Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 6, Skagway

I couldn't imagine a day getting any better than Juneau. But our stop in Skagway was close.

The rest of the family took a train ride through the White Pass Summit. John and I opted for a motorcoach ride up into the Yukon because we liked the idea of stopping for pictures. I think everyone had a great time no matter what they chose!

When we went to San Francisco last October, one of the things we ended up doing was a bus tour of the city. And we thought "how cheesy, how touristy". But after we did, it was the best part of the whole trip. We saw SO MUCH and got so many great pictures. So the motorcoach tour of Alaska and Canada was the perfect option for us.

We started in Skagway, Alaska and headed up into the mountains. Pretty soon we were in British Columbia...followed shortly by the Yukon. We made a stop at a little bitty town called Carcross and ate lunch but only after John made an ATV ride through the "smallest desert in the world".

It was so strange to see the climate changes. We started out in the warm valley area, headed up through lots of snow and ice, plenty of frozen lakes. Before long it got warmer, the snow was further away and the lakes were unfrozen and perfectly still. There were lots of beautiful lakes.

Our favorite part came near the end before we turned around, when we stopped by Emerald Lake. Our bus driver was great because he told us to close our eyes and he would tell us when to open. We played along, because we wanted to be surprised. He drove and got us in the perfect position then told us to open our eyes. And there was Emerald Lake. Completely calm, totally blue-green, very rich in colors. It's made of glacier water that remains untouched. It was so beautiful, I think it was my favorite site on the trip.

We had a 90-minute drive back into town, and John and I shopped a bit in Skagway before heading back to the ship to eat a late snack and eat dinner. There was a lot of eating on this trip!

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