Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Final Days: At Sea and Victoria

After Skagway we spent almost two days at sea. All day Friday, and most of Saturday until about 5:00 when we docked in Victoria. The best part of Friday at sea was sleeping in, then I spent most of the day reading in the Sky Lounge (with almost 360-degree views of the water, and then Baked Alaska night in the dining room. You can see what it looks like before (#7 and #8, along with our awesome waiter J.P.) and then what it looked like after cutting it open and serving to me. No after I ate it pictures because there was nothing left.

We also got to see a submarine in action while we were sailing (#6). That was pretty cool...even the captain said he sees a lot of whales but it's very rare to see a submarine on the surface of the water like that. John was giddy.

Once in Victoria, we didn't have very much time. We really wanted to be back in time for our last dinner with our waiters, so we got off the boat at 5:00, hit the town shops, and were back and seated by 8:15. Luckily the downtown part of Victoria is easily walkable and very pleasant. But most shops closed down at 6:00, so our options were limited anyway! First thing we saw off the boat...Darth Vader playing the violin (#4).

Nina and I walked around and picked up a couple of souvenirs, and I'm not sure where Arni, Matt and Robin ended up. John was searching for a cigar shop. There is a cigar bar on-board and instead of the typical alcohol most people partake in on cruise ships, John had a cigar each night and made some friends who told him he could get a real Cuban cigar in Victoria. He finished it up before we left for the boat, thank goodness...then brushed his teeth before dinner!

We took a couple of pictures in front of the Empress Hotel (nice hair in my face) and in front of the parliament building. It's a very pretty town and I'd love to spend more time there!

After that, it was off to bed (#5).

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