Monday, June 11, 2007

High Fives

What? Two posts in one day? It's TRUE!

I've seen this quick little survey on other blogs, thought I'd add my 2-cents as well. Enjoy.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
June of 1997. I was just out of my sophomore year of high school, which I am convinced was my favorite year of high school. Just finished show choir and dancing with giant dolls, so you can imagine how stressful that year was. I was also quite the little reporter for the high school newspaper, "The Ruff Draft" which is a bigger deal than you might think. I was NOT finishing up JV cheer or student council or any of those cool things. I also was not partying in Oak Tree with the popular people....but I had great friends anyway. I probably would have just arrived home from another year at the most beautiful place on Earth, Camp Blue Haven. I think I went to Washington DC that summer with church on a mission trip. It was quite a summer.

What were you doing 1 year ago?The great thing about this little blog is that you can read what I was doing this time one year ago. Right here. Been to a Cardinals game and shopping in St. Louis. Oh!! Hahahahahahahahaha.....I was working out at that time. At a GYM. On a regular basis! Hahaahahahahaha. Sorry....that was funny. Yeah, that lasted didn't it? One year and 8 gained pounds later. And, Dr. Jason Knapp graduated from dental school, which is sad because he and Kristen are in the process of moving to Bixby as we speak to open their own practice. That year went by way too fast.

Five Snacks You Enjoy:
1. Chocolate chip cookies
2. Wheat Thins 100 calorie packs (that one is for you, Honey)
3. Hershey Kisses
4. Ice cream
5. Chocolate chip cookies (I eat enough to warrant two spots)

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire:
1. Pay off all our debt
2. Travel Europe for a month
3. Buy fun gifts for everyone in the family
4. Go to the beach, every weekend (which would mean buying lots of sunscreen)
5. Buy John a Wii

Five bad habits:
1. E-mail as the main form of communication
2. Bad language
3. Obsess about cleaning
4. Never washing my car
5. Too attached to my laptop (working a lot)

Five Things You Like To Do:
1. Watch TV (especially marathons)
2. Eating Dessert First
3. Hang out with family
4. Spend time with my friends who make me laugh
5. Spending time with John
6. Reading People magazine on Fridays (it deserves to be added--it's that great)

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:
1. High-heeled tennis shoes (Yes it's true. Skechers, if you want to know the culprit)
2. Short skirts
3. Leggings
4. Polyester (don't even look at the sophomore year yearbook)
5. Neon

Notice I didn't say my NKOTB t-shirts....because I would wear them again. I promise I would.

Five Favorite Toys
1. iPod
2. DVR
3. My iPhone (in 18 months when my T-Mobile contract is up....but it's already my favorite. I dream about it)
4. The new grill (I don't really use it, but I reap the benefits)
5. LCD Television

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