Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So here are some photos from my room, my friend Rachel's room, and the hallways we have to wander.

First up, Rachel's room...notice the fab yellow wallpaper, 80s floral curtains, and bright red carpet and green chairs. I need to get photos of Tanneise's room because it has bright blue wallpaper and bright red chairs.

Rachel's bathroom has a bidet...what?? Random!

Then, you can see the hallways. And it's not just one hallway. You have to walk through several and it feels like miles of winding creepiness. Looks like "The Shining", right? And notice the nice carpet that runs through the entire hotel. Kelly green much?

Then my room. I love the wallpaper on the bathroom ceiling. My room is not nearly as weird as Rachel's or Tanneise's. But it feels like I'm in a dollhouse. Notice the floral curtains. The wallpaper is pink and white striped.

All that to say...it's a really nice hotel. Every room is different, for sure which makes it eclectic and authentic. The beds are heavenly, the towels are 100% Egyptian cotton and I could wear them they are so warm and soft. And the robes....oh, the robes. So...it's bizarre because it's so nice, but so gaudy!


Cary said...


/Couldn't resist.

Jessica said...

OMG...I am completely freaked out right now! Seriously, I'm still here for another 24 hours!

CREEPY picture!!!

Charly said...

That picture is creepy. If you see Jack Nicholson, just throw a comfy towel on him and he'll stop chasing you. He will be wrapped in soft goodness. :)