Monday, June 02, 2008

Sail Away Home

We're back! I was smarter this time than I was last month in Hawaii. I took the day off to recover. John and I rested after a day of nonstop traveling (boat in the morning, bus to the airport, 4-hour flight, 3-hour car ride), got some laundry done, caught up on DVR, ate Mexican food (how I missed you, Dos Gabacho's), and now blogged!

The trip was A-MAZ-ING. It was sunny and cool and not humid and beautiful and relaxing and gluttonous and so fun. Everytime I looked out the window or felt the spray of the ocean on my face I had to pinch myself. I couldn't believe I was there, looking at these amazing mountains and wildlife.

What I loved about the trip:
-no computer
-no cell phone service
-the rocking of the boat that made me sleepy
-reading on the deck with the mountains in the background
-watching whales
-spotting Bald Eagles (or Bald Seagulls as they're sometimes called, they're so common in Alaska)
-cool weather
-warm sunshine
-seafood: lobster, crab, shrimp galore
-5-course meals every night
-ordering 2-3 desserts with each meal
-massage and seaweed wrap
-Alaska Airlines
-the same waiter each night
-crack fries (really, really good french fries)
-salmon fishing (and catching!)
-whale watching
-dressing up like "Deadliest Catch" (for nothing, really, it didn't rain!)
-time with the in-laws (no, really, it was great! I'm lucky John has an awesome's a redeeming quality in him!)
-limited TV which made me get out and read more!
-winning $75 in Bingo
-being recognized in Victoria, Canada as "jackpot winner" from Bingo
-someone making and turning down my bed every day and leaving chocolates on the pillow each night

Things I hated about the trip:
-forgetting the digital camera charger, so the camera conked out halfway through
-using a disposable camera (thanks M and R for loaning us your extra digital!)-John saying "welcome to Canada, ay" 500 times in a 5-minute period (it was funny at first!)
-coming home
More to come...including some commentary on the swanky hotel we stayed at in Seattle and their "personal intimacy kits" they left for their clients. Including a small box labeled "Mini Max". Yes, it's what you think it is!!!!
And, of course, pictures to come!


Emily said...

Hey, you can see Bald Eagles in Oklahoma! At the zoo! You didn't need to leave to go do that. We need you in Oklahoma. We also need to hear more about the intimacy kit.

Charly said...

So where is this hotel with the intimacy kit??? That would probably never fly in Oklahoma. Oh well, guess I'll have to vacation in Seattle. I'm glad you guys had fun. Can't wait to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

You can get an intimacy kit at the Renaissance in downtown OKC.

Anonymous said...
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