Monday, January 14, 2008

Can't let it go

I've been spending the last few days digging deep and considering every one of you a culprit in this beyond-generous gift left anonymously on my front porch. And I still have no real idea who it could be. I'm really blown away and humbled by the gesture.

I'm humbled every time someone tells me they pray for us. I'm humbled every time someone encourages me through a hug or e-mail or smile or call. I'm serious, it's because of all of you that we haven't given up hope, that we've done just about everything except give up. It's seeing and feeling God in all of you that allows us to never be angry at Him. To truly embrace how blessed we are, deserving or not.

So thanks to ALL of you for every single encouraging, caring, loving thing you do. And I know that whoever blessed us this weekend doesn't want us to know who they are, so I'll drop it after this. But thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I'm listening to some great music as I type, and now every time I use it I will think about you.

Love you guys! And look forward to a sunnier disposition to come....but please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming. It's what gets us through the day!

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