Friday, September 26, 2008

On Politics

Is anybody watching The Debate tonight?

If I could find anyplace without a terribly decided and biased media commentator, I would watch it. As it happens, no matter which station I'm watching I get the blatant, often spiteful contempt for one candidate and the smitten love affair with another. I am so SICK of hearing the commentators commentating on politics, I'm sick of reporters reporting on politics, and I'm sick of hearing people give their opinions on someone's character.

I literally cannot stomach CNN or MSNBC or Fox News.

Want me to be honest with you? Ok, I'll be honest. I technically hadn't really made up my mind. I honestly felt like THIS election, with all it's grandeur and history-making, warranted an unbiased look at the candidates for my measly little vote. I didn't immediately despise one candidate over another, didn't have personality issues, no obvious moral issues up front.

I wanted to evaluate both on their stance on important issues. And, yes, evaluate the true meaning of experience and decide for myself if it made a difference. Instead, all I get when trying to research either one is the strong and desperate need to vote for John McCain to SPITE ALL THE MEDIA. Maybe some will vote for Obama because of the media's constant not-so-subliminal messaging in every disdainful word they say. But it makes me want to do the exact opposite. Simply watch the two candidates on "The View", read their cover stories in "People" or even go back and watch the coverage of the two conventions and you'll see how sick it all is.

For those interested, I am registered Republican. I have a STRONG politically-minded, Republican family. I live in Oklahoma for goodness sakes. I go to church in Oklahoma. All of these things should tell you that it's in me to vote Republican.

However, I also fell in love with political science in college. I realized later I fell in love with the study of it, not what it actually is these days. I wish I'd lived in the 60s when it actually meant something but that's beside the point. Anyway, I have found myself to be a pretty strong moderate. GASP! That means I agree with points on BOTH SIDES! Can you believe it?

It also means that I try to look at the candidates and their support before voting. And I've actually voted for a democrat before. In all fairness, it was Gov. Brad Henry because he was the lesser of two evils but I digress.

Anyway...I just hate that I am being so influenced by the media. I really think I have to vote for McCain simply because I despise the coverage SO MUCH. And Hollywood....let's get real. Seriously, WHO CARES about Ben Affleck or Jessica Alba and their support for Obama? Really? Newsflash, people: half the Jonas Brothers aren't old enough to vote so why does it matter who they would vote for? Seriously?!

This is not a support for either one and note that I didn't commit to either one. It's simply an observation. And I remember when I was growing up someone told me it's rude to ask people who they voted for, it's personal. Like salary or weight or chocolate preferences. So I probably won't even tell you who I do vote for.

But, I will say VOTE. It's important to VOTE. Your vote does matter (lovely husband) and you should vote and if you don't then please don't complain later.


Emily said...

You know better than to get me started on this subject.

Elizabeth said...

We are totally watching the debate tonight. Wanna come over and bring snacks?

This is the first time I'm actually into the whole politics thing and I've tried my best to try and figure out where each candidate stands. Nathan has to explain a lot of it to me too. How does he know all this? He must have learned it along with how to change the oil etc. whenever all the 12year old girls were pulled out of class to watch the video on "becoming a woman."

If it weren't for AC's lovely face each evening, I probably couldn't stand all the media opinions either.