Wednesday, January 02, 2008


1. Pictures: take more pictures, print more pictures, learn more about photography, put the new camera to use, take more interesting pictures for my blog friends

2. Pay off the credit cards racked with doctor bills and San Francisco fun

3. Eat at home more (for economic reasons, not health reasons)

4. Don't buy things I don't need (unless I have a gift card)

5. Support John in his resolution to stay away from sweets for an entire year. I think this is insane, but I know he can do it if puts his mind to it. Also, if you see him drinking Starbucks or diet sodas or eating fruit--don't fear. Non-fat and sugar substitutes for beverages and any natural sweets are accepted. If you see John, please don't tempt him with a brownie. Just give it to me and I will make sure it's disposed of. In my mouth.

That's it! I think it's pretty realistic. No crazy exercising resolutions or weight loss resolutions or even general "be healthier" resolutions. All about being better with money and paying down debt.

Should be a good year...

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