Monday, September 29, 2008

The Tag you've been waiting for!

I know everyone has been waiting for my 6 random things, because there is just not enough randomness on this blog!

Thanks, Emily, for tagging me. I have to say, I pretty much spill all kinds of random things on this blog over the last 3 1/2 years, so there may not be much new stuff to say.

1. I'm not really afraid of flying anymore. Knock on wood. Still superstitious? Yes. Still a little apprehensive? Yes. But do I chew my nails off and cry during takeoff? No.

2. I absolutely hated our first year of marriage. I was pretty sure the marriage thing was not for me. This is not a revelation to most, I've talked about it before. But anytime someone gets married I try to remember them in my thoughts and prayers for the first year because it was HARD! Getting used to someone, becoming a new person, learning new ways to deal with things...difficult. But the day we hit our first anniversary--it was like the sun began shining. It's what I call our lightbulb was that obvious. A lot of it had to do with giving up control of the money....which meant giving up a HUGE stressor in my life. I'm perfectly capable of handling it if I needed to, but having the choice to let someone else take care of that makes my life much, much happier.

3. Sometimes when I'm watching Sooner football, I sing a little song in my head that goes "All I want for Christmas is a National Championship". And then I think about all the things in my life I'd give up for an OU National Championship. I stop when I get to cable. But I'm perfectly willing to give up Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Obviously, I have a problem.

4. I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone. Except to my mom and John, who bear the brunt of my jabber. So, if it seems like I communicate way more via Facebook and e-mail or even's because that's my preferred method of communication. I'm a master texter and if you text, send me one and we can get to know each other via text!

5. I don't really like candy. I'm not a snacker, so candy to me is a waste. When I was young and trick-or-treating on Halloween, I was more interested in counting the candy, arranging them into like piles (Reese's here, M&M's here, Snickers here) and hoarding them until my mom threw them out on Fourth of July. Even now, if I get candy at Christmas or Easter it sits in my desk drawer until the girls in my office finish it off. There are rare exceptions and I like an occasional munch but overall....I could take it or leave it. I still have Christmas candy from '07....probably should go ahead and throw it out!

6. If I could do anything other than the job I'm doing right now, I believe I would be a lawyer. Or maybe a high school English/writing/journalism teacher. But I've thought long and hard about this and those are the only other two things I would want to do.

Random! Almost everybody else has been tagged so, alas, I'm not going to tag anyone. If you haven't been tagged, consider this your invitation to blog 6 random things!

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