Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Over!

Dude, are you excited? No more vacation photos!

Thanks for sticking with me through all of Hawaii back in April and now's great record for me to have on hand and that way you don't have to sit through all my photos in an album sometime.

I loved both Hawaii and Alaska. Which was my favorite? There is no way to even determine that. Hawaii was action-packed, every minute accounted for and we saw so many things. But I saw lots of wildlife and enjoyed the climate much more in Alaska!

Alaska was leisurely and relaxing. I didn't cry from exhaustion like I did after Hawaii. I caught up on sleep, but not so much I felt tired. I read books, ate a lot. I lost 5 pounds in Hawaii, I gained like 6 pounds in Alaska.

In Hawaii we were staying with my dad, Alaska was the cruise where people wait on you hand and foot. Alaska I won $75 in Bingo, but Hawaii I gained a chance to walk on the "Lost" filming site.

I loved them both equally and in different ways. They both provided awesome time with family.

If I had to choose one to go back to first, I would probably head to Hawaii. But it wouldn't feel right without a trip to Alaska a month later. So...I loved them both, every second. more amazing vacations for a while. Hopefully no more vacations without a little one, or at least a little one to come home to. Our next great adventure will be a little closer to home!


Jennifer said...

I had a fabulous time reading about your vacation adventures. I felt like I had been too. The pictures were breathtaking and now I will be looking to book an Alaskan cruise!

Come join us at CT next month, mmmkay?!

Jessica said...

Would love to come to CT....but you must bring Abram!