to me like what Alec was saying to his daughter. How's really just painful to hear and I don't even know them (you know, other than from the "Stars: They're just like us" photo spread in US Weekly).

I also believe in key learnings, and taking something away from the experience. And though it's been a long, hard road for all of us in my family--at least I can learn from my parent's mistakes. And I know, first-hand, how painful divorce can be. And how that will make me fight that much harder for my marriage. For the rest of my life.

And I'll do my best not to leave ranting voicemails on anyone's phone. I wouldn't want them to end up on someone's blog!

**Just a note--this has nothing to do with my parents. I love them both, and they love me. And they know I'm not saying anything bad about them. I'm just feeling for Alec Baldwin's daughter today. It would be so hard to be a part of all the fights, all the time. Love you, Mom and Dad!**

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cool Down

Wait, I know what will make me feel better. A little ice cream. Did you know this exists?

It will cool me down, too....

Stark Raving Mad

Wow. I am fired up.

I will admit....I get angry. I get pouty. I get whiny. Just like everyone else.

But only on special occasions does my blood literally begin to boil. My face is Cardinal red, I'm sweating bullets, my mind and speech are racing a thousand miles a minute. People in my office can hardly understand my rant because I am so fired up.

Not even John can get me this angry. No....this reaction is reserved for very special people. Media sales reps, to be exact.

I am FIRED UP. You DO NOT come in and threaten me and try to ooze sweetness while you do it. You DO NOT call me with FOUR managers in the room and let your boss do your dirty work. And you DO NOT try and describe to me the hours and energy YOU put into MY program. Preaching to the choir, people. It's my blood, sweat and tears you're trying to compare to.


Ok...a little better now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

People have got to stop going crazy and killing people in mass in April. Ok, they really need to completely stop killing anyone at any time, because it's just terrible. But there is something about April that apparently appeals to crazy mass murderers.

Let's take a look:
April 16th--crazy student murders 32 people at Va Tech, which turns out to be the worst mass shooting in American history
April 19th--The tragedy at Waco, you know with the whole cult/David Koresh thing, takes place killing 74 people in 1993. THEN, in 1995 Oklahoma City is rocked by a bomb killing 168 people by crazy militia men.
April 20th--The Columbine High School shooting takes place in 1999, killing 12 students

April 17th--Jessica Anderson is born in 1981

These crazy people are getting closer and closer to my birthday, and I just don't want that responsibility. Apparently this is a bad time to be born. In my defense, everything happened long after I was born. Looooong after.

Because apparently I am old. John has asked me no less than 42 times "what does it feel like to be so close to 30"? So I promptly reply "I don't know, why don't you tell me since you're a mere 5 months away from the magic number"?

I told him last night that I don't FEEL 26. I feel 19. It's not a bad thing, and I can't really explain why I feel like that. But I do. I feel like I'm 19. Older than high school, but still not old enough to be responsible for anything. Sometimes I look at my life and I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe I have my own house, my own car, my own awesome job, my own HUSBAND. My own cat, my own furniture, my own "old" friends, my own degree. I even have my very own faith and belief and relationship with God.

I'd say that, for 26 years old, I have a lot. And I'm lovin' every minute of it! But it doesn't make me feel OLD....because I keep thinking it's not my real life. I'm just watching someone else. Kind of exciting to think it's really all mine.

Wow....started with mass murderers and now I'm bragging about my life. As you can see, when you start getting old your mind wanders.

Anyway, yes, today is my birthday. So, how much do I love my job? A lot. I have received more phone calls, e-cards, e-mails, and text messages from colleagues across the country than I could ever imagine! I love the people I work with--I couldn't dream up a better place to spend a majority of my time!

I love being 26. I love where I am right now. And I hope we NEVER have any more mass killings, and certainly not around my birthday. And I will certainly hug those I love a little closer (especially my college-aged sister) and just continue to pray for those in Virginia.

Tonight, it's Eischen's, cake, and giant cookies. I'm not sure it gets any better than that.

**NOTE: I just found out that apparently the Titanic sunk on April 13th. Just so you know. All you young couples out there--don't get too crazy in June/July--you shouldn't have kids in April!**

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Grand Tour

What everyone's been waiting for...the grand tour of the house.

There are still several projects to complete (um, like, a dining room table and chairs that haven't arrived yet!), but I figured I'd share with everyone. We love it here--it's home.


Front of House

Yes--one of the first things we did was put our OU flag up. We want the neighbors to know what kind of smart, fun people we are.


Living Room

John is so handy--the TV looks like a frame on the wall!


Giant Pantry

This pic is great, because it makes it look like we cook a lot.


Master Bedroom

It's pretty plain in here....but it's HUGE! Lots of room for a fun project someday!

Master Bathroom

The Master Closet--A Walk-in, Wrap-Around Dream

The Office

Still some work to be done in here. We have lots of framing to do to make it have more of a "Sooner" feel.
And I really need to figure out how to get this camera focused....sorry so blurry!

Guest Room/Faith's Room

As you can see on the bed, Faith has made herself at home. Under the covers....

Guest Bathroom

Extra Room

For now, it's just an extra room. Despite the treadmill, nothing happens in this room!!

Laundry Room

Believe it or not, I love this room. I actually kind of enjoy doing laundry, and this kind of room is a dream!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I had a totally weird, awkward experience today. One of our former interns asked me to come speak to her Principles of PR class at UCO. Like an idiot, I agreed (because I can't say no, even to an intern). So I've spent the past few nights putting together a presentation about PR, my company's PR, my job, how I got there, etc. And I've been not looking forward to it all week long.

It was at 11:00 this morning, so I drug myself across campus in the freezing, pouring rain to arrive at the classroom 30 minutes ahead of time. I waited and waited outside the room, and I started to get worried about 10 minutes before class and there were no students and no teacher. Finally, the intern came and grabbed me--they'd switched rooms and she'd forgotten to pass the word on. By the time I arrived, class had already started and they were basically sitting and waiting on me. So, my brilliant plan to hook up my computer to the projector and have a little time to consult with the professor about what he was looking for failed. I had to start talking the minute I walked in--with no presentation.

I kept getting flustered and felt completely unprofessional as I tried to communicate my notes without the visuals I had painstakingly put together. I'm sure the students were looking at me like "she's a PR professional? Maybe I need to change my major".

The question and answer session was MUCH better, and I began to gain my confidence back. But, by the time I left (with a parting gift no less!) I was pretty sure the whole experience had failed. Sigh...I do great in front of the clients, honestly! I don't know why a bunch of 20-year-olds can get me all flustered.

Friday the 13th turned out to be a pretty exciting day--Baby Adcox finally arrived! Donovan "Van" Michael Adcox arrived this evening. I can't wait to head to the hospital to see him. Congrats, Brooke and Derek!

And speaking of babies, this week was also a terribly sad week. I know many of you have been following the story of Harper Hawley. Her amazing parents, Zach and Haley, have been through so much since Harper got sick several months ago. Lots of time in the hospital, scary nights at home, so many different doctors. Harper passed away on Saturday.

If you get a chance....visit Harper's blog sometime. Read her Dad's beautiful posts about her battle, and see how God can work even in the most desperate situations. Read the amazing comments from people across the country, who have been praying for the Hawley's for so long. I know her parents are incredibly sad, but at the same time joyous--she's not in pain anymore. And they already have someone waiting for them in Heaven.

How can one week be so full of joy, and so full of sorrow?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dreams and Fried Chicken

A quick post before our office heads out for Eischen's!! I'm so pumped. Fried chicken and okra....can't beat it. We're celebrating 3 birthdays (not including mine, which is next week) so we're having an office fun day. I opted to follow-up next week with cake. Or cookie. Or both, I'm not picky.

I had the most horrible dream last night, and I woke up in a cold sweat. I don't remember everything about the dream, but I remember I was in the scene of a horror a submarine. For some reason I was touring a submarine (which I would NEVER do, ever in real life) with a couple of the restaurant owners I work with. Then while we were inside this old, leaky submarine this killer/monster figure jumped in, closed it up and made it sink to the bottom of the sea. And it kept creaking and dripping water and I could just tell it was going to flood and I was going to drown, not to mention all the claustrophobia issues that were making my skin crawl.

Nothing happened, but I still woke up breathing hard, in a cold sweat, and panicking like crazy. Maybe I've been watching too much "Lost", I don't know. heart races just thinking about the dream!

Speaking of dreams, check out this story about a guy who dreamed a phone number, text messaged it, and then ended up falling in love and marrying the girl!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend at IKEA

Yes, here are the purchases from IKEA. All the way to Frisco: about $60 in gas, 7 1/2 hours total trip (after a few missed turns) and we purchased tupperware and a lamp shade that did not fit my lamp once I got it home.
However, we did stop by Galleria furniture on the way home, and ended up finding a dining set we love for a better price than we could have found even at IKEA. And much better quality.
But, it's always fun taking road trips with John!
I have officially unpacked every box in the house. All done...and it's a huge relief. I feel so much more at peace. Plus, I did something yesterday that I don't like to do. I purged.
No, I didn't make myself throw up. I purged all my junk, all the things I've collected over the years, all the sentimental items that don't mean anything to anyone but me. I threw away countless boxes and picture frames, and old notes, and silly figurines, and candles, and candle holders. I put rugs and blankets in boxes for giveaways. I went through and made sure I was storing nothing but essential day-to-day items, and photos. So when you walk through my house, you won't find piles of things anymore, or open decorative boxes to find lots of little junk.
I read an article in "Real Simple" magazine over the weekend, about clearing your mind of clutter. It starts with clearing your house of clutter. And she suggested throwing 50 things away (or giving away). And, magazines/catalogs only count as one thing. Then you're supposed to write it all down, so you can feel light and free when you look at the list. I didn't write every little thing down, but I did write several things and I'm up to 35 things--that I recorded. So, I'm thinking it totals 50. I feel lighter already!
Anyone seen "Blades of Glory" yet? Oh my gosh....John and I went on Friday. We laughed so hard we cried. We thought it was better than "Talladega Nights", though some disagree. So hilarious.
Pictures to come....

Friday, April 06, 2007

a very, very, very fine house

Nothing like the sound of "Dawson's Creek" and the smell of paint fumes in the morning to make you appreciate a lazy Good Friday off of work. But a dark, quiet house all to myself--this I haven't had in a long time. And not at all since we moved in.

I haven't updated in a while, I know. I mentioned before that this was the most inopportune time to move--work has been CRAZY. I've been to Tulsa three times since last Saturday. Meetings are falling out of the sky. It's been fun to have different people stop by every night to see the progress we've made in unpacking, and fun to eat a few meals in the new kitchen.

This house is perfect. Even more perfect after last night when John (and me!) stayed up and painted the guest room. There was a horrible shade of yellow on ONE wall and I knew I couldn't stand it for much longer. I hesitate to say it was a "problem" with the house because this house is perfect. The owners took wonderful care of it, it was spotless when we moved in, it's beautiful.

Did I mention it took 5 days to close on the house? Did I mention we moved everything in HOPING sales would go through and papers would be signed? Did I mention I will be closing my Bank of America checking and savings accounts I've had since I was 17 because of the incompetency of their mortgage department? Did I mention I'll be writing numerous letters with our realtor to the Oklahoma Realtors Association and Bank of America, and maybe some others I can think of because of the inexperience, incompetency, and and utter lack of responsibility certain people showed when representing the poor woman that bought our house?

But, it all worked out! Not perfectly, but as we soak in the 3-foot deep tub, or cook mac and cheese on the gas stove, or feel the bedroom ceiling fan blow cool air, or stare at our beautiful fireplace it makes it all worth it.

Today, as I mentioned, I'm off work for the holiday. My plan was to paint, but I guess that's done (and it looks great!). Now I guess I'll HAVE to catch up on DVR. And I suppose I'll need to unpack the office. And prepare for my trek to IKEA tomorrow!

Ok, ok...I might try taking some pictures of the house to post. I was trying to wait until it was perfect, but that may be a while! Moving has been incredibly stressful and incredibly exciting all at the same time...I promise those of you who are packing boxes, house hunting, keeping the toothbrushes out of sight for potential buyers--it's all worth it. And once you're in your new house--take a moment to breathe it all in, paint fumes and all.