Sunday, November 04, 2007

Psychotic Tendencies?

Oh yeah!! I forgot to tell you about the celebrity babies.

A while back, Liz hosted a shower for Brooke and had this great game of match the celebrity baby with their parents! Knowing that Emily is as into celebrities and "People" as I am (her last blog entry was about Britney Spears and we all know how I feel about her), I figured it would be a fun game.

I'm not sure it went over very well...some people are just "too good" to know exactly what Suri Cruise looks like or what Brooke Shields' daughter's name is (Grier and Rowan) but I think Jen and Emily liked it anyway....

I sure felt like a psycho doing searches for these babies then having Kinko's print them! But, I guess it was better than another edition of Baby Bingo...

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