Thursday, January 03, 2008

Releiving football stress

Luckily I did not make a resolution to have a better attitude and a cleaner mouth when it comes to OU football. Because I would have broken it all 10 times over last night. Sigh...I tried to think of something I could boycott from West Virginia (like I boycotted potatoes from Idaho last year) but all I could think of was coal. I don't think it would be very effective to boycott coal.

Then I thought maybe it's not the TEAM that's bad luck, maybe it's the state of Arizona where the Fiesta Bowl is played. But the only thing I could think of to boycott from there was cactus, and I pretty much already boycott them because they hurt.

So, I'll lick my crimson and cream wounds and go on and wait another 8 months for kick-off in Norman!

Does anyone know of a place in Edmond or NW OKC that has pilates classes? There are a couple of stipulations: it has to be just classes, no joining a gym AND they have to be offered at an appropriate time for someone who has an 8-hour job away from home.

I am desperate to join pilates (fell in love last year when I went through my gym phase) but don't know of any place where I can just take just the class. If you don't know of any classes, anyone know a personal pilates instructor or something that I could meet with? Affordable, of course.

I'm so demanding!

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Melanie said...

Have you ever heard of the place called "Just Class?" I am not sure if they have a pilates class or not, but it is worth asking. Like the name says, they only have classes. They are located at 33rd and Broadway in a strip mall. Hope that helps.