Monday, June 02, 2008

Day One, Seattle

Day 1 began early on Saturday as we drove to Dallas for our flight. We had a great flight (on time and everything) on Alaska Airlines, which has overtaken Frontier for my new favorite airline.
Once we arrived at our hotel (see below for THAT story), we headed out to eat. We were starving and still had daylight to see the town. We headed down to Pike Place market, where we shopped and saw the (empty) fish market.
Then we ate at The Crab Pot and I realized it was going to be a VERY good week. The seafood (served broil style) was delicious. I ate a little too much and almost got sick on the walk back!
We finished the evening with creme brulee in the hotel restaurant. We planned to sleep in the next day and take it easy before embarkation...

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