Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Entertainment Tonight

For a break in the vacation play-by-play, I thought I would tell you what I missed in the entertainment world while I was gone. Big stuff.

Sidenote: You know it must be a slow news day if one of the top 4 stories on Yahoo and PEOPLE is that a Rascal Flatts guitarist had a baby...

Anyway, what I missed...

George Clooney broke up with someone else! (shocking, I know)
Clay Aiken is going to be a daddy! (no worries, not like he actually had sex to do it....ah, the marvels of modern fertility medicine. glad it worked for someone!)
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is pregnant! (WHOA...couldn't see that one coming!)
Tatum O'Neal busted for cocaine! (um...who cares?)
"Sex and the City" opened in theatres! (can't wait to see it, it's my reward for this weekend)
Brangelina did not have their twins! (or so they say)
Nick Hogan wants out of jail! (wouldn't you?)
Heidi is ready to marry Spencer! (WHY?!)
Lindsay Lohan is making out with her BFF? (I don't even know what to say...)

And that my friends is all the fun I miss when I'm gone for a week. Think of it as your preview to the new PEOPLE magazine...

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not so zen momma said...

Thank goodness you are back home and blogging again. I missed you!

I saw Sex and the City, it was indulgent and entertaining. I am baffled at the LiLo BFF makeout sessions too!