Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lists by Liz- The Jessica needs to come home edition

It's no secret that I'm a Weight Watcher fanatic. I'm sure all of my friends and blog readers are tired of hearing me talk about points and water and walking and Kwanzaa plaques etc. But, I found a little prize the last time I was digging around the WW website for a brownie recipe with oozing chocolate that I could make in my crock pot and that only would cost me two points.

Shockingly, I didn't find a recipe. But, I did find this. It made for a few good laughs for Nathan and I while I had an orange. Only to be followed by a spoonful of loaded chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Okay. Okay. Two spoonfuls. Al-right! Half a cup. A bowl. Whatev.

There's not much I can say about a CD with songs titled Skinny Jeans and The Incredible Shrinking Woman (A Blais Family Favorite), but I have been encouraged to make a list of songs that I would write for Skinny Songs II. And in case you just have to have your own copy of Who The H%#$ Is That? or Objects in The Mirror, I looked it up and you can purchase the CD on Itunes for like $9.98. Now that's PHAT!

WOW 2008! Songs You Can Lose To .... By Liz

1. Does This Sweat Band Make My Head Look Big?

2. Faux Peanut Butter Means Faux-Nasty

3. Ding Dongs Don't Control Me

4. Blogging Is Calorie-Free

5. The Bake Sale Blues

6. Two Days in Philly (The Cream Cheese Song)

7. SPANX This!

8. We Fell In Love At Applebees (The sponsor of the CD and the WW-friendly menu)


not so zen momma said...

Very cute. I would add, "Why Can't I Do Simple Addition in My Head?" by the Counting Points.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! I am thinking of you!