Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Review

It's been a really crazy week.

My baby sis ended up in the hospital last week with the always painful (so I hear) kidney stones! She's still recovering this week so I have been keeping her in my thoughts.

I also have two good friends in desperate need of prayer. One for her health, and one for a serious relationship in her life. It's a terrible, terrible feeling to feel so helpless when people you love are hurting so much. It has all hit in the last two weeks, making me remember that it's not always all about me. While I am thankful I am not the person it is all happening to, I'm also frustrated that there is nothing I can do to help them.

Anyway, a lot is weighing on my heart these days.

Despite all that, I had a great weekend. It started on Friday night with the baptism of our nephew, Easton! We are so proud that Easton has made that choice and taken his spiritual life so seriously. It truly, truly was an honor to be there to witness it....even if he is a man of few words!

You can see pictures here at Easton's blog, or on his mom's blog as well.

After that, I headed to Norman for the Alameda CofC Ladies Retreat, which is always fun for me to catch up with old friends. Though this year, there were few old friends...but I walked away with several new ones!

We stayed up terribly late and Saturday I was pretty worn out. I attended a beautiful wedding of a cow-worker, and then managed to up the energy to head to Eischen's for some fried chicken and OU football. My Sooners continue to impress and I am excited to see how the rest of the season goes!

Sunday I had every intention of cleaning my disgusting house. John was working in the yard so I thought it would be appropriate for me to work as well. Hhhmmm...I didn't. I napped. But then John and I ended up spending the afternoon and evening together and it was really good for us! This time of year time gets away from us and we don't spend a lot of alone time together. He's coaching Mason's football team this year, which means at least 3 nights a week in practice and games! Add to that my crazy travel schedule and it makes for a lot of time apart.

We ate at the new Longhorn Steakhouse. Really good steaks, kind of pricey. More than Texas Roadhouse if you're wondering.

Anyway....all in all a great weekend. I have several coffee dates planned this week with girlfriends and I'm looking forward to that! If you get a chance to send up a quick prayer for K and M, please do...much appreciated.


evawebdiva said...

Aw..just curious, what's a cow-worker? A ranch hand? A lactating co-worker? :)

Jessica said...

Yes...both! That's exactly what I meant! ;)