Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dear John Letters: Volume 2

Dear John,

You and I are not big gesture type people, are we? We're not big on fancy gifts for special occasions, we're not dress up and go out on the town type people, we're not super romantic. But there are a lot of things I love about our relationship and the small things that make up our "Everyday Love".

1. I love when we go to breakfast together. Seems like we have the most fun when neither of us is fully conscious of the day yet.
2. I love that you cook for me. Well, you fix dinner anyway. I HATE being in the kitchen, and I love that you don't mind it.
3. I love that you make cookies for the girls in my office.
4. I love when you quote stupid movies.
5. I love that every time I yell at you from the bedroom to come in there because I don't want to get up, you just come. You never gripe and sigh and yell back like I would if you called me in there.
6. I love that you can be comfortable (or look comfortable) in any social situation.
7. I love that you still consider your high school best friend the one who understands you best.
8. I love that you made my friends your friends.
9. I love that you want me to play golf. I don't want to play golf, but it makes me feel very special that you would want me to be part of your passion.
10. I love that you call me all the time during the day, and you're never embarrassed to answer the phone when I call.
11. I love that you tell everyone how you keep your woman "in check" and then say "yes dear" when I'm around.
12. I love that you take care of me when I'm sick or hurting, and you never minimize it or think I'm a hypochondriac. Even thought I might be.
13. I love that you take pictures of our cat, Faith, and text them to me when I'm out of town with funny subject lines.
14. I love that your strengths make up for my weaknesses.
15. I love that you love my Grandpa, and love to spend time with him. I love that you confide in him. And I love that you're always the one to suggest we go visit.
16. I love that you bought me an iPod, even though you hate that stuff. I bet you'll end up buying me an iPhone!!
17. I love that you would rather be outside than inside glued to the TV like I am. I think you should be solely in charge of entertaining our kids.
18. I love that you put up with my best friend and all her quirks, and even kind of like her!
19. I love that you finished your degree while working full time and learning how to be married. That was one of the proudest days of my life to watch you walk across that stage, even more than when I graduated.
20. I love how you never, ever sleep on the couch when we're fighting. That we really, truly don't go to bed angry because we always go to bed together.

Just a FEW of the things I love about you.


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