Monday, June 02, 2008

Day Two and Three, Embarkation and Sea Day

Sunday morning we woke up (well, John was up and about VERY early, I took the opportunity to sleep in) and headed to Top Pot Doughnuts for breakfast. This is the very delicious shop that provides the doughnuts for Starbucks. John had decided to take a vacation from his "no sweets" commitment, and the doughnuts were the first taste of sugar for him in nearly 6 months!
Then we packed up and headed on over to the boat. Luckily they were letting people on a little early, so we were some of the first people on board. It was SO beautiful. And big. It's one of the largest cruise ships in operation, so we spent quite a bit of time exploring and finding our way around.
We ate lunch at the buffet (24 hour buffet), and Robin and I took a tour of the Lotus Spa. Robin booked a massage for that afternoon, and I went ahead and booked mine for the next day.
Our first dinner on the ship was pretty great. There were the maple glazed carrots I almost mistook for dessert they were so good. And then we could order as many appetizers and desserts and pretty much anything we wanted.
We attended the after-dinner show, and heard a pretty funny comedian Phil Tag who provided us some funny quotes for the rest of the week.
The next morning we slept in (lots of sleeping and's a recurring theme). I spent most of the day in the Skywalker's Lounge reading and whale watching. I was in luck...I saw whales every day of the trip!
That afternoon I had my spa treatment scheduled. I decided on a seaweed wrap and massage. Let me tell you, it doesn't get much better than being slathered in green seaweed goop, wrapped up like a burrito in foil, covered in blankets and lounging in a warm waterbed before a steamy shower and a back and shoulder massage. It was 90 minutes of utter bliss...very expensive, but worth it! When in Rome, right?
It was formal night for dinner, but we'd decided not to pack all the suits and heels and dresses it would take and we ate in a different dining room. Headed on to bed to get ready for an EARLY morning in Ketchikan, Alaska on Tuesday.


Pam said...

I'm so jealous... sounds like you had a great time. Now you see why I loved living in Alaska???

So, seriously, did John book that hotel???

Michele said...

Um, probably the same way I had NO IDEA you had a blog!!! We're going to be blog stalking sisters!