Saturday, November 03, 2007

Let's Get Physical

Ok, so Aubrey posted a picture a while ago of herself with no makeup on and I thought that was really brave (not because she was scary without makeup, but because I would never have the guts to post a pic of myself without makeup!).

So...I hope you all take this photo in the right way and consider me brave to post this on my blog. It's really quite humiliating if I stop to think about it.

My company had a HUGE Halloween party this past week. And since there are around 30 offices across the U.S. we did live webstreaming fun times and they paid for our lunch. Then there was a costume contest between all the offices. If my officemates were not as equally humiliated with our costumes choices (lots of leotards and blue eye shadow) I would post the entire group photo.

Anyway....this was my contribution to the "Revenge of the 80s Aerobicizers" theme. We lost to a group of stupid french fries and ketchup in Atlanta but whatever....we were robbed.

Remember: not stupid, very brave...
**this post brought to you by MY computer**


Aubrey said...

That's awesome!!! Sadly, you look much better as an 80's chick than I do without makeup! And yes, you're very brave!

Charly said...

I think you are bringing the 80's back. And you never know when you'll need blue eyeshadow again.

evawebdiva said...

So tell me...why are you on Weight Watchers?

Audrey said...