Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

I love you. You, Steve Jobs, are a Genius. Really. You're such a Genius that you created a feature for my beloved iPod called Genius. And it's the perfect gift to the world, Steve Jobs. Just like the iPod...almost as good as the iPod.

I have to tell you, I don't have a Mac computer. I don't have any computer except my work computer but if I did...I would buy a Mac. Simply because you are a Genius. My friend, Emily has been telling me for a while but I couldn't listen.

I only loved one part of you, Steve Jobs, before now. But now I see...I can love all of you.

Just two days ago I announced to the world I was tired of my playlists on my iPod. I needed ideas of new songs. And then THE VERY NEXT DAY your e-mail came to me, like a spring in the desert. You answered my call, Steve Jobs. Like you created Genius just for me.

Thanks to Genius, I can discover playlists I'd never dreamed of with my current music. I don't even have to buy new search me and know my tastes and create brand new music for me at the touch of a button.

I love you, Steve Jobs. Don't stop what you're doing because it's truly...well, Genius.


If you haven't already, download iTunes version 8.0 and check out the Genius feature. I know, I know I'm sure someone else has been doing this for a long time...but for a basic computer gal like me this was A-MA-ZING.

Also, I LOVE all the music suggestions I'm getting! Keep them coming and I will post my new playlist soon!

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Julia said...

Hey - this is a comment to your previous post. I figure you might not see it if I comment on it since you've posted since then.

My current love in music right now is Paolo Nutini. He sings a song you may have heard called "New Shoes." His album is called These Streets and it's awesome! I love every song on it (and that's a rarity with me to love an entire album). You should check him out! If you don't want to buy it, you can borrow it from me and copy it, but you should check him out either way. He's fantastic!