Monday, November 19, 2007


Don't you hate those bloggers who claim to be COMMITTED to NaBloPoMo and then forget to post every day? It's so annoying....who do those people think they are?

Sorry about my lack of posting for TWO DAYS! At least three people made some sort of comment about it to me over the weekend and those were just people I saw in person. Anyway...Thursday was quite a day, with all the traveling. That's a lie...there is free Wi-Fi in the Charleston airport (I know, right?!! I didn't even think they HAD Wi-Fi in the sticks! Let alone the AIRPORT!). But I was working. And the President of the agency was with me. And it's very hard to think when surrounded by coal miner's daughters and their mullets. And their whining...lots of whining in West Virginia.

Friday I spent the day in Tulsa and didn't have a chance to log on. Ok, ok, ok....that's a lie, too. Because I got in late the night before, I worked from home in the morning and headed to T-town around noon. Then, I got home and had well over an hour before heading out for Christmas shopping and Centennial fireworks. Oklahoma celebrated 100 years of statehood. It's ok, I don't care either. Especially since I didn't get the day off like some people.

It was more than just Oklahoma's was also the birthday of THREE (count them, THREE) babies of our friends. Edmond CofC is 3 babies bigger after Friday...must have been a full moon or something. We're excited to meet Joel and Madeline. We met Taylor Sunday morning! Joel is especially exciting to us as Neil and Mary have been our inspiration in the face of all our struggles...we're so excited for them!

So, anyway, Saturday John decides to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL 75-degree, windless sunny Oklahoma afternoon and put up Christmas lights on the house. He started the morning with helping Nathan put his lights up (in true "I'll rub your back if you rub mine" fashion) and then they came over to our house. Later that night John and I drove around (our Griswold estate lighting up the neighborhood) and John grumbled something about our neighborhood sucking because no one has lights up.

What is your take on Christmas before Thanksgiving? We don't have any major plans this year, no major family dinners to look forward to....Thanksgiving will come and go as a delightful four-day weekend for us. So we're starting Christmas celebrations early, but I know MANY people are adamantly opposed to singing "Jingle Bells" before pumpkin pie is served.

I tried to explain to him that by this Friday lots of houses will have lights up and on. But with Christmas still being over a month away and not even through Thanksgiving yet....people aren't ready to turn their lights on.

And, HELLO, we're in a major energy crisis! Have we learned NOTHING from Al Gore? addition to the surprise party and our last Children's Bible Hour until April, that was my excitement this weekend. I'm tired just thinking about it, but it was a good time. Rounding out my month of busy weekends is a trip to my grandparent's in Missouri for Thanksgiving. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to sit down and catch up on WEEKS of TV.

I'll tell you this much....the only new show I've stuck with this season is Dirty Sexy Money. That, Grey's, House, and Brothers and Sisters are pretty much the only things I'm watching. Oh...and The Hills because who doesn't watch The Hills, seriously?


Elizabeth said...

Brothers and Sisters is so addicting this season.

We have our lights up, but Nathan won't let us turn them on until Friday night after the second helping of pumpkin pie. He says it's because it's not in Christmas light ettiquette, but I think it's because he wants to hold off on the high electricity bill for a couple more days.

Charly said...

I so want to decorate for Christmas! Instead I'm at home making pumpkin cheesecake for work tomorrow, when I really want to be making sugar cookies with cute little Christmas decorations on them while admiring my tree in all its twinkling glory. I'm jealous of both of you.

Julia said...

Well, regardless of how other people feel about Christmas things before Thanksgiving, all I know is I usually first hear the BC Clark jingle on Thanksgiving day, and I LOVE it!!