Monday, September 29, 2008

The Tag you've been waiting for!

I know everyone has been waiting for my 6 random things, because there is just not enough randomness on this blog!

Thanks, Emily, for tagging me. I have to say, I pretty much spill all kinds of random things on this blog over the last 3 1/2 years, so there may not be much new stuff to say.

1. I'm not really afraid of flying anymore. Knock on wood. Still superstitious? Yes. Still a little apprehensive? Yes. But do I chew my nails off and cry during takeoff? No.

2. I absolutely hated our first year of marriage. I was pretty sure the marriage thing was not for me. This is not a revelation to most, I've talked about it before. But anytime someone gets married I try to remember them in my thoughts and prayers for the first year because it was HARD! Getting used to someone, becoming a new person, learning new ways to deal with things...difficult. But the day we hit our first anniversary--it was like the sun began shining. It's what I call our lightbulb was that obvious. A lot of it had to do with giving up control of the money....which meant giving up a HUGE stressor in my life. I'm perfectly capable of handling it if I needed to, but having the choice to let someone else take care of that makes my life much, much happier.

3. Sometimes when I'm watching Sooner football, I sing a little song in my head that goes "All I want for Christmas is a National Championship". And then I think about all the things in my life I'd give up for an OU National Championship. I stop when I get to cable. But I'm perfectly willing to give up Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Obviously, I have a problem.

4. I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone. Except to my mom and John, who bear the brunt of my jabber. So, if it seems like I communicate way more via Facebook and e-mail or even's because that's my preferred method of communication. I'm a master texter and if you text, send me one and we can get to know each other via text!

5. I don't really like candy. I'm not a snacker, so candy to me is a waste. When I was young and trick-or-treating on Halloween, I was more interested in counting the candy, arranging them into like piles (Reese's here, M&M's here, Snickers here) and hoarding them until my mom threw them out on Fourth of July. Even now, if I get candy at Christmas or Easter it sits in my desk drawer until the girls in my office finish it off. There are rare exceptions and I like an occasional munch but overall....I could take it or leave it. I still have Christmas candy from '07....probably should go ahead and throw it out!

6. If I could do anything other than the job I'm doing right now, I believe I would be a lawyer. Or maybe a high school English/writing/journalism teacher. But I've thought long and hard about this and those are the only other two things I would want to do.

Random! Almost everybody else has been tagged so, alas, I'm not going to tag anyone. If you haven't been tagged, consider this your invitation to blog 6 random things!

Friday, September 26, 2008

On Politics

Is anybody watching The Debate tonight?

If I could find anyplace without a terribly decided and biased media commentator, I would watch it. As it happens, no matter which station I'm watching I get the blatant, often spiteful contempt for one candidate and the smitten love affair with another. I am so SICK of hearing the commentators commentating on politics, I'm sick of reporters reporting on politics, and I'm sick of hearing people give their opinions on someone's character.

I literally cannot stomach CNN or MSNBC or Fox News.

Want me to be honest with you? Ok, I'll be honest. I technically hadn't really made up my mind. I honestly felt like THIS election, with all it's grandeur and history-making, warranted an unbiased look at the candidates for my measly little vote. I didn't immediately despise one candidate over another, didn't have personality issues, no obvious moral issues up front.

I wanted to evaluate both on their stance on important issues. And, yes, evaluate the true meaning of experience and decide for myself if it made a difference. Instead, all I get when trying to research either one is the strong and desperate need to vote for John McCain to SPITE ALL THE MEDIA. Maybe some will vote for Obama because of the media's constant not-so-subliminal messaging in every disdainful word they say. But it makes me want to do the exact opposite. Simply watch the two candidates on "The View", read their cover stories in "People" or even go back and watch the coverage of the two conventions and you'll see how sick it all is.

For those interested, I am registered Republican. I have a STRONG politically-minded, Republican family. I live in Oklahoma for goodness sakes. I go to church in Oklahoma. All of these things should tell you that it's in me to vote Republican.

However, I also fell in love with political science in college. I realized later I fell in love with the study of it, not what it actually is these days. I wish I'd lived in the 60s when it actually meant something but that's beside the point. Anyway, I have found myself to be a pretty strong moderate. GASP! That means I agree with points on BOTH SIDES! Can you believe it?

It also means that I try to look at the candidates and their support before voting. And I've actually voted for a democrat before. In all fairness, it was Gov. Brad Henry because he was the lesser of two evils but I digress.

Anyway...I just hate that I am being so influenced by the media. I really think I have to vote for McCain simply because I despise the coverage SO MUCH. And Hollywood....let's get real. Seriously, WHO CARES about Ben Affleck or Jessica Alba and their support for Obama? Really? Newsflash, people: half the Jonas Brothers aren't old enough to vote so why does it matter who they would vote for? Seriously?!

This is not a support for either one and note that I didn't commit to either one. It's simply an observation. And I remember when I was growing up someone told me it's rude to ask people who they voted for, it's personal. Like salary or weight or chocolate preferences. So I probably won't even tell you who I do vote for.

But, I will say VOTE. It's important to VOTE. Your vote does matter (lovely husband) and you should vote and if you don't then please don't complain later.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So here are some photos from my room, my friend Rachel's room, and the hallways we have to wander.

First up, Rachel's room...notice the fab yellow wallpaper, 80s floral curtains, and bright red carpet and green chairs. I need to get photos of Tanneise's room because it has bright blue wallpaper and bright red chairs.

Rachel's bathroom has a bidet...what?? Random!

Then, you can see the hallways. And it's not just one hallway. You have to walk through several and it feels like miles of winding creepiness. Looks like "The Shining", right? And notice the nice carpet that runs through the entire hotel. Kelly green much?

Then my room. I love the wallpaper on the bathroom ceiling. My room is not nearly as weird as Rachel's or Tanneise's. But it feels like I'm in a dollhouse. Notice the floral curtains. The wallpaper is pink and white striped.

All that to's a really nice hotel. Every room is different, for sure which makes it eclectic and authentic. The beds are heavenly, the towels are 100% Egyptian cotton and I could wear them they are so warm and soft. And the robes....oh, the robes.'s bizarre because it's so nice, but so gaudy!

The Shining

Well, I'm back in West Virginia. This time at a very nice resort with a 5-star restaurant. And it's the absolute weirdest place I've ever stayed. I keep seeing things I want to take pictures of to post, but so far there have been a lot of people around where I go so it would be weird.

This place looks like it got lost somewhere between 1978 and 1989. Maybe a little '91 in there, I can't tell. There is an overabundance of florals. And kelly green....lots and lots of kelly green. There is no way to even describe the consistency other than bright, obnoxious 80s florals and lots of green.

Also, I think this place began as a large plantation house and has been added on to for years. The hallways are looooong and a little creepy. Very "redrum" feel to it and I keep thinking twin girls are going to appear at the end of the hall with a wild-eyed Jack Nicholson to boot.

Oh, and each night at 9:00 they put signs up by the elevators that say "It's sleepy time in the South" trying to encourage people to be quiet.

Finally, there is only one place to eat after 9:00 and it's about half a mile across the resort land. I didn't eat dinner last night (which is INSANE for me) because we tried to get room service delivered to the hotel bar (which we found out they won't do) and then we walked to the restaurant where we found out it would be an hour before they'd let us even place an order. By the time I got to my room to order room service it was 10:00 and that was just silly. I ate the chocolates on my bed and fell asleep.

I don't even know how to describe it other than VERY bizarre. Other than the decor, it's absolutely beautiful here. I'm sleeping with the windows open (though I'll close tonight because it got COLD last night!) and the air is so crisp and clear...I saw a thousand stars last night on my walk to find dinner.

I hope to post more later.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

One question:


I think I have more interest in Amy Winehouse than the Jonas Brothers. And that's saying a lot.

Is that what Gen X-ers felt about Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Review

It's been a really crazy week.

My baby sis ended up in the hospital last week with the always painful (so I hear) kidney stones! She's still recovering this week so I have been keeping her in my thoughts.

I also have two good friends in desperate need of prayer. One for her health, and one for a serious relationship in her life. It's a terrible, terrible feeling to feel so helpless when people you love are hurting so much. It has all hit in the last two weeks, making me remember that it's not always all about me. While I am thankful I am not the person it is all happening to, I'm also frustrated that there is nothing I can do to help them.

Anyway, a lot is weighing on my heart these days.

Despite all that, I had a great weekend. It started on Friday night with the baptism of our nephew, Easton! We are so proud that Easton has made that choice and taken his spiritual life so seriously. It truly, truly was an honor to be there to witness it....even if he is a man of few words!

You can see pictures here at Easton's blog, or on his mom's blog as well.

After that, I headed to Norman for the Alameda CofC Ladies Retreat, which is always fun for me to catch up with old friends. Though this year, there were few old friends...but I walked away with several new ones!

We stayed up terribly late and Saturday I was pretty worn out. I attended a beautiful wedding of a cow-worker, and then managed to up the energy to head to Eischen's for some fried chicken and OU football. My Sooners continue to impress and I am excited to see how the rest of the season goes!

Sunday I had every intention of cleaning my disgusting house. John was working in the yard so I thought it would be appropriate for me to work as well. Hhhmmm...I didn't. I napped. But then John and I ended up spending the afternoon and evening together and it was really good for us! This time of year time gets away from us and we don't spend a lot of alone time together. He's coaching Mason's football team this year, which means at least 3 nights a week in practice and games! Add to that my crazy travel schedule and it makes for a lot of time apart.

We ate at the new Longhorn Steakhouse. Really good steaks, kind of pricey. More than Texas Roadhouse if you're wondering.

Anyway....all in all a great weekend. I have several coffee dates planned this week with girlfriends and I'm looking forward to that! If you get a chance to send up a quick prayer for K and M, please do...much appreciated.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

I love you. You, Steve Jobs, are a Genius. Really. You're such a Genius that you created a feature for my beloved iPod called Genius. And it's the perfect gift to the world, Steve Jobs. Just like the iPod...almost as good as the iPod.

I have to tell you, I don't have a Mac computer. I don't have any computer except my work computer but if I did...I would buy a Mac. Simply because you are a Genius. My friend, Emily has been telling me for a while but I couldn't listen.

I only loved one part of you, Steve Jobs, before now. But now I see...I can love all of you.

Just two days ago I announced to the world I was tired of my playlists on my iPod. I needed ideas of new songs. And then THE VERY NEXT DAY your e-mail came to me, like a spring in the desert. You answered my call, Steve Jobs. Like you created Genius just for me.

Thanks to Genius, I can discover playlists I'd never dreamed of with my current music. I don't even have to buy new search me and know my tastes and create brand new music for me at the touch of a button.

I love you, Steve Jobs. Don't stop what you're doing because it's truly...well, Genius.


If you haven't already, download iTunes version 8.0 and check out the Genius feature. I know, I know I'm sure someone else has been doing this for a long time...but for a basic computer gal like me this was A-MA-ZING.

Also, I LOVE all the music suggestions I'm getting! Keep them coming and I will post my new playlist soon!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Need Music!

I need your help!

I am officially bored with my "current faves" list on my iPod. I need new music! There is a $50 iTunes card in my future with 50 songs needed for a new playlist.

Please, please offer up some suggestions. It does not have to be a song that is popular right now. I just want to know some of your favorite songs. Send 1, send 100...just send me some download ideas!

I also don't care what genre, though I tend to like rock, country, 90s, and 80s the best. Really, no hip-hop or rap but anything else I'm willing to try.

Leave a comment with your suggestions, or send me an e-mail (flutterby417 at yahoo dot com).

I will publish the final list shortly! Please send at least one idea...imagine if everyone sent me their favorite song (even just one) the kind of awesome playlist I would have and I could share with you all!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Broken Fingers

That, my friends, is what happens when you slam your finger in a car door. Especially little bitty fingers like mine...they break.

Well, I don't have a firm diagnosis that it's would have taken WAY too long to get an x-ray of my finger especially when they can't do anything for it. But my doctor this morning said based on the bruising and swelling (which is down quite a bit) i probably fractured it and if it's still bothering me next week to come back.

In the meantime, I'm learning to type without my right index finger...that's hard!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday John!

Happy 31st Birthday John! This picture was taken yesterday--at the last minute, John ended up with free tickets to the game. So we were BOTH there, though not together. But we found each other after it was over for a quick pic in front of our favorite place to be.

John's golfing again today, so he's rounding up a pretty awesome birthday weekend. 2 golf games, an OU game in-person, Cracker Barrel with friends and Johnny Carino's with the family.

I really am the luckiest girl in the world. John has been a part of my life for almost 10 years and he makes me smile all the time. Oh, sure, he can make me want to tear my hair out but the good times far outweigh the bad.

Honey, I'm so thankful to have another year with you. The last year has been one of amazing adventure and even with the struggles I will find myself looking back on it with such fondness. You protect me and love me and support me far more than I deserve. I hope your 31st year is a blast and I hope it bring all kinds of wonderful surprises.

I love you and Happy Birthday!

OU vs. Cincinnati

I had the BEST day yesterday. Even sitting in the sun the whole time was totally worth it. So much energy and excitement and our team looks much better in person than it even does on camera!

Also, what a SWEET new jumbotron...I've never seen anything like it!

Thanks, Laura, for taking me along. What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Just like old times

I may have mentioned one or a thousand times I'm a bit of an OU Sooner fan. I'm a proud alumni, and while I believe my education is reason enough to be proud the main reason I loved college is because of autumn days spent at Owen Field.

Every Saturday my friends and I would get together, head over to the stadium two hours before the game started and claim our student seats. On average, about 3 tickets sold for every seat in the stadium. So we would stand.

It is absolutely the most fun...I have sat on the other side of that field with the donors and it is not anything like sitting among the students. The energy, the high-fives, the closeness of complete strangers. Awesome.

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Norman to go to the game...and sit in the student section! And the best part is I get to go with one of my favorite fellow Sooner fans. My lovely friend and former roommate, Laura. This picture is of us in 2001 or 2002. It must have been in November, because we're both wearing long sleeves which will NOT be happening tomorrow.

I hope to have a similar picture taken tomorrow. We're three graduations, two marriages, one baby girl, and a lifetime away from this picture but I can't imagine anyone I'd rather be there with.

Boomer Sooner!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


It really is so beautiful in West's a bright, clear day with no clouds in the sky. No breeze, but none needed in perfect 70-degree weather. And no humidity. I'm sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch of this inn and loving the peacefulness of it all. I'm wishing I would be here in about 4 weeks when the leaves are all sorts of colors and I could experience a REAL autumn!

Just a note to welcome some new's a family affair! As you know, John's sister Robin has been blogging since before this site started. My dad has been blogging for quite a while (he has a public and a private blog. And not long ago, our nephew Mason began blogging. Now our other nephew Easton is blogging as is John's mom, Nina!

My sister has a blog, too....but never updates! to enjoy the evening. We're having a cookout tonight so plenty of time in the fresh air!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ABBA interview

So, I'm in West Virginia this week. My flights (including a connection in Atlanta) were all on-time and without incident. Which means I'll probably take 10 days to get home.

Once I landed in Charleston, I rented a car. Because the resort our meeting is at is around 90 miles away. Gosh, that's been fun...we all know how well I drive my own car in my own city. I run over people, literally.

After renting the car (a Kia Serento with cigarette burns in the seat and no cruise control) I headed to my first stop in Charleston to interview two people for a position in our office out here. Best part of my day was trying to ask serious interview questions over the VERY loud ABBA music being blared from the office next door to the conference room. Oh, and the VERY loud off-key singer singing along to the VERY loud ABBA.

"So, tell me about a time you had a personality conflict with someone you worked with and how you overcame it?"


"I'm sorry, could you repeat that? All I can hear is Dancing Queen."

YOU try focusing on what someone is saying with that song playing. Seriously, try it. You can't even read this post without getting distracted by it!

Then I finished up the two interviews and headed out to my meeting destination. 90 miles is about the distance between OKC and Tulsa....which takes about an hour and 20 minutes.

It took me over 2 hours because I got WAY lost. Very lost, driving around in circles lost. Granted I was lost in beautiful scenery, but still lost. But no fear, I didn't freak out! Well, maybe to John (what do I do, Honey? Help me!).

Anyway...I'm here, and going to bed. Just had to share the story about ABBA...too funny!

Monday, September 01, 2008


I'm out of town this week, so posting will be light. I'm sure there will be several fun things while I travel (there was a hurricane that swept through) so I'll post if anything interesting happens!

Have a great week!