Saturday, June 16, 2007

Party Central

I'm watching one of my favorite movies, "Sweet Home Alabama" on TV right now. And I started to roll my eyes and wonder why they always have to portray people in the South as total hicks and that the only thing to do is play pool at some dumpy bar with lots of mullets.

But then I think about this weekend and realize maybe there's NOT that much more to do here! I'm so excited to have my cousin and his friend staying with us this weekend. But....there's a lot of pressure to keep two 21-year-old college military guys entertained. Especially when they go to school about 90 minutes north of New York City and are used to having that at their fingertips.

They arrived pretty late on Thursday night, and were pretty tired from a 4 a.m. wake up call that morning. So no worries on Thursday. Friday we all slept in for a little bit, but the storms made it hard to sleep for too long. I drug them around town to Target, Starbucks, and Grocery Store. Then, we went to see "Ocean's 13"!! So, it was a GREAT day for me....very exciting.

But I am very aware that it is not necessarily a GREAT day for them! So I've felt the pressure to keep them entertained. We did take them to eat some real Mexican (ok...real Tex-Mex) food last night. Tonight, they are going out on the town. Dinner at Toby Keith's and the evening in Bricktown. If all goes well, I will be fast asleep before they get home!

I am encouraged because they told me that Oklahoma City is way more exciting than Manhattan, KS (sorry, Cary) which is where they've been spending their time for the past few weeks. So, score for me!

But the surprising thing is, I don't feel old. Or boring. I feel pretty great that my idea of fun is a quiet night in watching movies, or a rowdy cards night with friends. Or counting down the days until football season. And I can just enjoy the occasional party scene from a distance.

Gosh, I hope they're not too bored!

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