Thursday, January 17, 2008

Speaking of connections...

Yesterday was a miserable and gloomy, wet day. It felt like my mood the last week and a half. And today, cheesy as it sounds, is bright and sunny and I finally feel better. It's cold, yes, but I could stand it to get a little sunshine. The doom and gloom, the fog has lifted.

I'm still frustrated, still sad, still fragile and it could probably all fall apart in a minute. But for right now, I'm happy.

So what have I been doing in all this time? Well, I've been researching sound-proof doors for the bedroom for one thing. NO, you dirty minds, not because of that! I'm searching for sound-proof doors because I CAN'T. STAND. THE. DRUMMING.

There is a lot of drumming going on at our house. John has a 10:00 cut-off time with the drums of Rock Band because I can hear it all over the house. I can close the bedroom door, close the bathroom door, run the shower, and lock myself in the toilet room at and still hear the drumming.

Mostly I'm just irritated because it's on-beat and he's not getting booed off the stage like I do.

Anyway, if you know of inexpensive sound proof bedroom doors please let me know.

Why inexpensive? Because John and I are back at Financial Peace University! We were repeat offenders and decided we needed a little motivation. Remember that New Year's Resolution I posted about getting out of debt? Well....we're both excited to recommit. This time we're not buying new cars or new houses and apparently no new video games or iPods or cell phones. We literally have everything we need.

Just one night at FPU and we're excited to go. We had some money saved beyond our emergency fund and already paid off a chunk of the credit card. It is a very real possibility that we will be out of credit card debt and working frantically on our car payments by April. What a relief that would be!

Speaking of FPU, it is a good group this time. Lots of young people, including Michael and Chandra who are in our class at church and (GUESS WHAT?) have a blog! John and I have been so bad about attending class lately so we haven't gotten to know them very well yet, but once you have a blog I can know everything about you. And we can catch up on Monday nights.

Blogs, blogs, blogs. I probably read too many, but it's all worth it for nights like tonight. Through my blog, I'm proud to say, many connections have been made. I've met people I didn't know who read my blog, and tonight I'll have the pleasure of bringing two of my worlds together because of blogs. Emily will be meeting Liz and Brooke officially, in person. These girls are all great friends of mine, so I have no doubt they'll hit it off.

That's how exciting my life is, dates!


Melanie said...

I have found that a good sound machine works well to block out the drumming...that is if you can sleep with one on.

Elizabeth said...

I have solved your problem! Send the drums to our house. Nathan insists on buying Rock Band for his bday so you could save us money and just gives us yours. I think John would totally go for it, don't you?

Jenny said...

Jess, I have been reading your blog for a little while... I know it has been a long while sence we have talked... maybe 9 years, but I have enjoyed reading about all that is going on in your life. Just remember that God has a plan for you! Maybe the children you are going to have will have to come to you another way. Just remember you are loved! Someday you will be blessed with the children you want.