Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Really...We're Alive

Ok, we're alive and well. For the most part. Work has been killing me lately, and golf has been "killing" John. Just kidding....he works hard too. But not as hard as me.

Again--just kidding!

Things are really good. Sorry about not updating! I always looked at blogs and thought "seriously, it takes 5 seconds to update a blog". But, alas, I have been caught up and haven't even thought about updating!

Work is nuts right now--lots of plans for the rest of the year, on top of planning and budgets for 2006. We talk about how it's dollar signs and decimal points all day right now! But I love what I do, and I know all the time and work is worth it.

John's doing great. He's golfed quite a bit lately, and thinks he should join the PGA. I think that would be great and told him to work on that. But, apparently you have to quit your job and live in the poorhouse, only to find you may never make it. So, John's still at work and golf is still a hobby! ;)

We went to Tulsa this past weekend. I had to work at the Race for the Cure (one of my favorite things) and had to be there at 6:00 a.m. So I had to stay Friday night anyway, so I dragged John with me. It wasn't overly exciting, but a nice night away in a nice hotel. We ate at Red Robin, which was new for both of us. And I was done with the race by the time John was awake! We headed back to the usual: Chili's to watch the game.

Sigh....it's going to be a long year in football. But you can see the potential in my beloved Sooners--it's just going to take some coordination. They can still hit bowl season--we've only lost two games and who KNOWS how the rest will go. I have a pretty good feeling of how they will go, but I'm trying to be positive here. Texas sucks.

We were leaders in Children's Bible Hour again on Sunday--I love doing that. The kids are so fun and are so SMART. Were we that smart when we were kids? I'm blown away by how SMART they are. And how in-tune they are with Bible stories and the skits and puppet stories in CBH. I know many of the adults down the hall in the auditorium don't retain as much as the kids do with the puppets...so fun.

Anyway, this week proves to be just as busy. This weekend maybe we'll have a little relax time. No games, no work...we'll see. I'll try to keep things updated more often. Tune into Channel 9 tonight if you get a chance. Fun story on McDonald's we did this morning...

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Uncle John and Mason on the 28th birthday. Easton was a little camera shy, so he didn't want to be in the picture. But we'll get him one of these days! Posted by Picasa

It was John's birthday on Wednesday. We celebrated at TGI Friday's (our favorite place!) with a tasty cookie cake! As you can see from the picture....Mason couldn't wait to eat a piece! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 08, 2005

NFL Time!

John here,

Since my Sooners are going to go 11-1, I am feeling lucky that my Dallas Cowboys are going 16-0! Keep the faith!

Boomer Sooner!
Go Dallas Cowboys!
Texas Sucks!!!!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Yes, people, I am still a Sooner fan "even after yesterday". That's what calling being a FAN is all about--through the good times and the bad. I find being a sports fan can be a lot like marriage--promising to stay true through sickness and health, good times and bad.

Guess what? I still think the Sooners are the best team in the nation. How about that? I still think we have the best players we could ask for, the greatest legacy, the best head coach. I still think we can beat Texas, play in a BCS bowl, play for the National Title even. And who cares if it doesn't happen. The point is--real fans believe and real fans are still there.

I didn't stand in countless games with 100-degree weather, or in the pouring down rain, or travel to Dallas when traffic was backed up to Norman for nothing. And just because the team stumbled doesn't mean I stop believing in them. Goodness gracious--how would OU have survived the Blake years with attitudes like that!

I know there are thousands of fairweather fans and old fat guys that never attended college, let alone OU, who think they can criticize every player, coach and team decision each and every week, particuarly after a loss. But NO ONE is more upset, disappointed, embarassed and sad than each of those guys on the field yesterday. From Stoops to Thompson and so on, these guys are shouldered with the responsibility of pleasing thousands, even millions of people every week. So, I choose to support them rather than criticize.

Boomer Sooner!! Let's go out and kick the tar out of Tulsa next week--OU rules!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Sooner Time!

Boomer Sooner!!!

Football starts in Norman in less than 14 hours!!!

Rock on....I'm wearing my hateful Texas shirt tomorrow to watch the game. I know it's Texas CHRISTIAN University, but it's still Texas. I just can't like anything about Texas when it comes to football. Texas sucks, no matter what the University (although UT sucks the most).

Boomer Sooner!!