Monday, June 11, 2007

Promotions are a good thing

It's a good day. Even though I have to fly American Airlines again tomorrow, it's still a good day. Performance reviews are over, all went very well. I can breathe a sigh of relief....they still want me to work here!

It's also a great week because Thursday I am going to see "Wicked" at the OKC Civic Center. I have read the book (re-reading it over the next few days in the airport), I've memorized the music, I've fallen in love with the story. Even though the book is profoundly disturbing and a little inappropriate at times, it's still a fascinating story. Anyway...I can't wait to finally see the musical in person. Um, THANKS Robin!

My sister also comes home this week (she's currently gallivanting around London), my cousin is coming to visit, I have Friday off work, and my latest TV obsession "Big Love" starts tonight.

Which brings me to a whole other topic. Have any of you watched "Big Love"? Probably not because you're all good people who think polygamy is wrong and don't appreciate Bill Paxton's naked butt in every scene. I, however, have few morals when it comes to TV watching. We'll just be honest. Anyway, it's this fascinating show (not reality, just HBO scripted drama) about a well-to-do family in Salt Lake living a polygamist lifestyle. Why is it fascinating? Because it's a RELIGIOUS thing, not just a way for the man of the house(s) to have more sex. Everyone involved truly believes it's the path to Heaven. And they all love each other and work as a cohesive family.

I KNOW it's fiction, but it's still a fantastic look into a different lifestyle.

No, I'm not asking John to take a second wife...I'm way too selfish. And to be quite honest, he couldn't handle it. He can hardly handle me (apparently I'm high maintenance), imagine him with another woman in the picture. And there's that whole I'd like to end up in my Heaven thing so I don't test God on things like that. Plus, it's icky.

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