Saturday, October 04, 2008

Our version of a positive EPT

I've been bursting at the seams to write this blog post. For two days now we've been not-so-quietly sharing with friends and family that we're going to be parents!

As most of you know (you all read my other blog, right?!) we have been trying to have a baby for nearly 3 years. We have been working with an adoption agency since February, and we've been officially on the waiting list since August 20th.

We got a call on Thursday that we've been chosen to be the parents to a healthy baby boy due in early December of this year.

We are over the moon, on cloud nine, totally pumped...every which way you can describe excited is what we are.

For more to the story, visit our post about the call that changed our life on Here's to Hope.

This blog is about to turn baby friendly (but not baby obsessed, I promise!).

We're having a baby!


Jennifer said...


VickieLynnHomies said...

Your momma called me today with the news... I'm so happy for you!!!
Yay, Dru's first step-cousin : ) & I just realized they will be less than a year apart.


momof2monsters said...

I am so happy for you! I have tears in my eyes just reading this!! You guys will make amazing parents!!! YEA! Praise God!

Aubrey said...

YAY!!!!!! Can't wait to buy something blue!!! Josh and I are super excited for you guys!!!

evawebdiva said...

That is way awesome! I'm so happy for you all!