Thursday, June 14, 2007


I had a really long raving blog that I just deleted about American Airlines because I just don't care anymore. Whatever....that's the traveler's plight, I suppose. I got home around 2 a.m. last night. But I did have my bags so I guess I should be "grateful" to AA. Whatever.

Tonight's the night! Headed to "Wicked"! Then the house will be full of military men, as my cousin and his friend are spending the weekend at our house.

Then John will be home tomorrow. He's already torn up Kansas City. He was obviously good luck at the Cardinals/Royals game last night as the Red Birds won handily. He had a good time.

Julia comes home TONIGHT! I'm so excited to see her. I think she's ready to be here, and I'm ready to have her back.

Emily, make sure and let me know what the new book is after tonight's meeting. I can't believe I have to miss book club. If you have not read John Grisham's "The Innocent Man" go get it! So good.

The new book for my other book club is "A Mighty Heart" by Marianne Pearl. Very interesting.

And that's about it. Thanks for all the....thoughts....on my travel adventures in Norfolk. I'm a little grossed out now.

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