Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost is finally found!

It begins tonight!!!!


I took a quiz on USA Today about what candidate I share the most views with. Shockingly, and a little disturbingly, I am a match for Hilary Clinton! Barack Obama a close second.

Well, that doesn't help me for the Republican primary, does it?


Finally, I have messed with this stupid second blog for a month now. I'm just not proficient in HTML or XML or whatever it is to make a fun template work. So you get a blogger basic in a cheery yellow. Because, really, what can be more cheery than infertility?

This blog is really only for those in my life who don't mind hearing about that particular struggle. I've tried not to dwell on it here at Anderson Happenings, but I feel it's been a downer. You can blame all those thoughts about babies swimming in my head for the major writer's block the past few months.

I decided that really I have two lives going on: the everyday me, and the desparate-for-a-baby me. Separate? Yes, actually. While I think about our struggle every day I also feel like my life is so amazingly full of friends, family, career, DVR's, iPod's, football, and traveling....I don't want this one struggle to define the everyday me.

I explain a little more (rambling-like) on the other blog. Anderson Happenings will continue to be updated regularly. But now, my other thoughts and experiences can be found at Here's to Hope. If the science of baby-making and the whining of an infertile doesn't interest you or makes you uncomfortable, I completely understand. Really. That's why you don't have to visit! But please stay plugged in here. I love you all, my little blogging world!


Anonymous said...

I took the USA Today quiz a few weeks ago and had similar results. My top pick there was Obama and "I'm a repulican", but if he agrees with my thinking, does party really matter?

Melanie said...

That quiz was cool! I was the closest to Romney with Huckabee in a close 2nd. Very interresting.

Emily said...

I took a similar quiz a while back and it said Rudi Giuliani. Lot of good it does me now!

And I am watching Lost right now but it's on the stupid recap.

Emily said...

I meant to type Rudy. I know it's not Rudi.

Nathan said...

Yikes! The top 3 from the quiz aren't who I wanted to vote for:

1) John McCain
2) Hillary Clinton
3) Mike Huckabee

I'm way confused now.