Monday, January 07, 2008

It's a Problem

Hi, I'm Jessica. And I'm a Bubble Breaker-a-holic. When I think back to my years living in the dorms, one picture stands out: sitting in front of the computer chatting on AOL Instant Messenger while downloading unlimited free songs on Napster and playing Click-O-Mania.

Now that I have my new T-Mobile Dash SmartPhone I can chat on two different e-mails while downloading 99-cent songs and playing Bubble Breaker. While driving. I mean riding in the passenger seat. It's almost the same.

I received a very generous gift of an iPhone for Christmas. My very own iPhone that I could walk out of the Apple store with and not set off sensors. My very own iPhone I could tuck into bed next to me each night. My very own iPhone that I always dreamed of.

But it was going to cost $400 to get out of our contract with T-Mobile. So I reluctantly sold the iPhone without ever opening the box (it would be too hard). But I did deserve a nice new phone, so now I have one. And I can play Bubble Breaker all day.

I'd better go now so I can figure out how to put the phone into airplane mode. I'm not spending 4 hours on a plane to LA tomorrow and NOT beat my high score...


Cary said...

Wow. Napster and Click-O-Mania. Those were good days.

Emily said...

First song I ever downloaded on Napster: The Real Slim Shady

I'm so incredibly cool.