Monday, February 04, 2008

Prayer Request

I'd like to tell you the reason I didn't blog over the weekend because I was busy playing outside in the perfect 72-degree, no-wind weather. But, no. John was pretty sick so we stayed in. And I just didn't feel like logging on. Although I did spend some time with my next-door neighbor, 10-year-old Lexi who has agreed to help me plant a new garden this spring. She also offered to wash my car for free, so I'm pretty sure I've got a good deal going.

I actually had quite a bit to say, but right now I just have a prayer request. I talked to my dad earlier this evening who let me know about a horrible accident this weekend. His best friend, Kevin, flew into Hawaii for a weeklong vacation on Saturday. Sunday, Dad, his wife DeAnna, and Kevin went out to sight-see and hike along the shore.

To the best of my knowledge, what happened next was a wave came up, surprised them and ended up sweeping all three of them out into the ocean. My dad was tossed back onto the rocks, someone threw DeAnna a cooler to hold on to that helped her keep afloat. They were both taken to the hospital, but are OK. Kevin was swept further out and by the time the lifeguards reached him his lungs were full of water and he was unconcious.

Kevin is still in a coma and on a ventilator. His fiance is on her way to be with him, and Kevin has a young daughter as well. My dad says he is responding well to some of the tests they are giving him, but he remains unconcious. Please pray for a full recovery for Kevin. He's a wonderful man, and it's a terrifying situation.


Pam said...

Wow... I'm sorry, Jess. Kevin will be in our prayers (and your Dad and Deanna, too). Sounds like good news if his tests are coming back good, though. Let us know what we can do... send cards?

ChandraJoy said...

That is a really sad situation. I will keep Kevin and his family in my prayers.

Jessica said...

I think prayer is the best thing right now. I know what room he's in at the Honolulu hospital, but I don't know how long he'll be there and mail takes a while to get out there.

When he wakes up (and he will) I'll make sure he knows there are lots of prayers and kind words out there for him.

Thanks guys!

Audrey said...

Praying for them! How scary! Praying for a full recovery for Kevin!

Aubrey said...

We'll be praying for them sorry to hear about that. I know it must have been a scary and unsettling weekend. I'm glad to hear that things sound hopeful.