Monday, November 12, 2007

Rhetorical Questions

My mind runs rampant, especially at work when I'm trying to get a thousand things done before traveling to the exciting metropolis of...wait for it...Charleston, West Virginia. Here are the deep, meaningful questions I've asked myself today.

Why is it ok for someone to "love" cooking, but since I like to clean I'm a "freak"? Or "obsessive-compulsive"? Why do you have to have a mental disorder to enjoy cleaning your baseboards and making your bed?

According to Wikipedia, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) increases your risk of hospitalization by 6-35%. Why is it ok for people to suffer from a fake disease like SAD (suicides are up during this time) but yet you must be nuts for vacuuming your couches regularly? (Incidentally, despite Wikipedia's suggestion that SAD is caused by lack of light, 1 in 5 psychiatrists attribute it to Britney Spears).

How can Sudafed that is "pseudoephedrine-free" and sold without giving your driver's license number really be as affective as the stuff filled with pseudoephedrine? I don't know about you, but I believe if the meth heads don't want it, it must not be very good. These people smoke drain cleaner....I imagine they know what decongestant works best.

If I order Cracker Barrel breakfast and the biscuits serve as 1/3 of the meal (listed on the menu) does it really count as pre-meal bread? AND, since I forgot to mention Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits in my ode to pre-meal bread, does that mean I can still eat them?

Would you consider it a problem if all I really want for dinner is spoonfuls of hot fudge straight out of the jar?

Why do I pay state income taxes when I don't even get the same days off as the state employees? These people have TWO days off this week for Veteran's Day and Statehood Day. Since I did not get those days off, apparently I don't have to celebrate Oklahoma OR Veterans.

And finally, why would anyone think that this guy doesn't deserve prison time?

That's it!


Charly said...

I think it is okay to LOVE to cook and LOVE to clean. And I think since I LOVE Oklahoma more than any state and I live there in spirit that I should get off on Friday. Hmmmm....I don't think that will go over here in Kansas. Darn!

Emily said...

Hot fudge out of the jar is totally my favorite meal of all time. Colin and I were discussing the OSU player the other night and all I could say was, "She was TWELVE!"

Audrey said...

And why can he keep his scholarship and continue to go to school. If I was Boone, I'd be mad that he was using my money. So there!

Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure we get a lot of days off because we're awesome. That's the best I cold come up with.