Friday, May 23, 2008

Bon Voyage!

To complete our 2008 travels, John and I leave tomorrow for our majestic Alaskan cruise. We will spend the night in Seattle, hit the Pike Place Market on Sunday morning and then board our ship for 7 glorious days of cool weather and maximum gluttony.

I don't have any guest bloggers lined up this time (though they still have my login information if they so choose to step in). And I will be forced to be away from the computer the entire time (what's the wireless rate for the middle of the ocean?).

So, don't expect any posts for at least the next 8 days! We will enjoy every minute of it, as we won't be going anywhere else for a while!

I will return soon enough with photos from the trip, and even a few "those were the days" photos of me and John as children. A friend is scanning in A LOT of pictures for our adoption profile book and I can't wait to share some of these with you guys!

Have a great week while we're gone!

P.S.--as if I needed ANOTHER reason to love David Cook, I found this tidbit of info from him at

David Cook is "an expert television watcher," he said on American Idol. "I'm also fantastic at sleeping and eating…They're not talents so much as skills."

I'm telling you, it's like we're soulmates!

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