Thursday, September 28, 2006


Well, for every day I have confidence and sound professional when speaking to a crowd, I have days when it doesn't work quite so well. Yesterday was just such a day.

We had several people in town for training, and I was presenting a large portion of their training materials on Wednesday. I woke up with a ridiculous headache, and it got worse as the morning wore on. I got to the point where my eye was throbbing so much I felt like it was going to pop out of my head. I couldn't get my thoughts straight, I couldn't keep my eyes open, and I certainly wasn't doing a very good job of presenting. So, I apologize to them for my senseless ramblings and wonderful Joe, who was 3 days on the job and was still recovering from having wisdom teeth removed, offered me some Motrin. I'm in blinding pain and I agree because anything was better than what I was feeling.

Don't take drugs you don't know anything about. That is my warning to you.

My headache did not subside and about an hour later I realize I feel very hot. And then the swelling starts. It started by my eye--a huge bump, practically a goiter on the side of my face. Then the hives started--red, itchy splotches on my face and my legs. And then, my lips start to tingle and I realize my bottom lip is swelling pretty fast. What could this be?

Oh wait....does Motrin have ibprofen in it? HA! It IS ibprofen. Just so happens I'm allergic to ibprofen. I knew that before...I just didn't think to ask about Motrin. Luckily, Benadryl works like a charm and I quickly returned to normal (albeit still hot and itchy). The good news is everyone in my office now knows I am very allergic to ibprofen so if I'm ever unconscious they can let hospital personnel know.

Very embarrassing....

John and I might paint the living room this weekend. But I can't decide if I really want to exert that much energy on a Saturday...

Monday, September 25, 2006

I've got confidence...I think...

Have you ever had one of those days where you're just "on". I mean, everything makes sense, you sound intelligent in all your conversations, you actually provide perspective dialogue? I'm having one of those days.

I've had several meetings today where I have almost an out-of-body experience. I can watch myself talking and I realize "wow, that was authoritative" or "great perspective". I don't know....sounds strange. But I've been to two meetings today where people were taking notes while I was talking...usually I feel like I am talking to a wall. It gives me a lot of confidence. In fact, because of the confidence I got from those conversations, I ended up doing several things I'd been putting off (you know, the phone calls you don't want to make or the presentations you don't want to put together). I wish I felt as smart and experienced every day. I'm actually pretty good at my job--I just don't always feel like it!

Anyway, had a great weekend. Caught up on the DVR, which is always good. Take it from me-- watch "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". It's my new fave of the season.

Love the jeans, but if you're headed to the Gap to get your own pair I have another word of advice. They must be running very big this season, so try on two sizes down from what you normally do. Trust me--you never know. I could almost use a size smaller.

Loved the game this weekend. I remember when we used to have scores like that playing Texas and Nebraska. Those were the good ol' days....back when I walked barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways to a stadium with no upper deck on the east side. HA!

I totally think we can beat Texas. I'm not kidding--not only CAN we beat Texas, but we WILL beat Texas. We watched the game this weekend at Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was a good thing we got there an hour early. I've never seen anything like it--they had security set up and a line like we were in "Night at the Roxbury" or something. We stayed the entire game, which probably made the people in line irritated. But it was a lot of fun, and apparently it's the happening spot.

All for now...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Random Thoughts, week of 9/18

Ok...sorry about the previous post. Thanks for the encouraging "just wear them comments". I thought I everyone freaked out about expensive clothes, but I guess not!

Anyway....for a quick morning post of my weekly random thoughts...

I don't know if any of you noticed the comments on my recent post about adding links. I added a link called . This is a blog I ran across several months ago, and have been a faithful reader of ever since. She is hilarious, and what makes it all the more interesting is that she lives in OKC.

Anyway, after I linked her blog, she commented on my site! It was so random, and it was like a little piece of blog celebrity. She probably does not read my blog, because it's not nearly as interesting and witty as hers, but she at least found it. Like I said--this little blog world is very small.

Did any of you ever intern while in college? I had three internships, which were all interesting and fun. But not the least bit glamorous. I've almost decided now that having interns at our office is more trouble than it's worth. I've had several over the years quit two weeks into it because it's not glamorous of fun or exciting. So, instead of worrying about how they can help us out and learn a little something, I'm worrying if I give them too much administrative work (copies, filing, etc.). Because apparently, they're all too good for that now.

Anybody watch Grey's Anatomy last night? So good. It is the best show on TV, I really think. Better than Lost, really. And I have to say if I had to pick (which I don't, since I have DVR) between Grey's and CSI I would pick Grey's. That's big for me.

Saw one of the worst movies ever on Wednesday night. Thanks to my sister for suggesting it! Anyway, it now ranks in my top five worst movies ever. Do not even think about wasting your time on "Wicker Man". It's terrible. Nicolas Cage should have been my first clue, because he's terrible in everything he does.

For kicks I will give you the top 5 worst movies ever (this does not include the countless awful horror films I've seen over the years. These are movies that were supposed to be good):
5.) Bridget Jones Diary
4.) Wicker Man
3.) Gigli
2.) Sideways
1.) Dr. T and the Women

That's it for me. Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Buyers Remorse...or not

So remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the perfect jeans?

Well, I found them last night. And I bought them. And I've left the tags on because I spent more money than I can imagine spending on jeans. Well, let's be honest--more money than I can imagine spending on any article of clothing, except maybe a wedding dress.

So, I'm thinking I might take them back. I'm breaking out into hives just thinking about the price.

Here's the real kicker. Girls will understand why I bought them after I tell you this. I'm trying the jeans on, trying to find the perfect fit when the sales girl tells me: "you need a smaller size. Those are too big for you".

WHAT? Excuse me? I haven't fit into that size since middle school. Maybe. Maybe I never fit into that size. I jumped from baby to woman in a matter of days in 8th grade, so I may never have fit into that size.

So, who am I to argue....I try them on. And they not only fit, they fit like they were made for me and me alone. Like the Gap came to my house and custom tailored the denim. They were perfect. And the size on the label made me want to cry. Mostly because I know they must just run big, I', not actually that size but that is beside the point.

So my question is: Is it worth it to buy a pair of jeans that cost an exorbitant amount of money, that fit you perfectly, when your old perfect jeans just bit the dust?

I'll leave the labels on for a little longer while I ponder.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Girls of The OKC Office

Here are the awesome girls I work with at our big party in, Jeanna, Lisa, and Jana. We have a great, albeit small, team!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I had the best day today.....I got a new computer at work and my friendly IT guys let me put itunes on the new computer and got my iPod working again!!! AAHHH! I have been going crazy trying to do real work and not get consumed with updating my songs, calendars, and contacts.

This is a great day. I told the guys in IT my health will greatly improve since I can go back to the gym now, so I won't be costing the agency money with sick days and high health insurance costs. See, it all pays off in the end.

Anyway, just had to share with you that I am a very happy person right now.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Can someone tell me how he touched the ball before the Oregon player did? Go-Go Gadget arms maybe?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Boomer Sooner...From John!

Stupid tree huggin' Liberals. Oregon knows they really didn't win. Pac-10 officals did everything but walk the football into the endzone and call a touchdown for Oregon...If you think i'm wrong...I dare you to look at the replay, and call me on it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

A few more favorite things...

I have a new favorite thing: breakfast with John.

Recently, John and I have gone to breakfast before work together. Nothing fancy like IHOP (haha) just a little trip to Daylight Donuts, where we spend at least $3.00 so we can pay with a debit card. Then we sit and chat and head to work together. I know it's simple and doesn't seem like a big deal--but it's an awfully nice way to start our day! Plus, it gives me great pleasure to wake John up extra early to eat with me!

I am headed to Tulsa this weekend. For the whole weekend. Yes, we'll be working from about 5:30 a.m. tomorrow until about 10pm on Sunday. Sigh....I've been dreading this weekend for a while. Now I just have to muddle through, make it a great event and then come home and sleep!

Congratulations to John's parents, who announced last night they are officially debt-free. And I mean, debt-free--no car payments AND they made their last house payment!! They were kind enough to celebrate with the whole family last night by taking us out for steak and French Silk Pie. I think it's awesome--they've worked hard for many years to pay those things off! Congratulations!

Have a great weekend....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Vacation Pics

Here we are at the Air and Space Museum...

In front of one of the awesome planes at Air and Space....I hate John's camera. Everything is fuzzy!

Here we are at the Nationals-Cardinals game with my grandparents. They were happy because the Nationals ended up winning! But I think there were more Cardinals fans in the stadium, so we were happy!

Here we are in front of RFK Stadium before the Cardinals game

Just me and George, handing out at one of the awesome art museums we went the way, that painting is like 200 years old...

John hanging out with his good friend, Vincent. Van Gogh, that is.

Here;s me in front of one of my all-time favrotie paintings. I used to have this Monet print on my wall all through high school and college. I was so excited to see the real thing. Forgive my hair--it was raining outside.

Here we are at one of the only outside stops we made. It was pouring down rain all day. That's me in the yellow rain slicker, that's John in the Oklahoma shirt. If you look real closely, you can see the word "tourists" stamped on our damp foreheads.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Party in Dallas

I have another goal in life--to take more pictures. But I left the camera in the car on Saturday, so I don't have any pics of the night's events! But I'm slowly getting a few sent from my colleagues. Here are the first of several photos from Saturday night. That's me with John, then my friend Vicky that works in the Dallas office. Yes, I'm wearing glasses--but there were over 800 people at the party, with nametags and I couldn't see a thing! So I stuck them on. Not very "black tie chic" as the dresscode suggested, but at least I could see!

It was an amazing event. We had a lot of fun, even for a "company event". The owner of our company wears white all the time. So, since he was in all white, as usual, the rest of us wore all black. That was the best part--seeing everyone in all black and looking very chic.

The party was mostly a "roast" of the owner. And there was quite an agenda of roasters, by the way. Including the President of Texas Rangers baseball and COO of our major restaurant client. It was pretty funny all around. Lots of "Elvis called and wants his suit back" jokes and lots of jokes about the owner's long, gray ponytail. Quite a party, and I'm pretty sure by the time it was over and the band was playing everyone was having a good time. By then, the free drinks had been coming for 5 hours and if you know advertising people then you know they don't pass on free drinks. This was really the perfect time to pass on free drinks, from my standpoint, because that way I could make mental notes of all the funny stuff everyone was doing!

Anyway, that was ourevening. Free trip to Dallas, free night in a REALLY nice hotel, and fun with friends from across the country, who have always just been voices and e-mail addresses. We should have this kind of party every year!

The Perfect Jeans

One of my goals in life was to work at a place where I didn't have to dress up all the time. Nice to know I have reached my goal at age 25. I can wear sweatpants to work if I want, as long as we don't have client meetings. So there are many days I am in jeans. Which brings me to my next goal in life: to find the perfect jeans.

My favorite pair of jeans has bit the dust. Almost. I'm still wearing them, but the denim is becoming very thin, and losing it's color. It's only a matter of time before they finally become holey jeans, though because they were so wonderful they have been Holy jeans for a long time. I've worshipped them as the perfect fit in jeans--I have not found another pair that have been so perfect.

I thought I found the perfect pair this weekend at the Gap Outlet, even. But, they are perfect in every way except length. I've decided they are a little too short for me. My ankles are cold. So, the search continues. One of these days...anybody know where to find perfect jeans that are affordable for short, skinny, big-butt people? Let me know...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Since I am not exciting enough to warrant an entire blog, I'll enlighten you with some very random thoughts...

I promise I'll post pictures as soon as I can from vacation....they're ready, it's just that John's computer isn't cooperating. We really need a new home computer! 8 weeks and counting without the iPod.
------------------------------------------------------------------- about the Crocodile Hunter? We were a little out of it (no cable or internet for vacation), so I just heard last night. How weird is it that he died. But I guess if you think about it, he probably wouldn't have wanted to go any other way. Weird.

I never mentioned the party I went to a few weeks ago. A friend of mine held a Homemade Gourmet party at her house...except it wasn't a normal "let me show you the stuff and demonstrate it and then you buy it" kind of home show. It was a meal-making party! It was so neat--you brought your own meat and a couple of bucks and then they had everything else there for you to season and prepare the meat. So, you basically went home with 5 (in my case 10 because there's only 2 of us) meals, all ready to prepare PLUS the recipes. Can't beat that. It was a nice change to the normal home shows I usually get invited to.

Maybe I'll have one at my house one day. I'm still trying to recover from the Pampered Chef party I hosted a few months was great, but a lot of people! If you're interested in having a Meal Making party for your friends, let me know and I'll get you in contact with a great hostess!

I'm headed to Tulsa tonight with a few girlfriends. All girls, all weekend, no kids! I know they will enjoy the rest and girl time, so I'm excited for them. And excited to get away with friends for a while.

While the rest of them are shopping all day Saturday, I will be headed south to Dallas. It's going to be great...the agency's 25th Anniversary Party! All the employees from across the U.S. will be there, and we're going to have a huge dinner and a "roast" of the owner. I'll get to spend time with some of my friends in other cities, and introduce John to the party that is my place of work! One thing is for sure--everyone there knows how to party! I'll update you after the big event...

Guess what? Season premieres begin next week!!! Actually, one of my shows started this week, so I'm already on the bandwagon. My DVR is hungry to begin recording. I love this time of year!

I am trying to figure out how chocolate can be beneficial to your health, since I eat it all the time. Would milk chocolate be considered a source of calcium? Even a small source of calcium? I'm dead serious...

John's birthday was yesterday. His very first 29th birthday. From here on, every time he "turns 29" know that he's lying!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vacation Recap--I could write so much more...

Well, we are back. What a great vacation we had. Lots of relaxing, lots of great food, lots of family time. Not to mention the cool weather--I wore a jacket the whole weekend!

Saturday we spent a lot of time at The Mall, where we stopped by the U.S. Capitol building. We then went to the National Gallery of Art, which was awesome. We're not really "art" people, but this was incredible. Then we made our way over to the National Archives, where we saw the original Declaration of Independence and Constituition, and many other things. Then, it was off the the National Portraiture Museum, where we saw very famous paintings of former presidents. We finished up the day with a quick trip (not nearly enough time) through the Holocaust Museum. We made it back just in time for dinner, and a little OU football game. Luckily, the game was broadcast on TBS so it was national and we caught the whole thing. Of course I wasn't entirely pleased with the performance, but I'm also very excited about the potential of the team and how far we can go...I think OU will be great this year!

Sunday, John and I hopped in the car and headed an hour and a half North to Gettysburg, PA. Since we'd never been, and we're not Civil War buffs, we didn't even know where to start. Well, they have a solution for just that problem--for only $45 (seriously, very reasonable) you can reserve your very own, personal tour guide. He takes you on a 2-3 hour tour of the town, drives your car for you, points out all the little details, gives you a history, and tells lots of great stories. It was the best way to go, and if you're headed up there sometime I would recommend you get your own personal tour guide. WOW! Our guy was great.

It had rained for a good portion of the day on Friday-Sunday. However, Monday morning it was sunny, clear, and a cool 70 degrees outside! So, we headed over to the Nationals--Cardinals baseball game at RFK Stadium. It was quite a game, even though the Cardinals lost. We saw lots of things that you only hear about in baseball--a bat split on impact with the ball, the umpire called a 'balk', and it was a pitching fan's dream kind of game. My grandparents went with us, so that was really nice. It was their first time to a Nationals game, so I think they had fun!

Tuesday my grandparents went with us to the Dulles Airport, where they have a second Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. John was in hog heaven--planes and space shuttles and all kinds of aeronautical history. It is a very impressive facility.

To top it all off, we spent each night at dinner with my grandparents and even my uncle, aunt, and cousin. And my grandma made her famous chocolate cake so you know it was worth the trip for me. Chocolate cake every night! My grandparents were very generous. They have lots of space at their office apartment, so they let us stay there and even let us use one of their cars for the week!

Yes, John and I are dorks....we like to travel to museums rather than beaches. But it was so much fun and we got some much-deserved rest!

Friday, September 01, 2006

It's 60 degrees and I'm wearing a jacket in September!

Well, we have arrived safely in Alexandria, which is where my grandparents live and about 10 minutes outside Washington D.C. We've had a great day today--scenic tours, a little rest, and great conversation with the family. We're a little wet, a little chilly but the rain is almost like a tourist attraction to us since we haven't really seen in it Oklahoma in about 10 years. And guess what--it's 60 degrees outside! HA to all of you!

John and I have a great time people watching. We really should begin a blog just about the kinds of things we run across, and we're not as good as John's sister, Renee about taking pictures to document our stories. But I'll do my best to paint a few pictures in your mind.

Starts out at the airport at 5:00 this morning. We had to wait for a little while to check in because, guess what, the security guards don't like you to bring a half gallon of Listerne on board. So, we wait patiently behind the man with minty fresh breath to dig out his stash and surrender it before he heads through security.

Then, we get to the metal detector and everything is moving quite smoothly. But alas, they saw an Anderson coming and decided to make us work for the coffee and cinnamon roll waiting for us in the terminal. Enter a young teenage girl, obviously not functioning well at the early hour. She takes off her jewelry, her change out of her pockets, and yet the metal detector keeps going off. They allow her to try to walk through THREE times before I finally spoke up to say “hey, it might be the ‘Baby Phat’ metal branding plate on her butt that’s setting it off”…she moved on to special security. Follow her friend, who sets off the metal detector TWICE before she realizes it might be the fanny pack she is still wearing.

We make it through the metal detector with no problem.

Add in the GIANT man that sat next to me on the plane (I’m sorry—sat on me, since he was basically taking up half my seat—I should have charged him half my ticket) and you know what kind of morning we had. We did run into some old friends at the airport, so that was a highlight—never know who will be flying out at 5:00 in the morning.

There are several other stories I could share, but I’m so tired. We did bring the digital camera so for once I might have more than just my rambling thoughts to share—I’ll have pictures! We’re headed to The Mall (not shopping mall, the actual Mall in D.C.) tomorrow for the day, then chilling at my grandparents for Sooner kickoff!

Sunday we’re headed for a daytrip to nearby Gettysburg…I’ve never been so I’m really looking forward to it.

Hey, did I mention it’s 60 degrees outside?